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www.mdwmeditation.org http www.peacerevolution2010.org Happiness & wisdom Meditation allows the mind to move less and finally stops wandering. Meditation is not just relaxation. A well-centered mind is the gateway to happiness, wisdom and eventually freedom. Meditation is the gateway off the realms to the immortal Nibbana (Nirvana).Nibbana : The realm beyond cycle of samsara. Meditation bridges the samsara and nibbana together. All the Buddhas and the followers who achieved the high level of meditation will be able to enter the realm of nibbana and leave samsara behind. Mind is the hub of every move. The true happiness, life can shelter under its roof. And the Mind only can do the proof. California Wat Phra Dhammakaya California POBox 1036 801 E.Foothill Blvd., Azusa, CA 91702, USA Tel. +(1)-626-334-2160 Fax. +(1)-626-334-0702 ————————- Why sit With Tension ? I ‘ve Told you,sit relax Do noting You do the same what was happend If you tired then adjust,sleepy then sleep if you wander open your eyes. Make yourself relax,don’t be so tense. Do what I said,soon or later you’ll feel joy. Meditation is not diffcult; follow Luang Por’s instruction ONLY Don’t do more sit,lie down or walk at the center of the body. Don’t force or stare,just relax…You will succeed. Strong desire make it fail, be still,be still,still you mind, Why sit With Tension ? I ‘ve Told you,sit relax www.meditationthai.org
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Dec 302011

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Nov 102011

Question by jorst: How effective is meditation in relaxation and thought control?
I have a lot of anxieties and I’ve read about , but never tried, meditation. Can anyone help me out as to how to get started and to how to do it?

Best answer:

Answer by XC’08
meditation iz verry effective!!! the best thing to do is go outside where u are only surrounded by nature. kinda lay down and relax. make perfectly sure u are not worried about anything. think about happy things that have happened in your life. sit and do that for atleast 30-60 minutes.

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Aug 082011

www.jasonnewland.com This is Relaxation Hypnosis Session with Hypnotist Jason Newland – Number 1. Using the power of hypnosis, you can learn to relax and allow your mind to calm down so that you can enjoy feeling completely relaxed. The idea is that you can gradually start to relax your body and mind and get in touch with your natural ability to Relax deeply. If you benefit from this hypnosis service, please tell others. Thank you. Jason Newland.
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Apr 292011

Guided Meditation – The Magical Color Shower. www.ExploreMeditation.com Download Free MP3 Guided Meditations from this website right now! Experience the instant benefits of Guided Meditation Spiritual Growth, Psychic Development, Physical Relaxation and Peace of Mind. There are a variety of Guided Meditation programs suitable for both beginner and advanced. Choose meditations that suit your interests and experience. Go on… Explore Meditation. The Guided Meditation you are watching, The Magical Color Shower, has been designed as an introduction to Guided Meditation. You will learn Breathing, Relaxation and Visualization techniques to clear your mind of problems and body of stress. Simply using your imagination to follow the words of this guided meditation, you are exercising your third eye and developing your psychic awareness. The Magical Rainbow Shower runs through the rainbow colors of the chakra system. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These colors work on all levels of your being. They will assist you to release all of your fear; Wash away any shame and guilt; Clear troubled emotions and confusion; Strengthen your immune system to give you greater energy and build your defences against disease and infection; Purify your whole system – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; Open you to more love; Open you to joy; Open your spiritual connection; Find your true inner voice and have the confidence to tell the world; Stimulate your inner intuition
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Healing Sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowl : Music for Yoga Deep Meditation , Relaxation and Deep Sleep

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Mar 292011

Total Body Relaxation: Self-Hypnosis

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