Dec 242013

Question by marcin p: could the moon be responsible for human consciousness?
bare with me here, this might seem little far out.

First off, our moon is really big considering the size of the earth and therefor has a significant amount of gravity. So the moon is pulling up on us a little bit every time the earth rotates.

now, gravity effects everything, even on the quantum scale. So if the moons gravity shifts every single particle on earth just a tiny tiny bit, those particles gain a tiny tiny bit of kinetic energy.

here’s the kicker: when the particles return to their original state that kinetic energy becomes stored as potential energy.
my question is, where does all that energy go?

i’m saying maybe that stored potential energy is the fuel of our consciousness. maybe the moon is what makes us think!

now, if this were true, that means ‘intelligent life’ elsewhere would not only need H2O and a livable climate to progress, but also a gargantuan moon like our own. so maybe we really are alone in the universe!
alright, i know it’s a bit silly man, but it’s hypothetical… especially with all the things we don’t know about the universe (including the source of our rational thought).. which is what the question is really asking.

however, i suppose this would work out better in the philosophy section eh?

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Answer by rufsketch1
ummm. no. i’m pretty sure potential energy has nothing to do with our conciousness.

there isn’t anything potential about our conciousness, it’s constantly releasing energy.

if what you’re saying is right, then our minds would be feeding off of potential energy. which means that when the moon comes back around, nothing would move again because it has no more potential energy…

and why would we need to run on potential energy, when glucose works perfectly fine?

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Mar 192012

Question by Source: Could there be a single cell in the human body responsible for consciousness?
Could we, our consciousness, be a single neuron such that when we take it out of the brain we appear to leave the body? Kind of like a small human controlling a big mechanical construction machine?

Is that possible or not?

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Answer by linlyons

consciousness is defined by the interaction between neurons.

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Dec 072011

Question by trinity0333: What property of ionic compounds is responsible for the presence of sodium and chloride in ocean water?
Ocean water contains many different ions, but the majority of them are of only 7 varieties. Sodium and Chloride ions together make up approximately 82% of the ions present. What property of ionic compounds is responsible for the presence of these ions?

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Answer by fortunate_ley
ionic dissociation

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Aug 212011

Question by AlphaShenron: Atheists: What part of the brain is responsible for consciousness ?
Do not give me a theory or a belief give me hardcore scientific material hat is responsible for consciousness since you guys are so intelligent and claim to know what happens in the great beyond?

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Answer by Michael
cerebral cortex.

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Oct 232010

Question by ♣Chenoa♣: Do the Ancient Mysteries really exist? Are the Freemasons really responsible for guarding them?

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Answer by CAB
Those who know don’t speak.
Those who speak don’t know.

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Sep 282010

Question by jasper: Who is responsible for the name God to identify the unfathomable mystery of creation?
I’m not looking for heresay as evidenced in the old or new testament or those who use the word God as in God spoke to so ans so literally. As a word, God enables humanity to try and wrap its arms around the great mystery by humanizing it with a name ,but ,it could also be called Dog if you spell the word God backward. Serious thoughtful remarks appreciated. Zealots and ignorant bible quoters please refrain from mindless undocumented commentary.
What i’m earnestly looking for is well researched concrete information if in fact it actually exists. As we know in other parts of the world spectrum of religious belief, the great mystery is identified by many other names. Thanks to all.
Thanks to all who have responded thus far.
It’s interesting that we have assigned gender to the great mystery, i suspect another way we try to conceptualize the the unimaginable

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Answer by zzsleepur

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