Jun 092014

Question by Deep Thought: A serious question for atheists about death (read details for question)?
We know the brain is made up matter and energy (our thoughts are made up of energy that can measured in the form of “brain waves”, and our brains emit electrical energy) This energy makes up our consciousness (at least I think most people can agree on that).

We know that energy is neither created or destroyed, but it is only changed from one state to another (see law of conservation of energy).

I have heard many atheists say that when we die we just die and we are gone. There is nothing of us left and no after life…our consciousness ceases to exist. So my question is this:

By what mechanics is a persons consciousness completely destroyed at death, and how do you “get around” the laws of conservation of energy?

Please note: I am not trying to convert anyone here, I am just curious if any of you have thought about this and reasoning.

Forgive if me if this question was already asked, I didn’t see it anywhere and maybe some didn’t get to answer it anyway.
Honestly, I just thought of this a half hour ago when I read someone’s question and it made me think about this.
Road Horse™ (Not To Be Cloned) – but in your answer you admit that it does go somewhere? Isn’t this a bit contradictory?
terafloo…interesting analogy, but we can retrieve data from a “broken” computer. Hmmm, I wonder if we’ll be able to retrieve thoughts from a “broken” brain someday ;-)
The Reverend Soleil – LOL..well serve me up and call me a pork chop :-)
Skepticat (UKB Operative) – so in a sense, we do continue on, even if we are worm food :-)
vic91106 – hmmm, I wonder if it would be possible to measure the amount of energy the system that makes of the body brings into it, and then measure the amount of energy expelled. That would be interesting to see.
vic91106 – I’m in agreement. For those who are saying the energy does convert, in that eventually we rot and then the worms eat us, transferring energy to them. I thought about that, and that sounds good, but doesn’t quite work. The worms, and microorganisms break down the matter that is left behind (no longer receiving energy), and convert that to energy. At the point of our death there appears to be a sudden drop in energy contained within our body/brains. As for computer analogies, they are decent analogies, but the problem is we are alive, the computer is a machine (like comparing apples to oranges). So now I’m left to ponder exactly what life is…evidence suggests it isn’t merely a material thing, and it is apparently related to energy (some of which appears to be electrical energy)…pretty darn fascinating. I’m glad I asked this question :-)

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Answer by Dumpling
When you die the electrical charges in your brain cease to happen.

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May 082014
by Zior_

Question by Aaron D: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Question on the Chimera?
Does anyone know what the episode is called where Alphonse and Edward end up meeting a man who is a State Alchemist, but is in jeopardy of losing his license because he is making no progress in the development of a speaking chimera? The brothers play with the man’s daughter and their dog. Eventually they show up one day to find that the man has developed a speaking chimera, but that his daughter and their dog is missing. The chimera recognizes the brothers and speaks to them, alerting the brothers to the fact that the man used his own daughter and his dog to create the chimera.

Does anyone know what this episode is called or where i can find quotations from it?

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Answer by Alex
That would be episode 4, “An Alchemist’s Anguish”. The guys name was Shou Tucker.

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Apr 222014

Question by : neuroscience question about memory?
does anyone know what region of the memory banks people use to remember vocabulary? I am guessing it’s different from the one you use when you regurgitate information for a test that you take in college because you are trying to recall something u have known before that u didn’t premeditate on prior to you using your sentence you are either speaking or writing. I have known before that there is a long-term and short-term memory. But the region of memory for words where you have to remember something seems to be different when it comes to language or sentence structuring. So for any neuroscience experts here or for anyone who known, please let me know?

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Answer by Beavis Comeavis
Broca’s area is responsible for speech and that is in the parietal lobe. This is in the left half of the brain for right handed people and most of the time in the right half for left handed people.

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Apr 152014

Question by Gremio: rephrased the previous question: are we also chemical, physical and mecanical (beyond biological)?
Are we? I’m not asking about, you know, consciousness, spirit. I’m focusing only on the materialistic point of view. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Sir Crocodile
My personal opinion is that we are firstly chemical and physical, and then biological. Why? Because everything in the word (including all organisms) is made of atoms and the principles of their interactions and way of order (grouping into molecules) is described by physical ideas. Latter on, every single one of our functions is due to constant running of chemical (biochemical) reactions in our body (we are chemical laboratories).

Simply put: we are matter, our bodies are made of atoms and molecules. Even the organic molecules consist of atoms from inorganic world (nitrogen, calcium, magnesium etc). After we die our organic matter is broken down to simple molecules (organic and inorganic) by microorganims. Then “we” (our molecules) enter the cycle of matter – our matterials are used up by plants and microorganisms to create new organic matter that other animals (including humans) consume, then these animals (including humans) enter the cycle. And this is repeated again and again.

