Nov 192013

Question by 無敵のSoldier: What website can i watch english anime shows without having to download something?
Shows like naruto and full metal alchemist etc. Every time i watch an episode it tells me i have to download mega videos or some other thing. Is there any website where i can watch them without something like that or a website that won’t attack my computer?

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Answer by KING OF GAME

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Jun 082013

Question by Sierra: What are some really good anime shows to watch?
I have watched and really liked… fullmetal alchemist, angel beats, this ugly yet beautiful world, and baka and test. so maybe something simmilar? idk what do you guys think?

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Answer by Sir
I liked the mini-series Elfen Lied.

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Jan 132012

Question by : Do movies and TV shows accurately portray hypnotism?
Shows such as “The Mentalist” portray hypnotism as a device which gives the hypnotist full control (via suggestion) to the person under the influence. Is this portrayal of hypnotism accurate? Is this even possible?

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Answer by Royael
In New York, I went to a hypnotist to stop smoking. After an hour long process, he asked me how I felt and my response was that I wanted a cigarette. I think all hypnotist are frauds!

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Dec 232011

Question by .: If a barometer shows that the air pressure is dropping, what general weather prediction could you make?
If a barometer shows that the air pressure is dropping, what general weather prediction could you make?

Help please!

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Answer by Mark B
Rain / storms.

Dropping barometer means low pressure. Low pressure generally brings in clouds and rain.

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Dec 122011

Question by Emily: What are shows like Merlin and Robin Hood?
I LOVE the show Merlin and Robin Hood. And I would like to know other shows like it. Maybe another British show. I looked at the legend of the seeker and it was a okay show but I really didnt like it. I love british shows and hope to find ones like merlin and robin hood.

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Answer by Joe C
A little OT but if you are interested in the Merlin/Arthur legand, the best film ever made on the subject was Excalibur. This is a must see.

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Dec 032011

Question by Pret: What are some Fantasy shows like merlin and legend of the seeker?
Ok i love merlin and i just stared legend of the seeker and im addicted i literally cant stop watching it. so i want to know if there are any fantasy shows similar to it that take place in mid evil times?

Thanks for the help

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Answer by Snakehair
Highlander, Hercules, Xena the Warrior Princess, Beastmaster, The New Adventures of Robin Hood, Young Hercules, whoops that’s all I can find. Hope it helps.

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Oct 312011

Question by Ellie: What are some tv shows, movies, books,and songs that reference counterculture/hippies/the 1960s and 70s?
Please list as many as you can remember, they don’t need to be made in the 1960s, just about the 1960s. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by LKMalika
“That 70s Show” is the only one I can think of.

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Sep 072011

Question by Malik: Are there any good anime shows like Fullmetal alchemist and/or Claymore thea I can watch?
Hey guys. So……. I recently got hooked on anime after watching fullmetal alchemist (including brotherhood parts one and 2). Then I saw claymore. Are there any other anime shows you’d think I’d find interesting based on the two examples I gave you?

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Answer by Confus-o
apparently, you might like code geass and D. gray man as well as berserk. This is according to, a site you should probably check before you come here for recommendations. but that’s just my opinion.

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Jun 292011

Question by Michael: except “Horizon” what other science shows does the bbc ever produced. what series are there and what specials?
though i am not interested in wildlife shows. mainly about science, physics, human mind, human body, math, psychology, etc.

am not interested in discovery productions but i you know of a non bbc production which is good i’ll love to watch it too. (again, not discovery)

thank you very much for feeding my curiosity


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Answer by Grapevine Fires
They used to have the science show Tomorrow’s World, which ran from 1965-2003. It was axed due to falling ratings.

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Apr 062011

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