Feb 192014

Question by Buttercup: Fullmetal Alchemist: what is the right order?
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist Blind Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

which one should I begin with and what comes next?

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Answer by Reisen
FMA: Brotherhood is the actual storyline of the manga. Blind Alchemist is a sidestory of brotherhood. FMA original is the first one that has an anime only storyline though the beginning is the same as the manga.

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Oct 092013

Question by Kelvin: How can I use both the left and right side of my brain?
What are some simple tasks I can do to train both sides?

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Answer by Miguel Lahunken
Google “lahunken”. There are physical, ubiquitous, free, ways to turn on as much of your brain as you
want. Here is a cut & paste from a colleague as an example:

“Did you know that there is a disease that you are secretly
forbidden to know? God help you if you get it. Anyone can
easily get it from a simple injury, an accident waiting for
anyone. It is similar to reflex sympathetic dystrophy, RSD,
but it is the parasympathetc muscarinic nerves that get
perpetally hyperactive from a simple injury. In this case,
the muscarinic nerves in the brain, which occupy that large
portion of the brain called the mind, override the seratonin
mediated inhibitory neurons which normally sedate 90% of the
mind. The same effect is caused by blocking seratonin with
LSD. The experience has been known from time immemorial as
the “passage through the underworld”. Virgil said in his
“Aenied”, “You cannot enter the underworld without the
golden bough.” This golden bough is the vagus nerve, the
most accessable of the parasympathetic muscarinic nerves.
Simple vagal stimulation temporarily accomplishes the same
effect and was used by initiates into the “sacred
mysteries”; but, injury to such a nerve gives a permanent
irreversable “one way ticket” to the underworld. With
knowledge and will power the condition can be enjoyed. All
the ancient “books of the dead” graph the ways of the
underworld and there the mind is very powerful. Total
control of thought confers mastery of the situation and
mastery of life. A secret society which is the “heart and
soul” of the “one world order” doesn’t want you to have any
access to this power. When everybody knows these facts this
secret “inquisition” should give up its ruthless enforcement
of this secrecy. Only then will we be safe.”

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Mar 032013

Question by Justin: What are your favorite anime you have ever watched or are watching right now?
I love watching anime, especially japanese anime. I have already watched One Piece, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragonball, and Bleach. They are all amazing and most are still going on, except for Fullmetal Alchemist in which I don’t like the ending. I was wondering what your favorites were and maybe I would even check those out to pass the time.

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Answer by *Sonic*
I’m not a fan of anime intact I hate it. I used to watch Sailor Moon back in the day.

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Nov 012012

Question by Eric: ADAPTL Theory Natural and Right?


This theory is completely delineated as the main concept in my book.

This theory has been written to open our minds to potential possibilities in the nature of our realities.

Quantum Physics describes that our minds have the potential to be much greater than any of us could have ever imagined where with a thought anything is possible. I conclude it is a probability that we were meant to live for so much more. As we open our minds and open our hearts, we will adapt to using different levels of our mind. This is achieved through an enhanced awareness, a heightened sense of things, and a deeper understanding of life.

In this theory, everything at the smallest level of reality (a subatomic level or the Planck Scale) (1.616252×10−35 m)) exists as an energy, an energy that flows in a wave pattern powered by different level of vibrations. These vibrations can be altered and effected by the process of a thought which would be governed by human consciousness. This energy is the (God Particle) or the higher intelligence that is known to maintain and control the events of the entire universe.

Anything and everything that happens at a subatomic level cannot be quantifiable by any kind of mathematical means. We can only conclude certain probabilities out of different possibilities. In this theory, our minds can actually affect the vibrational frequencies at that level and change them in whichever way we please.

Also within this theory, we adapt to using 100% of our minds by accumulating a deeper understanding of a universal love. Love is the strongest thing our natural beings can create. Through a pure and natural true love which we would acquire once re-adapting ourselves in a pure and natural environment and strongly connecting with our one true other, we would achieve an alternate understanding of reality and in theory connect to the quantum field which would in-turn grant us access to the other 90% of our minds.

Simply put, love (an essence which ceases to exist in space and time) would be the path to our “Nirvana” or deeper level of consciousness. I also conclude it is probable that within this divine and perfect true love, we would continually endure what is known as the “Feel Good Effect”.

At a deeper level of consciousness we may never age. Aging could also be unnatural. It could only exist because we believe it to. In the nature of reality, our bodies which are going to be governed by a deeper level of consciousness may never experience the sense of aging at all. At this point, the constant fluctuation and coalescence of love may regularly change and replenish our body’s cells for an amaranthine amount of time.

There wouldn’t be any means of a need for survival as the entire planet may live in an immense intent of harmony that is constantly changing, learning, and adapting so life can continually replenish itself in an everlasting pure and natural energy.

Again this theory has been written to open our minds to potential possibilities in the nature of our reality. – Eric Cameron


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Jun 012012

Question by John C: Did she do the right thing?
Lost in the Woods

A Young American Convert

By Maryam Abdullah

My name is Maryam. This is the story of my emotional, intellectual, and spiritual reversion back to submission to Allah. Back to Islam.
Many speak of conversion, but I prefer the concept of revert. I knew Allah. We all have. I believe this. But we forget, become disconnected, and confused as we become distracted by the influence of this world. There is a way back, and it is not our own. That is the miracle.

