Nov 282013
Ancient Mystery
by mySAPL

Question by CernunnosX: Does anyone know anything about the Blood Moon and the Revelations?
I heard on this radio show called Ground Zero and the guy said that tonight (12/20/10) there will be a Blood Moon when the moon turns red. I know that the Bible mentions this to, is there a connection here?
No smart ass answers please….
He also said that creatures from the dark will emerge also but who knows about that one lol.

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Answer by Elijah Truth
WE are in the midst of those signs and prophecies this day, and our generation is the Mighty Generation of Great Destiny to now inherit earth Matthew 5:5–25:34….Matthew 24:29-31 is in the midst of taking place with sorrows being brought unto the tribes of the earth not of His book of Life….it has begun….

For proof that the Black Buffeter of Pauls writings has been found, and
For proof of the Lords now finished mystery Rev:10:7 which He foretold would take place this day, making the way straight for Gods the Lord Jesus christs now return in this Epic Generation of Destiny, and much on the Children of Adam and Eve unmarred who are being called by their God for This days Epic gathering go google Adam and Eve seed gathering medical ministry and on the home page as the about page and services page are many proofs…IT HAS BEGUN…{{Also on the site mentioned above http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringminist… are many christian paintings and even leafs from Ancient Bibles {{On the Christmas and Holy Word page}} that can all be zoomed and copied for this His special season….MERRY page is for questions/gathering..}}

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Apr 012011

A small portfolio of the most recent crop circles as of 7/3/09, and examination of the meaning of 7/7/09. A crop circle researcher gave a stunning revelation about this date and the time period to follow. Special thanks to This site is outstanding for the latest information, research, and theories!
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Mar 242011

Question by Bitter Sweet: Does anyone know of a site where I can find urban mystics lyrics for his new cd Ghetto Revelations II?
Trying to find a complete list of all the lyrics for the entire cd.

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Answer by Love Generator
Try these links below-

You could also make REQUEST for free lyrics/songs by joining a community music forum. To check out the ‘hottest’ music forum out there right now, please click on the link below –

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Jul 042010

Ghetto Revelations

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