Jan 272012

Question by : How do you spell Zoe as there are different ways of spelling the Name?
My name is Zoe and this is how i spell it.
I dont like it when it is spelt Zoey.
Yeah I know it is from Greece as I have a keyring with my name on it and it says that it means Life.

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Answer by lady_lbrty
You could spell it two ways I think, the way yours is spelled or ZOEY.

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Jan 262012

Hi, This is part 1/7 This is a basic step for beginners to study how to spell a word in Vietnamese. This lesson will be really useful for you guys to study how to spell a Vietnamese word although it’s a little bit complicated and difficult. Try your best to study and practice and you’ll see the result. If you can overcome this lesson, it means that you already got 50% of Vietnamese in your hands ^_^. I’m really sorry for my terrible voice because I had a sore throat today :(. However, I still finish my promise that I’ll up the lesson on Friday ^_^. Thanks for watching me today ^_^ Please feel free to rate and comment anything you like. Let me know your thinking about my lessons, please, so that I can make them better next time. Have a great day ^_^
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I Put A Spell On You is a art video featuring award winning pic of Keith Richards in ” Deadman Walking” .All art is copyright of the eccentric Mongoose Striker (Benjamin). Mongoose is a International 21st Century Metaphysical Artist the Creator of video art pieces ” Who Wants to Live Forever , Night Terrors, Who is looking through my windowpane ? Waits Eyeball Kid and Lizzie B. The art piece Annihilation of Man is a new art process painted with nine layers for depth. Produced by White Raven Studio Collection
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Jan 262012

Question by Toni S: What is the correct way to spell crisalinda in portuguese?
I’m getting a tattoo of the word, my grandpa used to call me it. It means pretty young girl, or beautiful in portuguese but i need to make sure how to spell it before i get it tattooed on me! please help!

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Answer by Profuy
I’m sorry to tell you but Crisalinda doesn’t mean pretty young or beautiful girl in Portuguese. It’s just a name and it’s written the same way as in English.

Linda means pretty or beautiful but not Crisalinda.

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Jan 262012

Question by : How to cast spell and change enemy into friend?
I have biology teacher that hates me and will do everything to destroy me. I wanna cast a spell on her. I want her to adore me and give me better grades. Is there any spell like that? I need an particular information how to do it.

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Answer by Red
How about getting better grades by studying and doing your work, instead of trying to talk to your imaginary friends.

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