Apr 252014
Physics and Consciousness
by Cea.

Question by : Are ghosts/spirits scientificly possible?
Ive Heard countless stories of people coming in contact with the “dead” and even got a couple motion detector pictures on my own.

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Answer by Michael
Let me phrase it this way.

Established theoretical models in physics do not predict that human consciousness can exist outside the body (e.g. as a ghost). So most physicists now would state that they do not know of any way that ghosts or spirits could exist in relation to their present theories. That said, physics is also not “complete,” meaning that nobody thus far has come up with a so-called grand unified theory of everything. It’s not unreasonable to think that there may still be completely unknown phenomenon waiting to be scientifically discovered. Several decades or centuries from now, it may be scientifically accepted that souls exist and can manifest outside the body, but that’s definitely not the case now. Moreover, science has become such a vast undertaking that people working in different branches don’t collaborate and share ideas as much as one would hope. For example, if neuroscientists were to work closely with physicists who research quantum entanglement and nonlocality, that could prove very fruitful and produce new discoveries related to what human consciousness is and how quantum fields outside the body could potentially sustain it (as a “ghost”).

Even so, there are some pioneering efforts to expand the boundaries of physics to produce a theoretical framework that can account for ghosts, spirits and other paranormal phenomena. Here’s one example (admittedly the paper is *extremely* technical though):

“Quantum Model of Paranormal Phenomena” by Matti Pitkänen (University of Helsinki: Department of Physical Sciences, High Energy Physics Division)


I would note too that more research has been done on the possibility of ESP (extra-sensory powers). ESP is another way in which human consciousness could manifest outside the body; if ESP can be scientifically demonstrated, then ghosts/spirits could be seen as a special case of ESP in which the consciousness fully manifests and acts outside the body – because it has no body to go back to! Here’s the scientific evidence for ESP:



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Mar 262014

Question by emma: can i do major in psychology then do further studies in neuroscience? Is that possible?
i am currently doing major in neuroscience but i am quite confused about it. i haven’t really decided about it yet. So i am wondering if i could do major in psychology then do further studies in neuroscience because i think that both are quite related. Can you share me your experience or knowledge on this?

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Answer by Amanda
Yes, I know someone who majored in Neuroscience, minored in psych.

I wouldn’t though..enough people are psych majors. Actually, there’s a lot of neuroscience majors too…

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Jan 112014

Question by Hippie Mama has pen, will travel: Is it possible that consciousness is a sense?
Consciousness seems so mysterious, so ineffable, but could it be that we’re approaching it wrong? Could it be something not originating within our brains but rather our perception of something outside of ourselves?
I don’t claim to know, Orca, but that would be the next question.
Jabber wock, sight and hearing are also “a function of complex neurological organs i.e. our brains,” so I don’t really see that as proof against consciousness as a sense. All of our senses are experienced in and created by our brains based on input from “outside” us. That’s what I’m proposing consciousness could also be.

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Answer by Fireball
no those are hearing, smell, seeing, touching, taste..

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Jan 092014

Question by sassychickensuckerboy: Are OBE’s evidence that faster than light speed travel is possible?
People report flying past stars, visiting remote galaxies, all in an out of body state. Is this information relevant scientifically, since it points to the idea that light speed is not the speed limit in nature? Also, these people are apparently carrying information along with them on their journeys, does this imply that information can exceed light speed travel as well?

According to science, we are trapped in this universe because of the light speed barrier. Yet in near death experiences, people report a tunnel opening up with a light at the end. Is this the escape hatch for our Universe, a type of Einstein Rosen bridge? Is faster than light speed possible for an astral specter? Is it possible that aliens from other dimensions come here using the same type of energy humans utilize during OBE’s?

Should this type of evidence be easily dismissed? Or is it too important to ignore? Has the mathematics of physics been deceiving us for some reason?

