Jan 142012

Question by Devil Dog: What is the conversion between vanilla, vanilla extract, and vanillin for recipes?
If a recipe calls for, say, 1 teaspoon of vanilla,
but all I have are vanilla extract or vanillin,
what is an acceptable conversion between the three?

Best answer:

Answer by Dave C
1 teaspoon of vanilla implies vanilla extract… so use 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or 1 tsp of vanillin.

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Jan 142012

Question by k: Does anyone know any good magic bullet recipes?
We just got a different version of the magic bullet and I was wondering if anyone knows any good recipes for it. Any recipe is great! Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by thedreamweaverwolf
try these websites lots of great ideas

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Oct 242011

Question by <3: Is there any way online to get magic bullet recipes? Can I dishwash my Magic Bullet?
I bought a magic bullet but I already lost the recipe book =(
Also, someone once told me that you cannot dishwash plastic because it cannot handle the high heat. Can I still wash the plastic cups and cup covers? Thanks for helping !!

Best answer:

Answer by medusa
You can wash the plastic in the dish washer. At least that’s what they advertised on television.

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Jun 122011
by Torley

Question by Wesley: What alchemy recipes are going to make me the most money in WoW?
I’m on a PVE server and at lvl 300 in alchemy. Which potions or elixirs are going to make me the most money. I have herbology as a second profession but I am much more prone to buying herbs at the AH for convenience. Any thoughts?

Best answer:

Answer by Paul J
Here’s my take on your two questions:

1. Which potions / elixirs are going to make the most money?
This demands on the demands of the server. Sometimes, healing potions could be a demand, soemtimes it could be mana potions. Some times, potions required for certain quests may sell well. You have to check around and see what the population needs so that you can sell what is on AH.

2. Buying of herbs from AH.
Well, if you’ve got loads of cash to spare, sure, go ahead and buy them from AH. However, most herbs of lower levels are usually quite available all over the place. What you can do is get add-ons such as Gatherer where you can track which areas had herbs last time so that you can go back to harvest more. Anyway, even if you don’t use them, you can always sell the herbs for spare cash.

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Dec 232010

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Nov 252010

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Aug 172010

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