May 172014

Question by Think different: Where does the so call spirit get it’s consciousness from?
Living things get consciousness from their brains. How do non conscious entities manage such and for that matter memories or recall of any kind?

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Answer by Lionel1020
Man’s imagination…The same place ALL religion comes from

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Jul 282013

Question by Lyn Willow: Why won’t anyone give me a mystic jade in spirit tracks?
I ‘ve been playing te mini-games that are supposed to give mystic jade FOREVER. But the only thing anyone will ever give are palace dishes. i figure i have at least a 1/4 chance of getting one each time i play, but i only get the freaking palace dishes. does anyone have an idea on why this is happening, and how to fix it? or, better yet, a more effective way of getting a mystic jade?

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Answer by TONYA
The best way to get the Mystic Jade is to do the Goron mini-game. It’s located to the left of the Goron village. You can only get it by completing the first course by getting around/at least 1000 points, which, if you keep playing, isn’t that hard. Once you unlock the extended course, if you score around 2000 points, you are almost guaranteed a Mystic Jade in the smaller chest.
NOTE: treasure items are in the small chest, rupees in the gold one. I would reccomend getting the treasure items. They are worth way more than any of the rupee amounts.

Mystic Jades are worth 500 rupees at the Linebeck Trading Post.

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Jan 282012

Question by thecryinggame: What is spirituality, spirit, all other forms of the word?
Is it just a cover up for being religious. Cause religion tends to have a negative connotation attached to it. So tell me, what exactly is a spirit? Is it tangible, or feelings, something you feel? If so, that’s just neurological processes. Humans are just animals, with higher intelligence. Do only humans have spirits? Just tell me what a spirit is, and spirituality, what it means to be spiritual.

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Answer by Skookum
Spirituality is the oldest form of belief. Things didn’t get complicated and weird until religion came along.

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Dec 182011

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Oct 012011

Question by SkyWalker – Smiles:)): Have you come to a place in your life that you have peace with God or has the spirit of mysticism taken refuge?
in different doctrines and you let your body move like you believe in self-existence and unconscious and impersonal essence, which may be called God?

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Answer by Darwin
Nope. But then I am not deluded.

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