I know that some have stated that Science can induce these experiences in the laboratory. But simply because Science can induce something in a human, does that make it unreal? Science can stimulate areas of the brain to make a person feel euphoria, does that make it unreal? Maybe there is more to the brain and consciousness than experimenters realize. The brain may indeed help to make these experiences manifest, but the actual activity may take place in other spatial dimensions. There may be a way to access higher planes of being through certain chemicals, such as DMT.
Zardoz: People have dreamt of inventions, which later became fact. Dreaming of something does not necessarily make it untrue. Undismissed.
Larry: but really everything science has discovered is pretty base compared to human consciousness. Science exists in the provable lowlands of the Universe, and thought transcends it completely.

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Answer by Acetek
This belongs in the “Religion and Spirituality” topic

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Dec 172013

Question by Rob: Is time travel to the past possible?
Or time travel to the future in chunks of time? I know there is apparently nothing in the laws of physics to prevent the reverse of time, but it is surely absurd to think of visiting ones younger self?

Also if time was flowing backwards now, how would our thought processes differ, we only hold memories and cant see the future. I know the big crunch has been proved unlikely, but I used to wonder that if the universe was retracting and time was reversed would we consciously realise it, as for the quantum split second of consciousness it would be impossible to distinguish in which direction time is flowing?

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Answer by Sagim
It is likely that humans are the species from the future or how else could we be biologically so similar to other creatures and yet so different in our mental capabilities.

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Nov 072013

Question by vemberajil: Could it Be possible to make a Bachelor science degree of physic the freschman year ?
I would like to skip all my undegraduate intermediate grade and to make a Bsc Physic at my Freschman year How could I ?
I just also need and example of someone who also already made it or how to make it
Please SOS !

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Answer by Philip J
Doogie Howser; but that was premed. In physics, it should be a snap for someone of that caliber. If you sailed thru high school in one semester, a BS in one years shouldn’t be impossible. The key is to know it all from independent study before your enroll.

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Nov 042013

Question by American citizen and taxpayer: Is it possible that all moments in time exist simultaneously?
I remember reading something about this in a science article, concerning physics.

Can anyone explain this concept? Does it apply only at the smallest subatomic level?

Is the human conception of time somehow at variance with the laws of physics?

Any information would be helpful. thanks.

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Answer by StormXibalba
This sounds interesting but i think my brain exploded too complicated for me

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Nov 032013

Question by freeorbit2000: Is it possible that consciousness or “mind” is a missing force in energy/space/mass equations?
From what I understand, we do not totally understand consciousness. The body has physical mass, mind?where? Could a new formula taking into consideration, (could a someone that understand physics equations..) consciousness, for example what if Einstein´s equations, where things like mass was replaced with consciousness, where consciousness is not fully understood. could this not answer some questions, like light speed, string theory, black energy, time travel.
Imagine that maybe consciousness is a consistant force, variations are just individually preceived. Again I believe one would have to suspend some laws/beliefs to properly address question. Consciousness could be x, but taking into consideration a universal idea of it. As some people have gone off the deep end with “intelligent design ideas” other ideas of order in the universe. I am not trying to work God into the equaition, I am thinking maybe physicists have a fobia that prohibts them from considering forces unknown. Has consciousness ever been considered a “force”. Could there be a global consciousness that prevades brain and interacts with other universal forces.

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Answer by Steve N
Too deep for me

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Sep 042013

Question by Bradley: Is interstellar travel theoretically possible?
In physics, is interstellar travel, or using a spacecraft to travel millions/billions of light years in a very short amount of time, theoretically possible?

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Answer by Petrusclavus
In a short time no, we have no theoretical model for any physical object reaching, let alone exceeding, light speed.

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Sep 012013

Question by Jeremy: Is it possible to have to a metal arm for a prosthetics?
If you ever watched the anime fullmetal alchemist, and people have in the show metal prosthetics. So I thought about it and it is possible if you can connect each nerve to the arm, and we do have the technology to attach nerves to nerves. So can we make something like that now or would we need more technology for a project that big?

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Answer by Jakob
I too have seen Fullmetal Alchemist and although we don’t have anything to the extent that Edward had, we do have robotic hands as well as robotic arms. Heres are some links to videos that I think will be helpful.


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