May 312014

Question by Dances with Kali: Is physical manifestation an arising or a fall of consciousness?
Kundalini runs both up and down the central channel, once Kundalini is “raised” we see the descent of Kundalini, of life as the arising of consciousness. True or false?
I didn’t say consciousness is changed but that it arises with each life, in other words….the more ponds, the more consciousness. If this isn’t the case then life is worthless.

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Answer by Alan Turing
There is no way to answer the question because it is just nonsense.

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Apr 152014

Question by Gremio: rephrased the previous question: are we also chemical, physical and mecanical (beyond biological)?
Are we? I’m not asking about, you know, consciousness, spirit. I’m focusing only on the materialistic point of view. Thanks.

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Answer by Sir Crocodile
My personal opinion is that we are firstly chemical and physical, and then biological. Why? Because everything in the word (including all organisms) is made of atoms and the principles of their interactions and way of order (grouping into molecules) is described by physical ideas. Latter on, every single one of our functions is due to constant running of chemical (biochemical) reactions in our body (we are chemical laboratories).

Simply put: we are matter, our bodies are made of atoms and molecules. Even the organic molecules consist of atoms from inorganic world (nitrogen, calcium, magnesium etc). After we die our organic matter is broken down to simple molecules (organic and inorganic) by microorganims. Then “we” (our molecules) enter the cycle of matter – our matterials are used up by plants and microorganisms to create new organic matter that other animals (including humans) consume, then these animals (including humans) enter the cycle. And this is repeated again and again.

Also, it is very important to mention that we are energy (im talking in physical therms, not spiritual). Our energy is never lost, but used up in cycle of matter by other living forms.

Im molecular biologist. Molecular biology applies vast number of ideas, theories and methods taken from physics, chemistry and mathematics. It is a science that applies other natural disciplines ideas and methods to living systems. I have always claimed that without the 3 mentioned disciplines above nowadays biology (covering genetics, biochemistry, physiology, ecology, biophysics etc, with few exceptions, of course) wouldn’t be as high as it is now.

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Feb 172014

Question by K: What happens with the consciousness after physical death?
Do you believe in afterlife of the consciousness? Do you believe there is a soul or not?

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Answer by david
We say that even every atom is conscious so where does that take you. The soul is the only real part that truly survives death the rest of the bits and pieces all fade back into some kind of matrix. Whereas the soul will return unto its own plane of being until it reincarnates when ready. Astrology being the most relevent factor as to the timings etc. One just does not come back willy nilly but according to ones Ray structure of the soul. deep indeed but there are plenty of books out there. Amen.

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Jul 062013

Question by blake: A tattoo representing progress of physical strength?
I am planning to improve my physical health, since most of my life has been learning, I want to take a turn, possibly take a gap year even, and progress my life by gaining a job, earn a living, and join a gym and improve my physique.

I am looking for a style of tattoo that is simple, and you add to it, that has a base, that grows through the goals of progression, but something small, so if I choose to, I still have a canvas to leave a mark of anything I see as an achievement. Thanks!

p.s. Any tattoo generally based around Progression would also be awesome!

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Answer by tne gyrate
A penis that grows in size from 5 inches to a dominating 12 inches!

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Mar 142013

Question by Faith: What is the difference between biological science and physical science in the MCAT?
if Biological science is the study of the cell/biology and includes chemistry!
then physical science would be all PHYSICS?!!!!! I hope not :(

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Answer by CPlusPlus Guru
“The Physical Sciences section assesses problem-solving ability in general [ie. inorganic] chemistry and physics and the Biological Sciences section evaluates these abilities in the areas of biology and organic chemistry.”

“The Physical Sciences section is administered first. It is composed of 52 multiple-choice questions related to general chemistry and physics. Exam takers are allotted 70 minutes to complete this section of the exam.”

The Physical Sciences section is in multiple-choice format, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Still, you should study, alone or with a tutor.

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Nov 192012

Question by Dr. Watson: What is the physical reason for trembling and cold flashes with fear?
Why is it that when we feel afraid we tremble, or experience erratic flashes in temperature? What part of the body is responsible for this and what is the purpose of these sensations? I’m just curious, neuroscience fascinates me.

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Answer by The Public Voice
What is Fear?
Fear is a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals that cause a racing heart, fast breathing and energized muscles, among other things, also known as the fight-or-flight response. The stimulus could be a spider, a knife at your throat, an auditorium full of people waiting for you to speak or the sudden thud of your front door against the door frame.

