Jan 272014

Question by RebelAngel: what is the song that play while Damon and Elena dance?
In the newest episode of Vampire Diaries, Miss Mystic Falls, what is the name and artist of the song that plays while Damon and Elena are dancing at the pageant?

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Answer by Penny
Within Temptation – All I need(:

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Jun 102013

Question by Meriss: How does Physics and Biochemistry play a major role in Medicine?
In an article I read, it mentioned that Physics and Biochemistry played a major role in Medicine but since the article was about another subject and just happened to mention this as an example, I didn’t get to know how it plays a major role.

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Answer by mon
X- ray for diagnosis and other

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Nov 152012

Question by Anonomoose: If Roy Mustang from FullMetal Alchemist were to play World of Warcraft, what race/class would he be?
If Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist were to play World of Warcraft, what race/class would he be?

This question is just for fun of course :p I wanted to see what the majority opinion would be.

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Answer by osmigos
He’s pretty obviously a Human Mage.

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Jan 232012

Question by Ms. Minerva: Did you ever know anyone you suspected of “foul play”?
One of my grandmother’s relatives was the nicest old lady who had been married to the meanest old git in the world. They lived in a little town about a hundred miles away and hardly anyone in the town liked that mean old man who had insulted just about everyone in the little town…and never went to church.

My grandmother’s relative, on the other hand, was dearly loved by one & all….went to church, did good works.

Well, the old man developed some sort of mystery malady….got sicker and sicker….and, finally, died at home. His wife had her best friend’s husband, the local doctor, come out to the house and “write it up”….then they had him cremated pretty quickly.

Most people who knew them thought “good riddance”. I overheard talk about it when I was a little girl….and everyone pretty much assumed that arsenic had been my grandmother’s relative’s solution to her “problem”.

Have you ever suspected that someone you knew or was related to you had “done someone in”?

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Answer by AmeliaBedelia
No, but what you just shared sounds like the game Clue. My pastor once shared a story with a group of us about one of his uncles. A day after they’d buried him his aunt told someone how she thought she’d seen this uncle’s face twitch. So that same day they unearthed the coffin and when they’d opened it up there were scratch marks on the inside of the coffin lid. He was dead of course.

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Jan 222012

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Dec 182011

Question by : what’s the song they play to support the Washington Mystics team? I heard it at the Verizon Center!?
I went to see Mystics against Liberty last friday and loved a cool song they played to support the team…

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Answer by Kurt

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