Nov 222012

Question by baykid415: Project about Hinduism? I need to find out about social and political characteristics of the religion?
Also, what is the view on compassion? What are their main beliefs on how you should act?

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Answer by Siva
Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion, has no beginning–it precedes recorded history. It has no human founder. It is a mystical religion, leading the devotee to personally experience the Truth within, finally reaching the pinnacle of consciousness where man and God are one. Hinduism has four main denominations–Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism.

Sanatana Dharma, meaning “Eternal or Universal Righteousness” is the original name of what is now called Hinduism. Sanatana Dharma comprises of spiritual laws which govern the human existence.


The following nine facts, though not exhaustive, offer a simple summary of Hindu spirituality or about Hinduism.

1 Hindus believe in a one, all-pervasive Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, both Creator and Unmanifest Reality.
2 Hindus believe in the divinity of the four Vedas, the world’s most ancient scripture, and venerate the Agamas as equally revealed. These primordial hymns are God’s word and the bedrock of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion.
3 Hindus believe that the universe undergoes endless cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution.
4 Hindus believe in karma, the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words and deeds.
5 Hindus believe that the soul reincarnates, evolving through many births until all karmas have been resolved, and moksha, liberation from the cycle of rebirth, is attained. Not a single soul will be deprived of this destiny.
6 Hindus believe that divine beings exist in unseen worlds and that temple worship, rituals, sacraments and personal devotionals create a communion with these devas (divine beings) and God.
7 Hindus believe that an enlightened master, or satguru, is essential to know the Transcendent Absolute, as are personal discipline, good conduct, purification, pilgrimage, self-inquiry, meditation and surrender in God.
8 Hindus believe that all life is sacred, to be loved and revered, and therefore practice ahimsa, noninjury, in thought, word and deed.
9 Hindus believe that no religion teaches the only way to salvation above all others, but that all genuine paths are facets of God’s Light, deserving tolerance and understanding.


God is a one being, yet we understand Him in three perfections: Absolute Reality, Pure Consciousness and Primal Soul. As Absolute Reality, God is unmanifest, unchanging and transcendent, the Self God, timeless, formless and spaceless. As Pure Consciousness, God is the manifest primal substance, pure divine love and light flowing through all form, existing everywhere in time and space as infinite intelligence and power. God is all and in all, great beyond our conception, a sacred mystery that can be known in direct communion.

Hindus believe in one Supreme Being. In the Hindu pantheon there are said to be three hundred and thirty-three million Lords(divine beings). The plurality of Lords are perceived as divine creations of that one Being. So, Hinduism has one supreme God, but it has an extensive hierarchy of Lords.

Hinduism views existence as composed of three worlds. The First World is the physical universe; the Second World is the subtle astral or mental plane of existence in which the devas, angels and spirits live; and the Third World is the spiritual universe of the Mahadevas, “great shining beings,” our Hindu Lords. Hinduism is the harmonious working together of these three worlds.

Hinduism is a family of four main denominations – Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism, Smartism – under a divine hierarchy of Mahadevas. These intelligent beings have evolved through eons of time and are able to help mankind without themselves having to live in a physical body. These great Mahadevas, with their multitudes of angelic devas, live and work constantly and tirelessly for the people of our religion, protecting and guiding them, opening new doors and closing unused ones.

Hinduism is unique among the world’s religions. I boldly proclaim it the oldest religion in the world. To begin with, it is mankind’s oldest spiritual declaration, the very fountainhead of faith on the planet. Hinduism’s venerable age has seasoned it to maturity. It is the only religion, to my knowledge, which is not founded in a single historic event or prophet, but which itself proceeds recorded history. Hinduism has been called the “cradle of spirituality,” and the “mother of all religions,” partially because it has influenced virtually every major religion and partly because it can absorb all other religions, honor and embraces their scriptures, their saints, and their philosophy. This is possible because Hinduism looks compassionately on all genuine spiritual effort and knows unmistakably that all souls are evolving toward union with the Divine, and all are destined, without exception, to achieve spiritual enlightenment and liberation in this or a future life.
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Nov 132012

