Dec 162013

Question by robbie: What are the some practices and beliefs dealing with Hellenic Paganism?
Im new to the fact that some people still exclusively follow the Hellenistic pantheons and Im quite curious about it because I know soooooo much more about the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses but nothing about the modern practice. So if you have any experiences sources or beliefs you don’t mind sharing thanks very much!
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(Also if this question offended or came off as a negative sort of thing I apologize)

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Answer by Linda_Doxiegal
Sorry – I know of them but am not a “practicing anything” … :)

Here’s one of the better sites with many links….

The Stele is the homepage for Greco-Roman polytheists

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Dec 022013

Question by CowBlow: What religions/philophy or spiritual practices are there besides Dharma and Abrahamic?
IS everything…



Pagan or

Magic/Mystic/New Age

What else is there?

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Answer by ?
Check out the ‘New Spirituality’ guys,

Probably can be considered a blend of the best bits of all of the above though

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Nov 192011

Yoga for Anxiety: Meditations and Practices for Calming the Body and Mind

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Many of us face daily demands and overwhelming difficulties that cause seemingly uncontrollable feelings of anxiety and fear. When you feel this way, it’s healing to calm yourself and to reclaim your sense of innate goodness and well-being. For centuries, yoga has offered a quiet retreat away from life’s pressures and has enabled us to reconnect to our inner wisdom and peace.Regular yoga practice has been proven to calm stress, enhance concentration, and reduce the symptoms of anxiety. This book

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Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation In Everyday Life

The author of Full Catastrophe Living explains how anyone can use mindfulness–the art of living each moment fully as it happens–to reduce anxiety, achieve inner peace, and enrich life. 
In his follow-up to Full Catastrophe Living–a book in which he presented basic meditation techniques as a way of reducing stress and healing from illness–here Jon Kabat-Zinn goes much more deeply into the practice of meditation for its own sake. To Kabat-Zinn, meditation is important because it brin

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Oct 312011

Genetically modified organisms are at the forefront of modern agriculture and causing significant controversy. The ethical dilemma arises from the risks that come with the growth and production of GM plants and animals, which due to the novelty of the science may not be fully understood. It is important then to understand the risks involved and how best to minimize them with best management practices in agriculture and government regulation. It is also of great importance that the public be aware of the potential risks and benefits of GMOs in order to make an educated decision regarding them. We hope to accomplish this be creating a fact sheet to submit to the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station that provides an overview of the science behind genetic modification, the prevalence of GMOs, the benefits, the risks, and the ways these risks are minimized.

Aug 272011

Tree of Enchantment: Ancient Wisdom and Magic Practices of the Faery Tradition

In Faery Seership the truths we seek can only be found within ourselves, within nature, and within our relationships to nature. At the center of the Faery Tradition lies the Tree of Enchantment: the symbol for these relationships and for the threefold life of humanity. At each level of the tree, there are attending spirit forces that vary from beings of light to beings of shadow, from the ancestors of humanity to the architects of form and nature, from the destiny of our planet to the creation f

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Aug 072011

The Secret History of Western Sexual Mysticism: Sacred Practices and Spiritual Marriage

This book reveals the history of Western sexual mysticism including the secret sexual practices used to achieve mystical union with God. It details the sects and individuals who transmitted the radical sexual practices which orthodox Christianity never completely silenced.This book reveals the history of Western sexual mysticism including the secret sexual practices used to achieve mystical union with God. It details the sects and individuals who transmitted the radical sexual practices which or

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Aug 062011

Question by Alex S: How important is each religion in Guatemala? How will religious practices have an effect on marketing?
I have found the major religions in Guatemala include Roman Catholic(50-60%) and Protestant(40%). There is also a small percentage of traditional Mayan religions, although I am more concerned about the most popular religions.
To be more specific I am wondering what religion and religious practices might have on marketing a new product in Guatemala and the steps a company might have to take in order to overcome these obstacles.

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Answer by Monk
there are more important social-economical factors to worry about then religion. your looking at all the wrong data.

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Jul 072011

Ritual Practices to Gain Power: Angels, Incantations, and Revelation in Early Jewish Mysticism (Harvard Theological Studies series)

This study focuses on adjurations or elaborate ritual performances that form a part of the early Jewish mystical literature known as the Hekhalot literature, stemming from Palestine and Babylon in the fourth through eighth centuries. This literature also contains instructions for ascent to heaven, the liturgy of the angels, and descriptions of God and the divine world .

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Aug 282010
by ukslim

African Witchcraft – The History, the Practices and the Controversies

African Witchcraft is a collective term used to describe the spiritual traditions (both past and present) of the various ethnic groups in Africa. From a historical point of view, Egyptian Witchcraft and Arabic Sihr traditionally formed a part of the mix. These two ceremonial forms of Witchcraft are nearly extinct, and have been replaced by the Islamic faith.

The witchcraft practiced in the rest of Africa is shamanistic in nature. Long before the East and the West converged on the continent, the shamanistic practices of Africans were remarkably similar in spite of the ethnic and tribal diversity that prevailed.

This is no longer the case, though. The influences of the Christian and the Islamic religions on African Witchcraft are noticeable. The colonization of Africa by the English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Germans, brought its own set of cultural influences too. This accounts for the diversity now to be found in the practice of African witchcraft from ethnic grouping to ethnic grouping and from tribe to tribe.

This diversification should not be interpreted as dilution or intensification, though. It merely implies that African witchcraft in its purest form has been exchanged for African shamanism of an eclectic form.

The heinous practice of slave trading led to the export of African witchcraft to the Americas, where it now survives under the auspices of religions such as Voudun, Obeah, Santera, Quimbanda and Candombl.

What is African Witchcraft?

African witchcraft is a nature based religion, where one or more Deities, nature spirits and ancestral spirits are worshipped. The witchdoctor, with his or her ability to commune with Deity, nature spirits and ancestral spirits, is traditionally held in awe – an awe which is an odd mixture of respect and fear.

The reason for this fear is simple. Magic in the African sense may be used for both positive and negative purposes. It can be used to bless and to curse, to cure and cause disease, to bring peace and to initiate battle, to protect and to harm, to create and to destroy.

The witchdoctor can be either male or female. Although there is no gender equality in African culture, no distinction is generally made where spiritual practices are concerned. The witchdoctor is responsibile for divination, healing, presiding over rituals, conducting rites of passage, performing sacrifices, finding lost cattle, protecting warriors, casting and removing spells, and narrating the history and myths of old.

For harmony between the living and the dead, which is an essential component of leading a trouble-free life, ancestors are shown respect by means of daily offerings, prayers and songs, elaborate rituals and animal sacrifice.

Rose Ariadne has been practicing ancient forms of Witchcraft for over 25 years. Get more info about African witchcraft here:

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