Sep 272012

Question by haringmarumo: when a girl tells you she loves being single do you think she is a lesbian?
what do you say, like if you just reached that point or topic in your casual conversation and a 20 year old woman tells you she would rather tour the world and have an adventure of a lifetime and that if she was ever going to be your lover then she doesnt like to get married and would not like to move in with you because she wants mystery and the fun of it, like can you stick with that kind of situation if you loved a woman?
does she become more interesting as she continuosly insists that she likes to be single.

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Answer by Matt
I think ‘hobag’.

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Mar 192012

Question by Source: Could there be a single cell in the human body responsible for consciousness?
Could we, our consciousness, be a single neuron such that when we take it out of the brain we appear to leave the body? Kind of like a small human controlling a big mechanical construction machine?

Is that possible or not?

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Answer by linlyons

consciousness is defined by the interaction between neurons.

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Jan 202012

Question by mikkhattak: The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion will be to have several?
The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion will be to have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that continues through?

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Answer by mslider2
The only people who feel that having a single career is old fashioned are the people trying to explain their job hopping.

These are the same people who say staying married to the same person is old fashioned.

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Jan 042012

Question by billbahai: Is the world headed toward a single religion? Is it the Baha’i Faith?
Is the world ready for a single faith which unites the scriptures and truths of older faiths, proclaims one God and a message for our time, including the Oneness of Man (no fighting over race), the Oneness of Religion (all have truths and their scriptures do not really contradict each other) the Oneness of God (no battles over religion)?

The Baha’is offer this:

“In this sense, neither the person of Jesus nor His writings hath differed from that of Muhammad and of His holy Book, inasmuch as both have championed the Cause of God, uttered His praise, and revealed His commandments. Thus it is that Jesus, Himself, declared: “I go away and come again unto you.” Consider the sun. Were it to say now, “I am the sun of yesterday,” it would speak the truth. And should it, bearing the sequence of time in mind, claim to be other than that sun, it still would speak the truth. In like manner, if it be said that all the days are but one and the same, it is correct and true. And if it be said, with respect to their particular names and designations, that they differ, that again is true. For though they are the same, yet one doth recognize in each a separate designation, a specific attribute, a particular character. Conceive accordingly the distinction, variation, and unity characteristic of the various Manifestations of holiness, that thou mayest comprehend the allusions made by the Creator of all names and attributes to the mysteries of distinction and unity, and discover the answer to thy question as to why that everlasting Beauty should have, at sundry times, called Himself by different names and titles….”

(Baha’u’llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 21)

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Answer by the re – chosen one
The God Yahweh and I are working on making that happen around the world as we speak.

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Nov 092011

Question by D. Christopher: What kind of solar power setup would I need to power a single room’s energy needs?
I live in the basement of a house and would like to run my room on solar power. I have two power strips that run a TV and DVD player, a laptop, printer and two external hard drives and I would need to use a couple floor lamps in the room as well. What kind of solar paneling setup would I need and what would be the ballpark cost on this?

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Answer by Ed
Let me just say, the cost would be too much to be worthwhile. It appears you would need at least 750 watts. if you wanted to use the electrical things at night too, the system would have to deliver that much power for the equipment, and more to charge the batteries. Make it a total of 1500 watts, and you would need between 10 and 15 panels, plus an inverter, mounting rails for the panels, two fused disconnect switches and wire. I expect around ,000 or more.

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Mar 162011

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