The brain is a profoundly complex organ. More than 100 billion nerve cells comprise an intricate network of communications that is the starting point of everything we sense, think and do. Some of these communications lead to conscious thought and action, while others produce autonomic responses. The fear response is almost entirely autonomic: We don’t consciously trigger it or even know what’s going on until it has run its course.

Because cells in the brain are constantly transferring information and triggering responses, there are dozens of areas of the brain at least peripherally involved in fear. But research has discovered that certain parts of the brain play central roles in the process:

Thalamus – decides where to send incoming sensory data (from eyes, ears, mouth, skin)
Sensory cortex – interprets sensory data

Hippocampus – stores and retrieves conscious memories; processes sets of stimuli to establish context

Amygdala – decodes emotions; determines possible threat; stores fear memories

Hypothalamus – activates “fight or flight” response

*If you wish additional information – Click on the link referenced below.

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Nov 112012

Question by Twilight: Do you think social science is simpler or more complex than physical science?
I have noticed a tendency amongst for those with a scientific background to disparage social science, and especially academic feminism as a kind of poor intellectual relation to the “hard” sciences of physics, chemistry, biology and their hybrids.

Is that at all justified?

Physics, the foundation science develops its methods from just two founding theories: quantum physics and general relativity. These theories solve no – as in literally zero problems in real life with utter certainty. They provide extremely accurate abstractions which model simple problems, and degenerate in their predictive value in complex systems.

The daughter sciences of chemistry and biology look to patterns established from the principles of physics to develop models which find merit if they correctly describe observed reality. They rarely attempt to derive their models from first principles, instead looking to identify salient and useful patterns.

By contrast the social sciences examine phenomenally complex patterns, human behavior from both a social and biological viewpoint, and from that, deduce patterns to explain beheavior. Furthermore they examine ethical and moral standpoints with a view to constructing, understanding and modeling society from economic, social and psychological reference points.

Do you think social science is simpler or more complex than physical science?

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Answer by snufkins return
Science doesnt explain everything as it is often black and white. Thats why you need to have social sciences

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Jun 142012

Question by klh.™ – he’s here 3.14.10: Physical Science Physics Questions?
1. Calculate the distance a plane flies on a 7.95-hour flight from Chicago to London. Assume a constant speed of 800.0 km/h.

2. Determine a skier’s velocity in kilometers per hour if it takes her 1.7 minutes to ski down a 1.67 km slope.

3. Calculate the average acceleration of a car that changes speed from 0 m/s to 15 m/s in 5 s.

4. Calculate how long it takes for a stone falling from a bridge with an average acceleration downward of 9.8 m/s2 to hit the water. The stone starts from rest and hits the water with a velocity of 12.3 m/s.

5. Identify the straight-line accelerations below as either speeding up or slowing down.
a. 0.75 m/s2
b. 24.8 m/s2
c.–3.9 m/s2

Best answer:

Answer by Poh
1. Distance = average speed x time taken

2. Velocity = distance / time

3. Acceleration = change in velocity / time taken

4. Using formula v = u + at, where v is final velocity, u is initial velocity, a is acceleration and t is time.
Re arranging gives, t = (v – u)/a and “u = 0″ since it starts from rest.

5. A negative acceleration means it’s slowing down.

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Jun 112012

Question by klh.<3: Physical Science Physics Questions?
1.Calculate the amount of work done when a grocery store stocker uses 120 N of force to lift a sack of flour 1.5 m onto a shelf.

2.Calculate the average power in kilowatts required to pull a car up a ramp if the amount of work is 250 kJ over a period of 45 s.

3.Calculate the mechanical advantage of a group of pulleys used to raise an engine from a car. The engine is raised 1.2 m with the pulleys when 4.8 m of rope is pulled through the pulleys.

4.Calculate the gravitational potential energy of a 95 kg rock at the top of a 45 m cliff. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2.

5.Calculate the kinetic energy of a bicyclist traveling at 11 m/s. The total mass of the cyclist and the bike is 74 kg.

6. Calculate the efficiency of the following machines:

a. A lever is used to lift a 45 N rock. The applied force is 75 N.

b. A pulley system raises a 39 N log with an applied force of 45 N.

c. You do 425 J of work to push a 75 N box up a ramp until the box is 2.5 m above the ground.

Best answer:

Answer by azeenkm
1- work = force* distance = 120*1.5 J

2- power = work/time = 250/45 kJ/s=KW

3- mechanical advantage = 1.2/4.8

4- PE = m*g*h = 95*45*9.8 J

5- KE = (1/2)*m*(v^2) = (1/2)*74*(11^2) J

a- eff = output/input = 45/75

b- eff = 39/45

c- work output = 75*2.5
eff = (75*2.5)/425

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