At age 8, I was able to articulate my belief in Allah. I was born and reared in the USA, so I called Him God. I felt quite inspired in those innocent years. I went to many churches on my own. My parents had become disillusioned with the Christian religion, and truly felt I was misguided.

They said that they did not believe in God. But in truth, they were rejecting a false god. Somehow, I could understand this, although I did not have a way to put it in words. Nor did I have access to the Quran. And as a typical American child, I did not know what Islam was.

From about 8 years old, until around 11, I attended whatever church my friends were going to and I learned how to pray. I was taught many versions of Christianity and wondered about each of them.

However, what I was most attracted to was that Jesus was a teacher. And I wanted to learn. I read the Bible, and I read the words that are allegedly spoken by Jesus. It wasn’t until later that I learned of the history of Christianity, and the history of the Bible.

During these young years, I was really attempting to express, and find community that has similar experience as me. That is was the outer expression of my faith.

But my inner truth, I knew that God was real, that no breath could exist except for Him. And I loved God. My parents did indeed think I was strange, because I truly wrapped my world trying to understand the mystery of God.

The Lord’s Prayer

Their line of thought was that if everything they had learned from their churches was incorrect, then there couldn’t be a God. This is a common response to an increased awareness of error in contemporary Western Christianity by many Americans, but that just didn’t make sense to me, because I knew there was. I couldn’t stop trying to explain all this to my parents. And I also had many questions that I wanted them to answer, about God.

My father was willing to listen. Finally, he had compassion for me, and he bought me this little book named “God Is Everywhere”. That’s it! I thought. That explains God! I was so thankful for that little book. My mother too, had compassion for me, and she taught me a prayer called “the Lord’s Prayer.”

I now had a way to feel like I could be connected to God, and I prayed from then on. Those two things, the knowledge that God is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, and the ability to pray, got me through some very difficult times that were yet to come.

In my youngest years, I was able to find God within the quiet place of the deepest part of my heart. Some call this one’s “center”. There was chaos all around me, family arguments and confusion, but I had this place, and it was home to me.

Yet, I did not worry about where my next meal would come from, and I had a roof over my head, and a piano where I could play songs to help me find that sacred space within my being.

That lasted until about age 12. Without warning, my parents were selling the house and contemplating divorce. I had already been a latchkey child, coming home to an empty house since the age of nine.

All By Myself

But now, no one knew where I was to live. My father bought property and did not have a home. My mother decided to do the same. She put a trailer on a small piece of land in a very rural area, an area where there are more wild animals than people. She invited me to stay in that trailer, and I accepted.

But I had lost my “center”. My connection with God. I was scared and confused. And then she left me there, alone. By age 13 I was living alone in a trailer in the “boonies” with the wolves. Often I did not have food, heat, or light. I had candles to read by.

My parents were living together in a cabin, but too far for me to get to. And they brought me food and water and heat and light when they remembered. But when they didn’t, I was alone.

Without going into detail, I can say some very scary and bad things happened to me during this time. I began to believe that God had forsaken me. I did not know of the Quran yet. But I had a Bible. I read it over and over again. I read the Book of Revelation over and over again, and I tried to make sense of it all, and make sense of my life.

This became a very long “dark night of the soul” for me. But even when I doubted God’s love for me, I knew He was there, things happened. Two times, I was nearly raped. Both times, Allah intervened and protected me.

One time I was walking down the road, and a man jumped out of the bushes and threw

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Answer by Ahmed S
Sad story but happy ending. She was lost in this wild wild world but at last found Allah who created us all and taking care of each of us.
Islam is the right way of life and this story proves that.

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Jan 182012

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Dec 212011

Question by : What religion do think is the closest to being right?
If you are an atheist, which religion strikes you as least objectionable?
If you follow a religion, what religion do you find to come close to being right? (so obviously if you see yours as being right, then what religion comes next in how right it is)
Why do you think that religion is least objectionable or close to being right?

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Answer by Horror
Buddhism. But technically that should be a philosophy and not a religion.

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Nov 062011

Question by Emily R: What are some good books on spirituality and finding the right path and balance in life?
I had A lot going on in my life, I feel like im at a cross roads and a little lost, So I would like to get some good books on spirituality, finding the path to balancing your life.


oh and to make clear Please dont suggest books about christianity. Thanks

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Answer by gutbucket
Maybe a book on Zen would help you.

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Oct 272011

Question by Desiree: To insist one religion is true above all others is to be self deceiving, right?
This is the only option, isn’t it? If you insist one religion is true and all others are false when there is the same complete lack of corroborating evidence for all religions, the only possible explanation is that you are deceiving yourself, right? Therefore, the word of someone who does believe one religion is true above all others, cannot be trusted, right? If they deceive themselves, then deceiving other people would be second nature to them, wouldn’t it?

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Answer by Frail Child of Dust
except there is only one truth. When 2 belief systems conflict, one is wrong.

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