Jun 222014

Question by sam: In university requirements, is geography considered a ‘science’, or is it only physics, biology, chemistry?
I know that biology, chemistry and physics are typical sciences, but i was wondering if geography was considered as a science?
In terms of university requirements/applications..? (in the UK)

For example some courses i am looking at, state the requirements of English and a science..and physics was the only science i took at GCSE level, and i dropped it after that.

oh yeah..social studies. i don’t know why i didn’t think of that..cos i actually know it aha :| there was just something in the back of my mind thinking that geography might be classed as a science..like an earth science.

oh well..thanks anyway. [:

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Answer by ☮Androgynous☮
Geography is considered as a social study, I believe.
Also, chemistry, biology, and physics are lab sciences, unlike psychology, sociology, and physical science.

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Nov 112013

Question by : What are the requirements to get into Harvard Medical School?
I’ve just finishing up my first year at UVa and have a 4.0. I’ve been taking many science classes, and plan on doing a double major of Biology and Chemistry. I’m also getting involved with a neuroscience lab that meets every morning. What are my chances?

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Answer by PE2008
Pretty slim, because the competition is so fierce.

If you keep up the 4.0 GPA, and do well in the MCAT, you’ll probably get into at least one Medical School. But if you don’t get into Medical School you will regret Majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Bioprocess Engineering or Chemical Engineering would be better.

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May 142013

Question by Alex: Can I apply also if my toefl scores are lower than the requirements?
I have to apply for a Phd position in neuroscience in usa, I am italian. Can I apply although my scores are a little lower than the requested? my scores are: reading 21/ listening 18/ speaking 18/ writing 22/ total 79.

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Answer by Dinesh

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Jul 062011

Question by Love Yahoo!!! wannabe a princess: What are the admission requirements for transfer students in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?
I am applying as a transfer student majoring in Biology or Biochemistry with goals to attend Medical School after graduation. I want to know when the deadlines areWhat I am a muggle, I am not a witch. Do you think I have chances to be accepted? Do they offer financial aid? I added the school to my FAFSA. What extracurricular activities do they have there?

I want to transfer for Winter 2008 or Fall 2008.

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Answer by Betsy B
Are you kidding me?

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