Oct 252013

Question by Bluey: Name of short story about an unconventional teacher?
She appears as a substitute one day. Teaches kids weird things such as 2+2 isn’t necessarily 4, the pyramids have mystic powers, and that women can enchant men but not the other way around. And one day she is gone because she is fired. The protagonist is a student that is intrigued with her and wonders where she went. The other students were like “she’s nuts.”

I thought the name of the story was “The Griffin” or something, but I couldn’t find it under that.

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Answer by charming
“Gryphon” by Charles Baxter. The substitute teacher is Miss Ferenczi.

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Jan 292012

Question by hayabusa1989: What would I classify an online short film/ awareness video as on my acting resume?
I just finished a video that will be broadcasted across youtube and different websites that is a short film and an awareness video. What would I classify this under (film, commercial, etc) Thanks

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Answer by ActorGuru.com
You can classify it as a “short film” or you can also call it an “industrial video.” IMDB.com has many registered short films. You can also try to get your project up on there for more exposure.

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Dec 182011

Question by hamze: A short sentence ascribed to a mystic or gnostic which includes a deep knowledge?
I’m trying to remember a word, some thing like “epigram”. The definition is “A short sentence ascribed to a mystic or gnostic which includes a deep knowledge”.

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Answer by Peregrin20

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Dec 122011

Question by Ricardo H: what kind of genre is this story? does it sound interesting? Do you think it’s short story or novel material?
A man, heartbroken years ago, decides to fulfill his career goals and succeeds but with an inexplicable emptiness in his heart. One day, in his horribly simple life, he wakes up and finds out that there is no one in his neighborhood. On the way to work, he finds out that the entire city has been mysteriously abandoned – everything left behind intact -. He enjoys the abandoning for a while, but with no one to share with, it is pointless. He decides to visit his ex wife and figure out the reason as to why she had left him. He has to travel for long distances alone and realizes the whole country – maybe world – is abandoned…but not entirely, on his journey he encounters an old man that is going to the same city he is, and a child that wants to go back to where he’s from. He finally reaches his destination after several “human” conflicts with the old man and child and figures both mysteries: why there is no one, and why she (wife) left him.

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Answer by mace_skywalker_01
Actually, I think that depends on the “Why she left him” and “Why he is alone in the world” questions. What was the cause If it was supernatural or alien influenced, the sci-fi. I`d probably say sci-fi anyway considering that only 3 ppl being in the world seems pretty fictatious. ^_~

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Nov 042011

Question by ¸² ¿: Novel or short story in Counterculture Era by women or African American?
I have to do a project in my history class where I have to present a novel or short story during th counterculture era of 1960-70s that’s written or is about Women, Native American, or African American.
I did some research, but I couldn’t find any. Can you help me please?

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Answer by xo379
–To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
–Cherry by Mary Karr
–Little Miss Strange by Joana Rose
–Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann
–The Woman’s Room by Marilyn French

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Oct 132011

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Sep 272011

Question by Summer Smile: Is short shorts with a long cardigan a combo to create the illusion of shortened or lengthened legs?
I know that long cardigan with long pants or capri is a recipe for the illusion of shorter legs. But i’ve heard that short shorts and a long cardigan can actually make the legs look longer. is that true? I’m 5 feet tall, and I DON’T want to make the illusion of shortened legs, if not lengthened ones.
When i mean long cardigan, I mean a cardigan that goes past my waist and covers my butt, but hits above the knee.

Best answer:

Answer by Beach Blondiee x.
I just think it makes you look like your not wearing pants . And i do not think its true . I’m 5 foot 8 and a half and i have really long legs , and when i wear stuff like that, it just makes me look shorter

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Aug 232011

Question by Bogdan: Can u make a short story with these words?
surrogate, sagacious, presaged, prerogative, derogatory, abrogate, arrogate, interrogate, subrogate, prorogue

It has to have the words in it.


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Answer by Russian Assassin
Are we doing your homework??

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Jul 312011

Question by Elisa Woods: **am i a good writer for only 14 years old?? short please HELP?!?
**ANY OPINIONS?** (look at my other one too)

In a world so fast, so full of demands
I pause at the thought: its all in my hands

As for me:
All sit’s still, I cant help but wonder why?
This world is so complicated and full of lies
This world is a picture, thats what I say
Its time that I start painting for a lifelong display
Why live in for tomorrow?
For it may never come
Its about time this world gets something done

As for death:
All sits still, I cant help but wonder why?
This half spoken hello is your next goodbye
Nothing lasts, that’s what they all say
In a shorts time notice well be digging your grave
The dirt piles in and the rest is history
You might as well run away, remain a mystery

As for love:
All sits still, I cant help but wonder why?
If you love her then why would you make her cry
Love is the fruit of life, that’s what they all say
why would you begin if you knew you couldn’t stay
‘I love you’ is a powerful phrase
Not meant to be judged or forgotten the next day
Love is patient love is kind
Genuine love is never easy to find

As for time:
All sits still, I cant help but wonder why?
The clock on the wall sings duet with mankind
Time ticks away and tells us what were left with
Make the most of it now, for each second is a gift
The stopwatch of life has no pity on you
When the seconds run out, you’re done; no room to argue
Time is the key, that’s what they all say
Without goals and effort, youre no more than a potters’ scrap clay
its about time you learn to let go of the past
after all this next breath? … could be your last

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Answer by jrushing70
its okay for someone else but I did not find it interesting

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