Oct 272013

Question by Cash101: Has anyone got any ideas on how i can make the story i am writing sound dark and mysterious?
I cant say what the plot is about without the co-writers consent. But it is about mermaids, teen girls, best friends, lake and a bit of romance.

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Answer by gafasdog
One word:


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Nov 212012
by huntz

Question by Quinn: Can you give the the poetic devices and sound devices in this poem?
To outer senses they are geese,
Dull drowsing by a weedy pool
But try the impression trick. Cool! Cool!
Snow-slumbering watchmen of Peace!

Deep silence on the shadowy flood,
Save rare sharp cackle
Low amber light in Ariel track
across the mud

And suddenly subsides the sun,
Bulks mystic, ghostly, among the gloom
And darkness reigns!

If you could also give a metrical pattern for it, if there is one.

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Answer by AZstarwatcher
It has a lot of consonance with the “s” throughout.

Cool! Cool! is like onomatapoiea.

Can’t see a metrical pattern.

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Sep 282012

Question by BrookEllis: Does this sound like an appealing story to read? 10 points(:?
I have started to write a story and want to know whether you would read onwards, any tips are appreciated. I am 13 and female by the way.

About – ‘Murderous Muse’ – 2 children explore a house, go missing and get lost. Time outside the house freezes, no-one can help, no-one knows they’re missing. And if they ever escape, will time ever be unfrozen?

The house dwarfed everything else in the street. It stood of a strong build, with eager enthusiasm to scare, to haunt, to turn night into day. Secrets were writhed into the walls of the house, as night bewildered it’s presence. To itself, the house was muse. Wooden boards enclosed the windows which ceased to be a rotten string of ivy, hanging to the cracks in the walls. Withered oak branches smouldered the remains of what used to be a door. Other houses which lingered on that very street, simplicity worked at it’s best. Tall houses; painted the blue only newborn baby’s eyes can describe; gardens with rose bushes and plum trees planted. But apart from the ego of a house so demonic, something didn’t seem correct; but no-one knew what…

Brianna Perez was a small 12 year old of exactly five feet, who had beautiful, stick straight, flouncy brown hair down to her shoulders and tanned skin; the colour of sand. She walked with great posture and confidence beamed down on her. Her features denied such shyness she employed within, but Brianna believed she was beautiful and no-one could tell her otherwise. She did, however, have a twin brother. His name was Josh Perez, and he had all the same features as Brianna apart from his tufty blonde hair. The great American sunshine shone in the city of Tennessee, leaving a temperature of 38c emerging throughout the city for all to inhale.
A forest stood swaying in the slight breeze on the corner of Ewington Close, the road on which Brianna and Josh lived. It held a slight sense of murkiness and an eerie presence gathered at it’s sight. Daunted by the forest, many people of Tennessee turned around and ran with tears streaming from their face. No-one knew why, but this forest, was like an onion. Once you can see the inside, you start to cry. There is many a legend, that inside the forest lives fantasies of all kinds. Forest fluttering, shadowy ghost-like black horses than gallop through the mistified sky on a cold winter’s night; flowers that grow and strangle any living object that gets in it’s way; a moon with a face that smiles and cackles with an evil laughter. Ever since an incident a few years ago, no-one has dared enter the forest, leaving it nicknamed ‘No Man’s Forest.’ The incident was tragic and formed a scarceness of demonic myths to surround it. A 9 year old girl named Becky Plumber was playing truth or dare with her friend’s. She got dared to run in the forest, and run straight back out. So Becky, being the adventurous and outrageous child she was, ran in. But she never ran back out. A scream was heard then the howl of a wolf which freaked her gaggle of friend’s who ran shrieking, “He’s out to get us!” Her life and absentness remains a mystery, leaving her lost in a world of imagination.
Brianna was especially scared of the forest, as one day last October she saw something; a shadow of a human. In hear ears rang the words “Come with me, into the land of mystery…” and she heard it in a deep tone of a masculine voice. It was in no doubt coming from the shadow, it had to be a human. Perhaps it was Becky? But no, she didn’t wait around to find out, instead Brianna sprinted like a bolt of lightning travelling across an unlit circuit of flames with her face; pale and peak.

10 points to the answer that’s the most detailed!

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Answer by Jake
It’s kind of cliched, but this is definitely a good start if you are only 13.

