Jan 302012

DOWNLOAD IT FREE at OC ReMix! ocremix.org ReMixer: melody FREE at ocremix.org • SHIRTS & HOODIES! http • DONATE! bit.ly Facebook! facebook.com • Twitter!twitter.com • Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Nintendo, 1993, GB) • ReMixer(s): melody • Composer(s): Kazumi Totaka, Koji Kondo, Kozue Ishikawa, Minako Hamano • Song(s): ‘When Link First Wakes’ • Posted: 2012-01-28, evaluated by the judges Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, and interpretation of video game music. Its primary focus is ocremix.org – a website featuring thousands of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans. For media inquiries (interviews, articles, conventions) or soundtrack development with OverClocked ReMix, please contact us! http Video by José the Bronx Rican (José E. Felix) www.bronxrican.com OverClocked ReMix is a not-for-profit site that provides a ton of free music, which requires a ton of bandwidth and a pretty hefty web server. We need your help to keep the site running! • http • bit.ly JOIN US: • ocremix.org • facebook.com • twitter.com • last.fm • fah-web.stanford.edu
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ONLY AT THE MOVIES! 26 January The vampire warrioress Selene is back! When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences with Selene leading the battle against humankind. LIKE Underworld on Facebook here – www.facebook.com

Dec 272011

Download the song: www.mediafire.com Download the previous version: www.mediafire.com Download the remastered previous version: www.mediafire.com Song Title: Goemon Mystics OST Title: Dharumanyo, Tsurami, I am Impact Game: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Platform: Nintendo 64 Composer: Hironobu Kageyama, Ichirou Mizuki, Toshihiro Tachibana, Etsuyo Ota Remixer: DJ the S Artist’s comments: I wasn’t happy with the visuals of the previous version, and I also wanted to adjust, change and add a few things. What you hear is the new version of Goemon Mystics. I re-mastered the previous version, changed some sounds and added a part of I am Impact. I’m not too happy with the transitions though, so I added a download link to the previous version, as well as the remastered previous version (which means without the I am Impact parts, but improved sound and ending).
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Sampled in Shotta – Ia Infanta
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Oct 242011

This is a remix of the theme for the Umgah, who are evil blobbies from the Ur Quan Masters remake of Star Control II. This game is free and available at: sc2.sourceforge.net . Overall, an utterly absurd theme song that suits the Umgah perfectly, with them and their protoplasm and vigorous esters and what not. This remix was created by Jouni Airaksinen. All remixed music for the game can be found HERE: www.medievalfuture.com

www.greenpeace.org An important Public Service Announcement from your Government and The Biotech Industry (represented here by chemical giant Bayer) pronouncing the benefits of genetically modified rice strain – LL62. Barely tried and tested this GM Rice is coming to your dinner plate nevertheless – unless you take action now! Sign the petition: www.greenpeace.org

Jun 302011

Freaks & 012 – Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Remix) Artist …… : Freaks & 012 Title ……. : Conscious Of My Conscience Genre ……. : House Label ……. : Rebirth Catnr ……. : REB051 Source …… : WEB Quality ….. : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo Rls.date ….. : 31-01-2011

Apr 072011

Nice tune…i love it !
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The Necromancers theme from Heroes of might and magic II. Okay, so there’s been a lot of “This is not the necromancers theme!”-bitching, so for the last friggin time, yes It is, If you play the game on the “Stereo with opera” audio setting, it may differ if you use the “Stereo” or “Midi”-settings.
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