Feb 252014

Question by Beth: Forensic Science degree program, with Masters in Forensic Psychology?
Since I do not have a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice (my B.S. degree is in Business) I am hoping a few people with experience in teaching Criminal Justice at the undergraduate or graduate level can help me.

I desire to go into Forensic Psychology at the Masters level. I may need to take a few lower level classes in psychology since I’ve been a business major for the last 7 years.

However, If I go into Forensic Science at the PhD level, what will I need to do (as in classes) to better prepare myself (after I attain my Masters)? I know that the psychology would help me.

Would a certain class in math help, perhaps calculus? Would taking physics or chemistry be a requirement to obtain a undergraduate degree in Forensic Science?

(If physics or chemistry is requirement at the undergraduate level, I better take it now).

My mind works in details and I know that I know that I know that I want to do investigative work. I analyze like crazy. Any information would help greatly.
Tink, thanks so much. Randy C, you put a lot of time in for those degrees. I did find out that,

“People interested in careers as science technicians (such as forensic scientists) should [take/have] a background in applied chemistry, physics, and math is vital.” Got this from http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos115.htm

I guess I better take a few classes in chemistry and physics. I do not want to wait to take these later. The good thing about this is

“Jobs for forensic science technicians are expected to increase much faster than the average.” from http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos115.htm

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Answer by Tink
If you want to do forensic psych you better go for a PhD.
A masters will get you nothing. Its the consolation prize for not kjumping for the ring…and people in the field know that its practically worthless.

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Feb 132014

Question by ra912: Where is the best neuroscience grad school program out there? and other similar questions.?
I’ve got a couple of questions about getting my grad degree in neuroscience. So, rather than flood the boards with questions, I’ll just ask them all here and hope for your insightful answers. :)

1. Which are the really good schools and programs for graduate training in neuroscience? (I’m not at all picky about locations)

2. Is there a difference between a degree in Neuroscience and other similar ones, like Brain and Cognitive Sciences?

3. I’ve got no research experience in neuroscience (not really an option here in the Philippines). Will that be a big problem? Could research experience in cognitive psychology be a possible substitute? Also, is a GPA of 3.6 (BS Psyc) good enough?

4. What does one do with a neuroscience grad degree, apart from research and teaching?

5. How big of a problem might I have with funding? I’ve got very little money of my own.

I plan on starting 5 years from now, if it makes any difference. I’d love to hear any other tips you might have for me too. :D

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Nov 262013

Question by DrinkMilkLoveLife: What kind of math should be expected in a Biology University program?
I’m planning to go to university two years from now to study biology. I’m very good at the sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), however I am weak at math. If I were to go into a biology program at university, how hard would the math courses be? Assuming I’m taking a biology course that has little to no focus on math, zoology, biodiversity, genetics, ect.

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Answer by Joe
First off, if you are very proficient with chemistry and physics, then you will soon realize that you must be proficient with mathematics as it is the underlying basis for chemical reactions and most physical laws that were constructed (i.e. Newton w/ calculus and physics eqns). Biology actually has a lot of math as its basis, once you get past your introductory courses, you will see that you encounter advanced mathematics in courses such as ecology (eigenvectors are calculated here). Also most universities have pre-requisites of Calculus I and II, so you will have to become very comfortable with dealing with math. So to answer your question plainly, the math classes will not be all that tough, just make sure you have a strong platform to build off of from trigonometry and precalculus, with that platform calculus should follow pretty easily.

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Sep 092012

Question by : Can i get into a phd program in neuroscience with a BA in Biology?
I’m an undergrad student at SUNY geneseo, and I was wondering if a B.A. in Biology (as opposed to a B.S.) would be enough to get into a postgrad institute for a PhD in Neuroscience?
So could I do an MS after the B.A. and then a PhD?

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Answer by Emily
Most Science PhD programs require a BS or an MS degree.

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Sep 062012

Question by Drowning in a black abyss.: What’s an affordable college with a great psychology/neuroscience program?
I highly doubt I can get into or afford Stanford, but I want to get into a challenging college. What is one? Also, I know there’s the University of Michigan, but I intend to move out of state when I’m eighteen without my family knowing (complicated cultural predicament) and to apply as an independent (financial), but will they allow me to consideirng my family won’t be covering my whatsoever?.

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Answer by elvislover01
when i applied for the fafsa they told me that even if my parents are not going to help me at all i cannot file as an independent, so i put my mom only and not my dad (they’re divorced and he dosent give child support). later they tried to tell me i needed to give his income information so i called the schools i was planning on attending and told them what was happening and they fixed everything!

ultimately the school you attend is going to be the one that decides what awards you get so if the fafsa is being complicated you can just make an appointment with them and explain your situation and most likely they will help you and understand!

good luck!!

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Jan 242012

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Jan 242012

Question by RedneckMama: How do I start my own awareness program?
I have something called Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (or PPCM) and I want to start an awareness program for it but I have NO clue where to begin….any help would be VERY appreciated!

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Answer by Rebecca
You could start by telling your friends about it in school (if your comfortable enough with that), then go on into rounding up a group of people who would like to help you with your cause and maybe start a website and through that you could get into fundraising to help those living with that illness.

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Jan 112012

Question by CentralSet: How many publications should a graduate student (5 year program) shoot for in a neuroscience program?
One publication good? Or should I go for like 8?

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Answer by eri
That depends on many, many factors. In my PhD program (physics) students at top universities might have 10 by the time they graduate, while students from lower-ranked programs might have only 1 (I’m talking first-author publications). Students who joined collaborations will have many more co-authored publications than students who didn’t, but that doesn’t make their work any better. It’s not all about the number.

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Jan 082012

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Jan 042012

Question by Rebecca: What is a good spell check and word counter program?
What is a good program to download for free that has spell check and word counter?

I know you can use websites but I do not want to type my essay up online. Thanks.

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Answer by ez80227
pretty much any word processor program does this built in…

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