May 232014

Question by Bob: what is the order of the full metal alchemist series?
i want to know the order of the full metal alchemist series that includes ova’s movies etc
so basically i want to know the order in which they were released

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Answer by Kurt Cobain
Full Metal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

ok so C-money basically has no idea what he’s talking about. Brotherhood is basically a remake but follows the manga closely. The original followed the manga for about 20 episodes then started creating their own episodes and story because there weren’t many episodes of the manga wasn’t out yet.

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Apr 132014

Question by Brenna: Does anyone know how the order of series goes for The Anime Fullmetal Alchemist?
Well I Went On A Website To Watch Fullmetal Alchemist (LOVE THAT SHOW) And They Had Different Names For FMA So I was Wondering how it goes. All I Is For the Order of the Series is That Fullmetal Alchemist Goes First But i have no clue with the other ones and what about the Movie When Should i watch that?
Here are the names of the Series That Popped Up
Fullmetal Alchemist: Blind Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Simple People

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Answer by Whitney
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the series for the manga
FMA: Blind Alchemist and Simple people are OVA’s they are not really part of the series just more like bonus episodes you can watch in the middle of the series or at the end…or whatever

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Mar 172014

Question by Kacey R: In what order do I watch the FullMetal Alchemist series with the movies?
In what order do I watch these:

Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist Movie: The Conqueror of Shambala
Fullmetal Alchemist: Blind Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist: Simple People
Fullmetal Alchemist: Tales of the Master

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Answer by mslily
Just to be clear, Brotherhood is a reboot of the series. What happens in the 2003 show does not affect Brotherhood. The OVA’s are side stories and do not affect the plot at all. They’re coming out one per disc, and there’s often two episodes per disc, so I’m making an educated guess on when to watch them within the show. You can also wait and watch them when you’re done.

This story diverges when they run out of material from the manga. Instead of going into fillers, they wrote an anime original ending, along with a follow-up movie conclusion.
FMA TV (2003)
FMA Movie: The Conqueror of Shambala

This story follows the manga pretty faithfully, but since so many viewers were fans of the first series, they didn’t go into much detail about the earlier stories in order to get to the new stuff more quickly. Anything important they skipped got an explanation or flashback when it became relevant to the story.
FMA: Brotherhood
OVA: Blind Alchemist (after episode 2)
OVA: Simple People (after episode 4)
OVA: Tales of the Master (after episode 6)

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Mar 112014

Question by Tiffany: Can someone help me with both series of Fullmetal Alchemist?
so i know there are two different series of Fullmetal Alchemist. There are movies to both. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the movie(s) are for each & what order they go in. I’d appreciate it.

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Answer by Kurama4Ever!
Original series:
1. Fullmetal Alchemist

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa (movie that concludes the series)

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (stays closer to the manga than the original FMA anime)

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos (OVA movie)

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Jan 152014

Question by Lightning: Does anyone have access to any of the books in Orson Scott Card’s Women of Genesis series?
If you do, could you tell me whether there’s a bibliography in the back of the books? And if so, what books are listed in the bibliography?


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Answer by Doc
You can look up the book on Amazon dot com, look inside the book, and get the information you want. There doesn’t seem to be a bibliography, per se, but I think I see what you want. For example, in the “Afterward” section of “Sarah” we find these words at the end of the book, on pages 340-341,

“Here are some of the sources I used in preparing this book. They are all interesting and valuable books, even if I often drew conclusions that the authors might not have been pleased with, and even though some of the scholars, at least, were quite avidly of the rejectionist camp. I consulted many other books, but these were the ones I found most useful and trustworthy, and I intend to use again as sources.
Donald B. Redford, “Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times” (Princeton University Press, 1992)
Gosta W. Ahlstrom, “The History of Ancient Palestine” (Sheffield Academic Press/Fortress Press, 1993, 1994)
Gay Robins, “Women in Ancient Egypt” (Harvard University Press, 1993)
Michael Rice, “Egypt’s Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt, 5000-2000 B.C. (Routledge, 1990)
And for those who do not immediately recognize the source of some of the events early in the novel, those are based on the book of Abraham in the “Pearl of Great Price, a book of scripture recognized only within the LDS Church.
Peter James and Nick Thorp, “Ancient Mysteries (Ballantine, 1999). The great care these authors took in verifying speculation and drawing evidence from many disciplines made this a fascinating and useful tool—especially concerning the location of Sodom and the events surrounding its destruction.
If you have questions or comments about any aspect of this novel, you are invited to visit or “

I didn’t see any kind of bibliography or Afterward for “Rebecca,” just a kind of study guide. There was some information in the Preface, however. Orson Card wrote on page vii:

“I used all the sources that previously helped me in writing “Sarah,” the companion volume to this book, and in addition, Norman L. Heap’s “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: Servants and Prophets of God”) Family History Publications, Greensboro NC, 1986, 1999)….

