Oct 152013

Question by :) : What is a person’s reaction when they regain consciousness from drowning? ?
Just out of curiosity, when somebody regains consciousness from drowning, what is their reaction? Are they disoriented? Dehydrated? What if they drown in salty water? How does it get out of their system?
Thank you, and please state your resources.

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Answer by James J
People can react different after recovering from drowning, quite a lot of people go into Shock.

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Aug 052012

Question by RchiWawa: If a person passes out from hypoxia how long would it take to regain consciousness w/ bottled oxygen?
Imagine the events of Helios flight 522 taking place but in my scenario the flight attendant puts an oxygen mask on the seated co-pilot before the independent cockpit supply ran out (in other words assume in time to have capacity to revive the pilot). How much time, typically, for a person to regain consciousness after loosing it to hypoxia?

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Answer by Peter H
How long is a piece of string? There is no hard and fast answer to this question, depending as it does on how hypoxic the victim becomes and how long he remains in that state. It may even get to the stage where recovery is not possible.

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Jan 022012

Question by : Is it possible to lose memories via psychological trauma? Possible to regain false ones with hypnotism?
Please, please, please give me valid sources and references. Pointing me in the direction of books, websites, and professionals is greatly appreciated.

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Answer by michele
Yes on both counts.

Google “psychogenic amnesia” for the first, and “false memory syndrome” for the second.

Good luck,
~Dr. B.~

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Jun 052011

Question by hay h: How do I help someone regain consciousness?
If someone passes out due to lack of blood flow to the brain induced by constricting the carotid arteries from a martial arts choke, Rear naked, triangle choke, etc.

What is the best way to help someone regain consciousness after the choke has been removed?
calling 911 is a very last resort. Yes the person is breathing, yes there is a pulse, they are just unconsious due to lack of blood flow to the brain, as caused by a martial arts choke. Eventually they will regain consciousness.

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Answer by N M

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Sep 202010

Question by V3nom: What is that capsule which is used to regain consciousness through smell?
I’ve seen it used, some sort of a drug within a capsule that paramedics use sometimes to help one regain a state of consciousness. They snap the tab or capsule hold it under their nose and the fumes awaken the person. What is it exactly and what is it called?

Thanks for any and all help in advance!
Thank you all, you helped very much. If I could choose all your answers I would. Thank you everyone again.

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Answer by Ellen
It’s called smelling salts

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Aug 252010

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