Apr 012013

Question by laura: What are the lyrics for All Good Reasons by Barefoot Truth?
I have been searching all night on Yahoo and Google for the lyrics for the song, “All Good Reasons” by Barefoot Truth. They are a local band out of Mystic, Connecticut. My search has been unsuccessful. What are the lyrics to this song, and if you found them, what was the site
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Answer by Curiouse?
Go to lyrics.com

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Jan 232012

Question by Kyle: How did observations of Uranus give reasons for astronomers to suspect the presence of another planet?
1)How was Uranus discovered?

2)How did observations of Uranus give reasons for astronomers to suspect the presence of another planet?

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Answer by phos
Uranus is visible to the naked eye however discovery is credited to William Herschel. By increasing the power of his telescopic lens, he noticed that the ‘comet’ as he called it grew in magnification size but stars in the background did not. The conclusion being that this object was somewhere within our Solar System. Although Uranus has a slow orbital period, it moves compared to stationary stars. So this object was in orbit around the Sun.

The orbital period of Uranus is not stable for predicting where it should be in the future as it travels around the Sun. The conclusion is then made that it is being ‘pulled’ at times during its orbit by another large object beyond Uranus. This is the planet Neptune.

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Dec 022011

Question by Ashley: What were the reasons for the revival movement known as the great awakening?
what were the reasons for the revival movement known as the great awakening? what doctrines were preached by the ministers involved? how did colonists respond? what was the revivals impact on colonial life?

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Answer by …360…
hah im looking for that answer too for AP US History

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May 032011

Question by bio-rogue: What do you think are the reasons why so many different forms of divination have occured in history?
Asking it here and in society & culture in order to spur greater discussion.

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Answer by Ramman
Idk. I always wondered that too. I think everyone saw the same thing but interpreted it differently. But why when it comes to Satan everyone sees the same evil?

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Feb 142011

Question by slipbyshadow: What are some of the reasons why Napoleon is not considered to be Enlightened?
Napoleon Bonaparte is considered to have been a great example of a Enlightened ruler due to his Religious tolerance and his Code Napoleon. But, what exactly made him unenlightened? One example could be his institution of the Continental code, but could anyone expound on that or give any other acts or things that he did that would consider him unenlightened?

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Answer by Jim L
He supported black slavery and obstructed the career of any soldier who had black ancestry.

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Oct 042010

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