Oct 242013

Question by Anteater: Why does an unfit person breathe faster than a fit person, even when not exercising?
I’m just analysing graphs for my biology h/wk and it’s not a question on the paper, but I’m just wondering why an unfit person breaths faster than a fit person?


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Answer by lau25
maybe because there not used to that cardiovascular workout that a fit would be. the body has to work harder the heart has to pump quicker

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May 062013

Question by millertime_stud: Developmentally speaking, when does a person become an adult?
I’m trying to determine what the most widely used criteria for determining when a person reaches adulthood is. Is it a certain age? Or is it a certain event or rite of passage? Or is it all just a state of mind? Please include your age and location with your response. Thanks.

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Answer by Little Snarky Foo-Foo™
When they stop asking permission to do things and start making up their own minds.
When they start paying their own bills.
When they stop expecting an allowance.
When they start realizing Mommy and Daddy don’t know everything (and neither do they).

I’m 50 and I’m a heathen living in the Bible Belt.

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Aug 212012

Question by sabariraj18: how to bring back a person from his guilty consciousness?
My friend has put me in trouble. He didn’t do it intentionally. And now i feel he is being separated from me due to the guilty consciousness he have. I want him to be like how he was before. His personality is also too delicate and gets upset or angry soon.

Best answer:

Answer by Tainruadh

Tell him. Say, “dude you didn’t mean it & I don’t care, I want it to be the same as before, I’m not worried, you’ve been acting so guilty I know you won’t ever do it again. Come on lets go to a movie or have a Pizza, I’ll buy.”

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Aug 052012

Question by RchiWawa: If a person passes out from hypoxia how long would it take to regain consciousness w/ bottled oxygen?
Imagine the events of Helios flight 522 taking place but in my scenario the flight attendant puts an oxygen mask on the seated co-pilot before the independent cockpit supply ran out (in other words assume in time to have capacity to revive the pilot). How much time, typically, for a person to regain consciousness after loosing it to hypoxia?

Best answer:

Answer by Peter H
How long is a piece of string? There is no hard and fast answer to this question, depending as it does on how hypoxic the victim becomes and how long he remains in that state. It may even get to the stage where recovery is not possible.

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Jan 062012

Question by Seeker: If a person doesn’t want to discuss his beliefs or have them challenged, is it okay to do so anyway?
Here, in the religion section of Answers, we expect to have our ideas challenged. But in the world at large, people often don’t like to defend or explain their beliefs; perhaps because they’re not good at debate or because their faith is based more on visceral rather than logical reasons and is therefor hard to defend with logic. In other word, sometimes one’s faith is personal or private in nature.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an agnostic and believe agnosticism is the only truly logical choice; given the more-than-meets-the-eye strangeness of reality revealed by quantum physics. A world defined by quantum probabilities that collapse to a single state UPON OBSERVATION. Human consciousness affects reality at the quantum level. With this element of the mystical revealed by quantum physics, the possibility of a cosmic God (not one of religion) seems more viable.

Many people seem to think that it’s okay to challenge the beliefs of those who don’t want to be challenged. Do you? And why?
Movedby . . .

A cosmic God may simply be an intelligence woven into physical reality. A life-force, if you will. The role of consciousness in quantum physics implies this mystical element.

A religious God is one defined by a religion; such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam. These religions impute and attribute moral and spiritual qualities and demands of or from God. Most importantly, these religions claim exclusive authority between God and humanity. I have problems with this.

Perhaps the best way to explain the problems with the God of religions is to use 2 of Albert Einstein’s quotes:

“My religiosity consists in a humble admiration of the infinitely superior spirit that reveals itself in the little that we, with our weak and transitory understanding, can comprehend of reality. Morality is of the highest importance – but for us, not for God.”

“Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust – we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”
Occam’s Pig.

Your comment about agnostics and atheists is just plain wrong.

The agnostic position is that there is insufficient direct evidence for OR against God, so making a choice, EITHER way is abandoning logic in favor of faith.

The atheist position is that the existence of God is a non-question. He simply does NOT exist. Period. They feel it is no more illogical to deny God than the tooth fairy. There is no evidence to suggest a tooth fairy . . . and God, to them, is the same.

I’d be atheist — if it weren’t for some of the things science points out. Things like:

1.) Like the interplay of consciousness and physical reality at the quantum level.

2.) The mathematical odds against biogenesis (life springing from inanimate organic matter).

Given the scale of time and space manifest in the universe, I can concede that the odds for biogenesis, though great, are not impossible. However, the intrusion of consciousness into quantum physics is mystical indeed!!

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Answer by vinslave
Anyone can challenge my beliefs any day, and they’ll either get the logic of what I believe or they won’t… no skin off of my nose.


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Dec 312011

Question by Hunk Of Infinity: How do you identify an enlightened person?
I talked to a person who claims he was enlightened and he proved himself to be a very smart individual. but in a crowd of people how can you pin point which of them is enlightened?

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Answer by swain1152
I will send you a photo of myself

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Dec 222011

Question by Emily: Who made the 2012 prediction? Is it the same person who made the 2000 prediction?
Well, yesterday I noticed that it was exactly 2 more years until the 2012 thing. I don’t really understand the whole explosion thing or whatever. And I really want to know if the person who made the prediction was smart.

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Answer by Brandon
The Miuns did and there wrong as hell

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Dec 112011

Question by Tom: what does an enlightened person do in a social situation?
For some reason i think most enlightened people blend in so they arent noticed. maybe they have a fake ego they put on in front of people but dont really get into it for the fun of it they just use it to hide from people.

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Answer by Pavlovs Dogma
I have never met a truly enlightened person, although I have met some that are further along the path than me. I don’t think a truly enlightened person would have a fake ego or put on a facade

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Nov 272011

Question by Think for yourself: What do you consider an “enlightened” person to be?
I am not talking during the age of enlightenment, but in regards to the present world. I come across this word on occasion about an “enlightened” person.

What is that to you?

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Answer by The Equalist
Someone that isn’t a Conservative.

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Nov 142011

Question by Dr. Zoom: What are some employment ideas for a person trained as a Digital Imaging Specialist intrested in Neuroscience?
I enjoy Digital Photography and the technology associated with looking into the body, and I have basic skills in first aid.

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Answer by Bob
you might try putting a ad on craig’s list.

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