Feb 022014

Question by Ember Weeeee: Oblivion Moonshadow/Mystic elf pink glitch?
Ok, so when i first installed Ren’s Beauty pack for mystic elves, and i also had the custom race fix too, i couldn’t create my character. Whenever i selected the mystic elf race, the camera would go to the front left corner of the cell, and the menu was still there. I could select things, but when i made a name and clicked done, i scrolled out to see if it at least looked like a mystic elf, and i zoomed out, it was a body with pink arms and legs and normal prison clothing, and a set of floating teeth. I tried again, same thing. Then, i tried the Moonshadow elf mod, the same thing happened, except hair was floating too. I could move around normally, nothing else was glitched but that! Help?

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Answer by Doug
You have not installed something correctly or missed installing something required by one of the two mods. Do you have the Unofficial Oblivion Patch installed as well as it is required for Rens to work properly.
You need to open both of Rens archives, merge the two resources and then create an OMOD otherwise it won’t work properly.

-unpack both archives
-merge the data folders
-delete “only hair.esp”
-make new archive, name it “rens beauty pack full” or something
-use Oblivion Mod Manager to install it (NMM will not work properly with many Oblivion mods)
-make an OMOD file and activate it

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Mar 052013

Question by Alice: What is the pink glob on the inside top lid of my beta fish tank, I have snails in the tank also?
One inch pink blob on top of fish tank lid. Only one red beta and 4 snails, mystic, two small algae eater fish that don’t grow. Lots of plants. 5 gal tank, very clean. I feed the beta twice a day.

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Answer by Betta Fish Lover
First of all, those are way too many fish in that tank. Take out those algae eaters, and 3 snails, or upgrade to a 10 gallon. I hope you do water changes 3 times a week.
With that aside, I get that a lot too. Don’t think much about it, it is most likely leftover from the tank water, just wipe it clean.

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Dec 142011

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Nov 262011

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