Question by altex44: How can one believe in religion when there is concrete evidence that the world was created 4.5 billion?
It seems as if people are sucked into religion like they are sucked into cults. People who try to convert people use brainwashing techniques. Bringing children up from childhood, parents give them the mold of their religion. This is why we still have it around. For clarification, I am asking how can one believe that the Earth is 5,000 old or soemthing like that. Where is God? if that is what “its” name is?
How can you believe in your “God” when there are other religions saying that they have their God. Really, if there really was one God, wouldn’t everyone in the world believe in the same religions?
The oldest rock in the world was found to be 3.6 billion years old.
Read any modern Geology book and it says on teh first page the world was created 4.5 billion years old
We are now seeing the effects of Islamic fundamentalism and its effect on children. Children these days are molded without getting a choice and are getting swept in by their “religion” to kill “infidels.” This is what I trying to talk about with cults.
Someone believing in both creationism and evolutionism is like a Democrat that is also a Republican. They are two different things. Most modern scientists do not believe in a God or a deity. If your “God” was so perfect why didn’t he make man to be perfect in his image. Why did he have to create murderers rapists and stealers? Or was that Evolution. Or was Adam and Eve a fairytale? How can Adam have a human for a rib? The creation story seems to be have been a false myth to justify why humans are here.
I read the bible, and it doesn’t seem practical in modern times. When they created the religion they could not see that we are not the center of the universe. They did not know that we were not the only planet out in the universe. If someone formed a religion like Christianity in this day in age they would be sent to an insane asylum. I am not saying that Christians should be sent there. In this day in age there are much more theories that the Earth is formed through the explosion of materials creating the universe. Earth is just a rock that was formed out of the explosion. Humans evolved about 100,000 years ago that is known because of bones we have found. how come religion only came into existence onl y 5,000 years ago? Look I know most of you won’t change your minds about this but people seemed to have what I call the “religious brainwashing effect” where people are forced to receive propaganda and forced to realize a false diety. Religion is just using propaganda to serve a higher
purpose. How can God create such flawed people?
Again, the concrete evidence that the world was created 4.5 billion years ago is from radiometric dating. Also the years are found in rocks, the oldest rock is 3.6 billion years old. If that is not evidence I don’t know what is.
If there was even a God, explain the different religions, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism. IF there was a God wouldn’t he have created everyone? Not just their people.
The last response I really enjoyed reading. I liked the major points on inflexibility. One can be very inflexible such as a fundamentalist, a scientist or religous. And they are not open to any sort of chat with each other. Therefore now stating that most people who are inflexible are indeed brainwashed themselves. I never thought of it that way. One has to accept criticisms and deal with them, not ignore them to the death. As with different devout faiths, they have ignored the criticisims and are brainwashed into thinking that it’s their way or no way.
The last response I really enjoyed reading. I liked the major points on inflexibility. One can be very inflexible such as a fundamentalist, a scientist or religous. And they are not open to any sort of chat with each other. Therefore now stating that most people who are inflexible are indeed brainwashed themselves. I never thought of it that way. One has to accept criticisms and deal with them, not ignore them to the death. As with different devout faiths, they have ignored the criticisims and are brainwashed into thinking that it’s their way or no way.

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Answer by Some Dude
You know that it is possible to believe in an old Earth and evolution AND God?

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Sep 122012

Question by : Lost Symbol by Dan Brown religion?
What is the religion that states everyone has God-like potential inside of them? The book has lots of information on Neuro Science and Ancient Mysteries and I would love to study that religion.

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Answer by Ddd Bbb
sacred geometry??

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Jun 052012

Question by Kitteh-n-Da Red Hoodz: what are the chaldean mysteries?i know that it is an ancient false religion but what did the believe?
i am doing this just trying to research it-so please do not preach

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Answer by Epona Willow
I want to assist and I am not trying to preach but to call another religion false is rude and arrogant. That being said, allow me to post a few links for you…

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Mar 302012

Question by Isaiah 57: Why have the Christians failed to create a functional religion?
The Bhuddists have created hard working and peaceful people

The Hindus have created inspirational and emotionally healthy people

The Jews have created a people who have a lot of virtue with very little pride

The Taoists have created a culture that judges people by their actions and not by their appearance or religion

The Mystics have paved a way to emotional and psychological healing for people that society has rejected as unfixable

What have positive characteristics have Christians passed on to society?

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Answer by John West
Christianity gives people a false sense of security, thats about it.

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Jan 302012

Question by JudiBug: Why do atheists come to the religion and spirituality section?
Do you think that maybe deep down they regret not having an spiritual relationship with God and are angry about it, so they come to this spot knock everything they can think of about religion and spirituality?

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Answer by Pittsburgher -Age of Aquarius-
Cause we can.


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Jan 302012

Question by : why is every question in the religion and spirituality subject swamped with athiests?
the Definition of an atheist is not believing god or a higher power.

so no religion… no spirituality…

so how come when questions are posted about god atheists everywhere seemed forced to tell them they are wrong.
isn’t that what you get mad at theists for… explicitly detailing their beliefs and telling everyone… when supposedly no one wants to hear?

without stereotyping… from what ive seen, why is it atheists are so arrogant and hypocritical?

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