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Jun 212012

Question by Victoria M: Does Chester Sound like an Ancient, Evil yet somewhat Seductive Vampire?
Need a name for the bad guy in my mystery book! Thanks

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Answer by warewolf77
A guy named Chester sounds more like the guy who provides an emergency snack for a vampire to me

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Jan 302012

Question by Guy: Are the nature sound recordings music belonging to the New Age spirituality?
Question: I am listening to nature sound recordings on CDs : birdsong, river sound, ocean waves sound, sound of the rain forest while I try to think to nothing and relax. Does that mean I am practicing yoga?

Answer: No, it means you are listening to new age music

Is this true? Am I listening to music belonging to the New Age spirituality? If so, tell me, because I don’t like New Age spirituality. Please respect my likes and dislikes.

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Answer by prairiecrow

No, nature sounds are not “New Age”. They’re NATURE SOUNDS. Nature sounds aren’t affiliated with a particular spiritual path.

If you enjoy it, it’s perfectly harmless and you shouldn’t worry any more about it.

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Jan 242012

Question by Cuddly B: How would you spell the sound a hand saw makes when sawing?
I did a search and can’t seem to find anything on what the sound of a saw is, or how to spell it.

I can hear (in my head) the sound of a hand saw that’s sawing through wood, but have no clue how it could be spelt.

Any thoughts?

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Answer by Ziggy
a high pitched whirrr

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Dec 122011

Question by Ricardo H: what kind of genre is this story? does it sound interesting? Do you think it’s short story or novel material?
A man, heartbroken years ago, decides to fulfill his career goals and succeeds but with an inexplicable emptiness in his heart. One day, in his horribly simple life, he wakes up and finds out that there is no one in his neighborhood. On the way to work, he finds out that the entire city has been mysteriously abandoned – everything left behind intact -. He enjoys the abandoning for a while, but with no one to share with, it is pointless. He decides to visit his ex wife and figure out the reason as to why she had left him. He has to travel for long distances alone and realizes the whole country – maybe world – is abandoned…but not entirely, on his journey he encounters an old man that is going to the same city he is, and a child that wants to go back to where he’s from. He finally reaches his destination after several “human” conflicts with the old man and child and figures both mysteries: why there is no one, and why she (wife) left him.

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Answer by mace_skywalker_01
Actually, I think that depends on the “Why she left him” and “Why he is alone in the world” questions. What was the cause If it was supernatural or alien influenced, the sci-fi. I`d probably say sci-fi anyway considering that only 3 ppl being in the world seems pretty fictatious. ^_~

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Nov 072011

Question by frozen-heart: Doesn’t this sound like a scientific experiment?
I mean people now are “dead”, and when they get back, they tell the doctors what was happening when they were unconscious. Now, I know that lights and “Angels” (In Islam, they are the same; We Muslims believe, as the Qur’an states, that Angels are created from light) maybe due to more Carbon dioxide in the blood, but what science can’t explain is the fact that those people tell others what was happening when they were “Dead”. I don’t base my knowledge of God on such things. In fact, I don’t even need the Qur’an to know that there is a God, but the evidence is overwhelming, especially now that there are very known non-religious Neuroscientists talking about out-of-body consciousness.

Now let’s get to the question.

In Physics, we know that Dark Matter and Energy must exist, although we don’t see them; we know them by their effects, but nobody says: “We don’t see them, so they don’t exist”. Doesn’t the same thing apply here: We don’t see the out-of-body-consciousness, but we have its effects. When a Doctor is faced by his ex-”dead” patient telling him about everything that happened when he was Physically unconscious, why do you think we should eliminate the option that an out-of-body consciousness can be responsible for that? In fact, it’s the only comprehensive explanation.

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Answer by The Least of Jesus’ Brothers
We cannot see/measure the effects. It comes down to a bare assertion fallacy.

No fMRI testing has backed up an un-dead person’s claims.

Key science words here are:
1. Falsifiable (these claims are not)
2. Verifiable (these claims are not)
3. Repeatable (good luck with this one)

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Jun 262011

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City – Mission 30 – Trojan Voodoo All Copyright goes to Rockstar Games and Rockstar North. [Watch the video in HD] [Subscribe for more videos] Recorded with: Fraps Edited with: Sony Vegas pro 10.0

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