Oct 042013

Question by ~Logan’s mama~ #2due~ Nov~09: Is it safe to use self tanning lotion while pregnant?
I like the Equate, Healthy Glow.I was also wondering about the mystic tan. I am in a wedding in April and the dress already looks yucky on me (its pretty hideous) and I would like to at least look a little bronzed. and not pastey. I am 5 weeks.

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Answer by Nurse Lady/ USMC Wifey
Ok, soooo, I did a little research and everything I can find says that it’s fine to use during pregnancy. Talk to your OB/GYN, because he/she might have a different opinion.
Good luck :)

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Jul 192013

Question by Maybe: Can you lose consciousness from self mutilation?
I’m writing a novel at the moment, and i have come to a bit of confusion. whenever i deal with medical issues while writing, i always try to research the topic quite thoroughly but this is giving me a bit of trouble. is it possible to lose consciousness from cutting your wrists, or even to die? some sites and articles i have found support this, while others state it is impossible, as the blood will clot before it reaches this state. If anyone can answer this with at least a fair bit of certainty, it would be very useful! also, if the said person did pass out, would it be crucial they went to the hospital? I know of course it would be reccomended, but would they be alright if they didnt? thankyou so much! xo <3 Best answer:

Answer by TweetyBird
If you cut your wrists deeply and length-wise in the direction of wrist to elbow, the blood loss will be much greater than if you’d cut them cross-wise and the flow would be too great to clot. It would be arterial blood. One could have enough blood loss to lose consciousness. Or you could have your character have a vagal response to the sight of blood. This would involve fainting.

If your character were to cut the way I suggest, unless they panicked and called for help, they would ultimately lose consciousness and die from hypovolemia.

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Jun 012013

Question by TROY: What are the best and easiest self tanners out there?
I have had basal cell carcinoma (type of skin cancer), and am now looking to use self tanners for my summer tan. I was a tanning bed girl in my former life:). What are the ones to give the best color and goof proof. Also, I have tried Mystic tan booths (liked it), but how do you keep the soles of your feet from staining in the new booths that have you moving around in steps??? The booties they gave me did not work at all, and caused tan lines on the tops of my feet. Please Help!!!

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Answer by deshane2530
No-Ad found at Wal-Mart

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Mar 042012

Question by : According to Neuroscience self is the by product of brain. Really what we see as brain which is a?
material substance is also a by product of an existence. What is that existence?
Sorry. It is not a mathematical question. It is a question in Science.

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Answer by TomV
Is this a question for metaphysics, medicine, or philosophy? It certainly not a question for Mathematics.

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Feb 132012

Question by Brittany: Will using a self tanner after a mystic tanning session lighten or even effect your mystic tan?
Please let me know. If you have done this does it actually make you look darker, or did it in fact lighten your coloring? Thanks in advance.

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Answer by landj
I do airbrush tanning professionally and many people ask if they can use self tanners at home over their airbrush tan. If you do this it won’t hurt your mystic tan but will darken it. Actually, the best way to extend an airbrushed or mystic tan is to wait about 4 days, lightly exfoliate then apply a light application of self tanner. This will give extend the life of your mystic tan and keep it looking golden!

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Jan 082012

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Jan 062012

Question by B: What do you think about using hypnotism for self improvement?
I have seen this stuff out there and many people I know are very distrustful of it. I kinda don’t blame them but I was personally thinking about looking at some of that stuff to try and understand my sub conscious side of myself better.

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Answer by joane
i think it’s a good thing. i have known people to lose weight and quit smoking by hypnotism. good luck to you

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Jan 032012

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