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Question by D. Christopher: What kind of solar power setup would I need to power a single room’s energy needs?
I live in the basement of a house and would like to run my room on solar power. I have two power strips that run a TV and DVD player, a laptop, printer and two external hard drives and I would need to use a couple floor lamps in the room as well. What kind of solar paneling setup would I need and what would be the ballpark cost on this?

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Answer by Ed
Let me just say, the cost would be too much to be worthwhile. It appears you would need at least 750 watts. if you wanted to use the electrical things at night too, the system would have to deliver that much power for the equipment, and more to charge the batteries. Make it a total of 1500 watts, and you would need between 10 and 15 panels, plus an inverter, mounting rails for the panels, two fused disconnect switches and wire. I expect around ,000 or more.

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Oct 082011

Question by sexy: How can I change the conversion date chosen during Quickbooks setup?
I just purchased Quickbooks Pro 2009 and now realize that I should have chosen Sept 1 2009 as my conversion date because I’ve so much info to enter. Can this be done? If not, what if I uninstall the program?

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Answer by Cherilyn
You cannot change the date.
You can start the conversion over with a different company name. Be sure to delete the original company so you do not get confused and use both companies. I’ve done it many times….

Cherilyn Collins

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Oct 132010

Magnetic Generator – How Simple to Setup Magnetic Power Generators Help You Save on Your Power Bill

Magnetic generators are able to do what they do thanks to the power of magnets. If you are seriously considering putting together your own magnetic power generator, then knowing the history of magnets, what magnetic fields are and how many different kinds of magnets there are will only make your jub much easier. Did you know that there are actually many kinds of magnets and they can be constructed from different materials? Magnets have been around since the Greeks discovered that lodestone attracted pieces of iron. It was from that time on the mystery and power of magnets has been probed, researched and constantly amazed young children.

Magnets aren’t all created equal and there are actually three different kinds of magnets. The first kind is referred to as permanent or hard magnets. This is by far the most common magnet found today. Permanent magnets are constantly generating a magnetic field. There is no on and off switch and they are always making a magnetic field. It is this that makes it possible for your fridge magnets to stay on your fridge. Beyond hard magnets, there is another kind called temporary magnets. It might already be clear that these magnets aren’t always creating a magnetic field. They are able to create a magnetic field but it isn’t permanent. At what times are they called magnets? When they are in the presence of a magnetic field and for a little time after, they continue to produce their own magnetic field. Only at these times are they called magnets. The final kind of magnet is an electromagnet. Magnetic fields are found in these magnets when electricity is passing through their wires.

In addition to there being three kinds of magnets, magnets can also be constructed from very different materials. Ceramic magnets are the kind stuck to your fridge. These ceramic magnets are what you will find in schools. They are made from iron oxide in a ceramic composite. These magnets aren’t very powerful or strong. Alnico magnets are constructed from aluminum, nickel and cobalt. Alnico magnets are much stronger than ceramic magnets but are still weaker than magnets made from rare-earth metal. The final group of magnets made from rare-earth metal fall into two groups; neodymium and samarium cobalt. You won’t find any magnet stronger than ones made from rare-earth metal

So what is the secret to how a magnet works? Magnets make electromagnetic fields because all the magnetic domains in them are aligned in the same direction. A magnetic domain is basically a small magnet in itself. Usually, the magnetic domains in iron and other magnetic materials aren’t aligned and they cancel each other out. The higher the number of these domains that point in the same direction, the stronger the magnetic field of the magnet is. This is what makes magnets do what they do.

Magnetic generators operate based on the presence of magnetic fields in magnets. It is this magnetic field that allows magnetic power generators to create electricity using a source of energy that doesn’t pollute or produce large amounts of harmful by products. You’ll have a much great appreciate of the home electricity you create thanks to knowing just how magnets and your magnetic generator works.

Want to learn more about how a Magnetic Generator can save you money on your power bill? Setting up your own Magnetic Power Generator to produce your own home electricity with is easy. Magnetic Generators are leading the fight against rising power bill costs and helping people to save money.

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