As for “Rachel and Leah,” there is an “Afterward,” but I couldn’t look at all of it. What I saw did not seem to indicate more bibliography. I saw no “Preface” to this book. What you see in these “Look inside” is rather random.

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Oct 312013

Question by liviaomgwtf.: Do you have the answer to an old classic series of books?
I need to know in which order the Nancy Drew series books come in (ex #1 book, #2, etc.) Also, if you know how many are in the series, that would be great. Thanks!

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Answer by amy02
01. The Secret of the Old Clock
02. The Hidden Staircase
03. The Bungalow Mystery
04. The Mystery at Lilac Inn
05. The Secret at Shadow Ranch
06. The Secret of Red Gate Farm
07. The Clue in the Diary
08. Nancy’s Mysterious Letter
09. The Sign of the Twisted Candles
10. The Password to Larkspur Lane
11. The Clue of the Broken Locket
12. The Message in the Hollow Oak
13. The Mystery of the Ivory Charm
14. The Whispering Statue
15. The Haunted Bridge
16. The Clue of the Tapping Heels
17. The Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk
18. The Clue in the Jewel Box
19. The Secret in the Old Attic
24. The Clue in the Old Album
25. The Ghost of Blackwood Hall
26. The Clue of the Leaning Chimney
27. The Secret of the Wooden Lady
28. The Clue of the Black Keys
29. The Mystery at the Ski Jump
30. The Clue of the Velvet Mask
31. The Ringmaster’s Secret
33. The Witch Tree Symbol
34. The Hidden Window Mystery
35. The Haunted Showboat
37. The Clue in the Old Stagecoach
38. The Mystery of the Fire Dragon
39. The Clue of the Dancing Puppet
40. The Moonstone Castle Mystery
43. The Mystery of the 99 Steps
45. The Spider Sapphire Mystery
46. The Invisible Intruder
47. The Mysterious Mannequin
48. The Crooked Banister
49. The Secret of Mirror Bay
50. The Double Jinx Mystery
51. The Mystery of the Glowing Eye
52. The Secret of the Forgotten City
54. The Strange Message in the Parchment
56. The Thirteenth Pearl

60. The Greek Symbol Mystery

147. The Case of the Captured Queen
165. The Crime Lab Case
170. No Strings Attached

Yikes! I think the answer is “as many as you want there to be.” In addition to the “Nancy Drew Mystery Stories,” which at least go to #170 as noted, there seems to be a “Nancy Drew, Girl Detective” series, a “Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective” series, and a “Nancy Drew Journal” series. “Still in print today are the classic Nancy Drew Mystery Stories (R)–volumes 1-56.” (Apparently, there have been updates to these: according to this web page, Nancy’s convertible was originally a roadster. I think the “yellow spine” books to which the website author alludes are the only ones I’ve ever read.)

This is not a complete list, but it should keep you busy for a while.

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Sep 162013

Question by Nottellingmyname:): Where can I find good summaries of the Harry Potter book series?
I do plan to actually read the books, but i want to gain a bit more incite before going to see the deathly hallows part 2 :)

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Answer by Tejas Bhagwat
harry potter movie series has been fairly accurate in converting text to video….
if you watch the first seven movies carefully then u wont have any problems with watching HP 7.2
Since you are planning to read the books anyway i would suggest that you dont search for summaries of the stories… Experience JK Rowling’s magic in the books itself !!!!

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Aug 022013

Question by Rachel: Books similar to The Hunger Games series, Twlight series, Uglies series and The Host?
I really loved all of the elements in these books. Especially the sci-fi and romance parts. Any other ones that are really similar that you recommend for young adults??

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Answer by Fizzing Whizzbee
Fallen by Lauren Kate springs to mind :)

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Jul 042013

Question by Who watches the Watchmen?: Is this confusion a normal side effect of the Dark Tower Series?
I just started the book and am slightly confused. Please don’t give anything away but are we not supposed to get a sense of what year it is or have I just missed something?

Is it worth the read?

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Answer by Old Creeping Judas
it depends, what are you confused about, but for the most part, not everything will be explained to you for awhile, eventually it all comes together though

And it is absolutely worth the read, very deep and emotional, well written, kindof cancels out that Twilight crap

My favorite book series, but i dont really like series’ to begin with

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