Also, it is very important to mention that we are energy (im talking in physical therms, not spiritual). Our energy is never lost, but used up in cycle of matter by other living forms.

Im molecular biologist. Molecular biology applies vast number of ideas, theories and methods taken from physics, chemistry and mathematics. It is a science that applies other natural disciplines ideas and methods to living systems. I have always claimed that without the 3 mentioned disciplines above nowadays biology (covering genetics, biochemistry, physiology, ecology, biophysics etc, with few exceptions, of course) wouldn’t be as high as it is now.

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Apr 082014

Question by jenniferlemoine2007: Good science (physics or chemistry) question?
Looking for a topic to write a 2 page essay on…has to be on physical science, physics or chemistry that has been in the news within the last year. I really don’t pay much attention to the news really and I googled stuff but didn’t find anything interesting and what I did find interesting was over 1year old. Throw out suggestions, my essay will be from a topic I probably don’t know any thing about so in retrospect I will be learning and just might get me a lil bit more interested in science.

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Answer by Kreeos Kren
The LHC is finding some evidence towards the existence of the Higgs Boson. That’s been in the news pretty recently.

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Mar 192014

Question by Chance: Yu-gi-oh mystic swordsman level 4 question?
I used my mystic swordsman level 4 to kill a facedown for the insta-kill. I do not have level 6 my question is does mystic swordsman lv4 still go to the graveyard even though I do not own lv6

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Answer by pikapika212
You dont have a target, so no

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Mar 032014

Question by twin city: a question on the double slit and electron experiment?
.it wasn’t until they placed the Electronic detector device to measure the electron did the wave collapse. this being so, physicists say that consciousness is what is capable of changing the possibilities into reality. yet even before they placed the device in place, were they not “observing” the electron all through the experiment? why did not the wave collapse then?

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Answer by Mark C
Actually, physicist don’t say that about consciousness. Some nutty new-age loons misrepresenting physics do. Actual physicists say a measurement collapses the wave function.

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Feb 162014

Question by DavidVR: A question about neuroscience, free will, and moral responsibility?
Which of the following statements are true or most nearly true, in your opinion?

1. Traditional notions of the soul, free will, and moral responsibility are not challenged by neuroscience.

2. A traditional notion of the soul must be discarded because of neuroscience, but traditional beliefs about free will and moral responsibility are not challenged.

3. Both a traditional notion of the soul and free will must be abandoned, but moral responsibility is not threatened by neuroscience.

4. Traditional notions of the soul, free will, and moral responsibility must be abandoned because of neuroscience or radically revised.

Best answer:

Answer by .PAT..
This question is settled now, The only way to counter the findings is to become an IDEALIST who says ALL reality is internal and solely internal

The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul
Mario Beauregard

“using Carmelite nuns as subjects, Beauregard’s group at the University of Montreal found specific areas of brain activation associated with contemplative prayer. But these patterns are quite distinct from those associated with hallucinations, autosuggestion or states of intense emotional arousal, resembling instead how the brain processes real experiences. Insisting that we have never entertained the idea of proving the existence of God, the authors concede that the results of our work are assumed to be a strike either for or against God and that on the whole, we [don't] mind. “

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Feb 022014

Question by Betty Boop: I asked a question about free will and I got a great response.?
Of course as you know I am an Atheist. Still I believe in Mans Free Will. But It seems even with the Big Bang Theory and Evolution every event would be determined by a previous event so therefore how can there be Free Will? Can anyone help me with this? Or do we just not have free will?
Aquila, thank you very much I love your explanation. I must admit I don’t understand anything about quantum physics or atomic particles but I accept it and will have to do some reading.
William r, your explanation makes no sense thanking would just be something else predetermined if everything else was. kisses Betty
Aquila, thank you very much I love your explanation. I must admit I don’t understand anything about quantum physics or atomic particles but I accept it and will have to do some reading.
William r, your explanation makes no sense thanking would just be something else predetermined if everything else was. kisses Betty
So many of you have so many different explanations about the question of Free Will. I thank it is great and most of you are determined that we have it and so am I. I love you all and that is from my free will thank you, kisses Betty. The previous added details twice was not from my free will. I dont know why it happened. xx

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Answer by Atlas
There just is. Dang, is it really that hard to understand?

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Dec 042013

Question by Alice: question about mystic lake casino hotel in minnesota?
if a guy is 21 and his gf is 19. can both of them stay at the mystic lake casino hotel?

what if a guy is 20 and his gf is 19? they cannot?

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Answer by World Traveller
In the official site of Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, in their packages, is written in small letters of course this certain age restriction: “Registered guests must be 21 years of age or older.”

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