Apr 282013

Question by C G: Can you give psychic readings while sick or on your period?
I would appreciate it if you respected my beliefs, thank you :)
Anyways, I am a mystic eye and have been for 7 years, it never occured to me if successful readings could be given while being sick or while on the menstral cycle. 7 years, and it never crossed my mind, I am so silly ;P
Anyways, can you help answering this question?

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Answer by Lilith
Well it may influence your readings but who is to say that would be a bad thing. Perhaps during your cycle you are more attuned to certain issues.

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Dec 312012

Question by corn: psychic readers please help? others dont make a joke of this ?
my frnd left me and had gone.but i like him.i want him to come back.but i am not able to do anything. i want to knw if he will come back.i am a simple girl.and he is very much talented.

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Answer by Kaleb
There’s no such thing as a psychic, they aren’t real.

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Jan 182012

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Dec 232011

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Dec 162011

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Oct 192011

Question by Foodstamps: scientist have proven through quantum mechanics a global psychic energy, whats your take on this?
scientist at harvard have been studying the realm of the quantum world and have determined through quantum mechanics it is controlled through the very act of observing ” dual slit experiment ” atoms act like particles instead of waves just by observing them in a conscience way, also quantum entanglement proves how everybody and everything is connected to one thing or source, this is when they started the Global Consciousness Project and proved without a doubt that the very act of being conscious can have an impact on society through either negative energy or positive energy of the consciousness as a whole


its all over the net puppy
i have done the research, and it seems you havent
sorry jp the very act of observing causes the wave to collapse to a particle, this is an old thought experiment done years ago and it has been proven without a doubt that the act of obersving changed there behavior
proven is what they said i have to agree with most on here about that but the results are astounding

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Answer by huckleberry
Yes, the military is big into this technology for the future.

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Aug 212011

Question by Dragon Babe: What is the difference between divination and being psychic?

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Answer by wushuboy001
The main difference is that divination refers to talking to higher beings/gods to find out information. Being a psychic is finding out information through your own magic abilities.

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Apr 292011

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