Jun 232014

Question by the chameleon: Are there seasons (or “cycles”) of consciousness?
Like there are seasons and cycles of the earth, and of its creatures… what about within consciousness? And if so, what are the ramifications of this?

What season, or cycle, of consciousness are we in currently?

And as always… please elaborate!

Thank you to those who answer…

Note: Question asked in two sections, no need to answer in both! ;-)
Safri Duo – “Samb Adagio”

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Answer by dojosan
One of the more thought provoking questions I’ve seen in here lately. Ok, here goes: I would postulate that there are “seasons” or cycles of consciousness based on the fact that the same forces which act on and shape the outside world, also act upon the unseen portions of nature, inner consciousness being one of them. I have observed that at different times of the year, at least within myself. I am more productive, or more inclined to switch off the tube and grab a 10,000 word crossword puzzle and it appears to be cyclic. It is possible that my observations are tainted by the fact that I exist within my own consciousness. Again,stellar question…

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Jan 152011

Question by $BIRRY$: what is the order of all the full metal alchemist seasons?
i want to watch full metal alchemist on animefreak.tv but it does not say which season is number 1. if some one could tell me the order of the seasons that would be great.

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Answer by hana-chan
can u give me the names i looked at wiki and stuff but it didn’t say what the seasons were called. could you post them?

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Oct 142010

Question by harregud: How many seasons are there in Full metal Alchemist series?
I heard that there’s a new Full metal Alchemist called full metal alchemist exchange? if there is,can you tell me the plot? answers are much appreciated.

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Answer by adyniz
I love Full Metal Alchemist Series.
Well, There are two separate seasons of Full Metal Al Chemist Series.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist (51 Episodes, this series is already Finished)
2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episodes (43 Episodes currently, ongoing series).

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