Jan 182014

Question by Swapnil: Is it Hindu the oldest religion and advanced culture on the planet?
Many western culture people, aethist thinks its just a story or such things without reaserching it in detail. but in hindu mythology, the legends like lord Krishna’s Dwarka and lord rama’s Ram setu has been mentioned and they are still exist in India. And also It is belived that Newton invented Gravity theory but in real it was already discovered by mathematician and rishi Bhaskaracharya. Also A full theory about aeroplanes ‘Vimana Shastra’ has already been written 5000 years before Wright brothers invented it. Still more interesting advanced thing written in oldest ancient hindu lituratures known as ‘Vedas’. There are 8 main chapters in ‘Vimana Shastra’

1. The secrets of constructing aeroplanes, which will not break, which cannot be cut, will not catch fire, and cannot be destroyed. 2. The secret of making planes motionless. 3. The secret of making planes invisible. 4. The secret of hearing conversations and other sounds in enemy places. 5. The secret of retrieving photographs of the interior of enemy planes 6. The secret of ascertaining the direction of enemy planes approach. 7. The secret of making persons in enemy planes lose consciousness. 8. The secret of destroying enemy planes

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Answer by John Farnham
Aeroplanes that will not break, catch on fire or be destroyed? Someone from the military should read up on that.

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Jan 232012

Question by Kyle: How did observations of Uranus give reasons for astronomers to suspect the presence of another planet?
1)How was Uranus discovered?

2)How did observations of Uranus give reasons for astronomers to suspect the presence of another planet?

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Answer by phos
Uranus is visible to the naked eye however discovery is credited to William Herschel. By increasing the power of his telescopic lens, he noticed that the ‘comet’ as he called it grew in magnification size but stars in the background did not. The conclusion being that this object was somewhere within our Solar System. Although Uranus has a slow orbital period, it moves compared to stationary stars. So this object was in orbit around the Sun.

The orbital period of Uranus is not stable for predicting where it should be in the future as it travels around the Sun. The conclusion is then made that it is being ‘pulled’ at times during its orbit by another large object beyond Uranus. This is the planet Neptune.

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Nov 142011

A Guide to Serving the Seven African Powers (Planet Voodoo’s Applied Magick)

Creole Voodoo, a unique blend of African, Haitian, Native American, Catholic, spiritualist, and European folk magic traditions, welcomes the uninitiated. Inside are complete instructions for creating altars for each of the Seven African Powers, including how to petition the orishas, as well as some practical spells. This guide is written for people who are not initiated into any specific Voodoo tradition, but would like to benefit from knowing and practicing age-old authentic Voodoo rituals. The

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Sep 102011

Question by VS Prasad: Why did ancient Indians designated Moon as a planet?
Precession of earth’s axis: The Vedic seers came up
with the value of 25,870 years. How these ancient
people were able to make these calculations, however is
“as great a mystery as the origin of life itself”.



There are many texts like Khagola-shastra in ancient
India. The original findings of ancient India were:

(1) The calculation of occurrences of eclipses
(2) Determination of Earth’s circumference
(3) Theorizing about the theory of gravitation

(4) Determining that sun was a star and
determination of number of planets.

Aryabhata wrote that 1,582,237,500 rotations of the
Earth equal 57,753,336 lunar orbits. This is an
extremely accurate ratio of a fundamental astronomical
ratio (1,582,237,500/57,753,336 = 27.3964693572), and
is perhaps the oldest astronomical constant calculated
to such accuracy.


It is known to modern science that mass of any
satellite in our solar system is less than a 20th part
of the planet. In case of our moon, it is more than a
10th of the mass of earth. Such a case should be
designated as a ‘twin-planet system’. Such systems were
found around some other stars also. Our moon does not
rotate around the center of the earth. Both of them
rotate around a common geometric center determined by
the momentum of each.

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Answer by Saphire4
Because they were ignorant. There ideas were false not based on scientific evidence.

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Aug 242011

Question by Jaminder K: How can i get formulas to calculate the Astrology chart, planet positions in Natal Chart houses?
I know astrology and and i am a programmer too, want to create something but dont want to get into the astronomical formulas for my website, how can i get those formulas to create the chart (Kundli) or is there any website who provides the source code for calculating all the positions of planets in zodiac.

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Answer by Tom A
Ask in the “Horoscopes” section in Entertainment. The people who can help you are looking there.

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Aug 172011

Question by Foodstamps: Scientist show how conscience energy can impact the planet as a whole, is this a spiritual phenomenon?
scientist at harvard and princeton have been studying the realm of the quantum world and have determined through quantum mechanics it is controlled through the very act of observing ” dual slit experiment ” atoms act like particles instead of waves just by observing them in a conscience way, also quantum entanglement proves how everybody and everything is connected to one thing or source, this is when they started the Global Consciousness Project and showed results without a doubt that the very act of being conscious can have an impact on society through either negative energy or positive energy of the consciousness as a whole, please check the following links before posting an answer. i
didnt believe this till i saw the results of the test



here is the double slit experiment in laymens terms;

im not trying to prove the existence of god
wrong brane they have done the experiment several ways to and the experiment was not getting in the way or reflecting on the atom or particle
they have places several things around the experiment to disprove your idea of things getting in the way its only when a conscience person is involved that changes the behavior of the atom
its not just atoms either brane
what the bleep? is this a movie

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Answer by brane_strain
the two slit experiment disproves gods existence if anything – gods supposed to know everything but heisenberg has shown god cant know the position and velocity of a single particle let alone every particle in the universe.

How dare you use quantum mechanics to support your ignorant superstitious beliefs.

You idiot, dont you realise that observing something itself is a physical act? Its not magic – seeing something means bouncing photons on it and of course thats going to make a different to tiny subatomic particles.

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Jul 182011

Chemtrails over Georgian Bay at sunset. Shot Tuesday June 14th. Obvious proof they are spraying. There is no denying it. Maybe if enough people start getting educated about chemtrails, the lame-stream media will start covering it. But we’ll have to wait until CBC replays the Vancouver “riot” for another month. Anything but the truth to keep us distracted right?

Evergreen: Weather modification company. Original title: “Evergreen and weather modification”. [ According to his original creator, this video should expose the Evergreen company resources in the field of Weather modification, among many other issues ¿¿?? . Searching into the Evergreen website we’ve only found this info related: ” Are there any other markets for the Evergreen Supertanker? Can it operate globally? – Evergreen is studying other applications for the Supertanker. Oil spill containment, chemical decontamination and WEATHER MODIFICATION are all potential markets for this aircraft. Because the aircraft is pressurized, the Evergreen Supertanker has the capability of any long-range Boeing 747 passenger aircraft. This allows the aircraft to deploy to any international location.” And according with our kind YouTube user and watcher Mr. ‘chavspotter’ the original author referred two mistakes about this issue: 1) Mistake 1: Evergreen does not carry half the worlds air freight, they only have 11 747′s! 2) Mistake 2: The only reference to ”weather modification” on Evergreen’s website is found in the FAQs section on the ”Supertanker Markets” page, it states: ”Evergreen is STUDYING other applications for the Supertanker. Oil spill containment, chemical decontamination and weather modification”. That’s the only reference to weather modification on the entire website. -{‘chavspotter’ contribution}-. So finally with this video we want to show the capabilities of some

Sep 102010

Question by Charon: What happened to Astrology after Pluto is not a planet anymore?
I know astrology uses all the planets to make predictions and all of that stuff.
But Pluto is not a planet anymore, so what happened?
What about the other “Dwarft Planets” like Pluto?
Did anything changed?

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Answer by monkeydamour
Astrology was already flawed because there are thirteen, not twelve, houses.

Ophiuchus – November 30th through December 17th.

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Jul 252010

Question by sketch_mylife: Should religion be a old world ideal that should be erased in the future of the planet?
It seems to serve no purpose other than hatred and violence. Is it finally a time to rid ourselves of the old world, old society myths and see the polarity it brings to modern man?

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Answer by Ark
religion will die it will just take some time.

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