May 212013

Question by i: What according to you are the questionable loopholes of Big Bang Theory, since it has been considerable period?
when it is coined for the first time.

After that there are no modifications in that model.

But given the development of modern science, particularly in Physics,
don/t you find some loopholes with it?

Best answer:

Answer by nope not here
Ooh..there are modification. One of them is the Cosmic Inflation. It addresses the Horizon and the Flatness problem of the original Big Bang theory.

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Apr 282013

Question by C G: Can you give psychic readings while sick or on your period?
I would appreciate it if you respected my beliefs, thank you :)
Anyways, I am a mystic eye and have been for 7 years, it never occured to me if successful readings could be given while being sick or while on the menstral cycle. 7 years, and it never crossed my mind, I am so silly ;P
Anyways, can you help answering this question?

Best answer:

Answer by Lilith
Well it may influence your readings but who is to say that would be a bad thing. Perhaps during your cycle you are more attuned to certain issues.

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Jan 152012

Question by : How were the philosophical ideas of the Enlightenment expressed in the American colonies during this period?
How were the philosophical ideas of the Enlightenment expressed in the American colonies during this period?
Can you give me more info please?

Best answer:

Answer by Willow Moon
by Thomas Jefferson and his writings, and by Ben Franklin and his writings.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Sep 212011
by cote

Astrology in Judaism Speculum Vol Iv- the Medieval Period

Astrology in Judaism Speculum Vol Iv- the Medieval Period

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Home Page > Spirituality > Astrology > Astrology in Judaism Speculum Vol Iv- the Medieval Period

Astrology in Judaism Speculum Vol Iv- the Medieval Period

Posted: Dec 09, 2008 |Comments: 0
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Shabbethai Donalo

Shabbethai Donalo Doctor and Astrologer (913-970) was borne in south Italy. At the age og 12 he was coptured (925) by an Arabic Batalion, his relatives had redeem him by paying for him a large amount of money.

At first he educated him self by the medicine discipline, since in those days a part of   the diagnosis was done by astrology matters, he thought himself all that were known in this period in his soundings. How ever he decided to widen his knowledge by studying the Greek, Babylonian, and Indian Astrology.

In the city of Baghdad Donalo found a wise man in the name of Bagdsh who was a great scholar in mathematics and astrology, his (Donalo) conclusion about astrology was that the real basics of astrology are written by an Hebrew Talmudic Rabbi by the name of Rabbi D’Shemuel in an essay named Berayita D’rbbi Sehmuel.

Donalo settle dawn in the city named Modina in Italy serving as M.D for forty years, there Donalo wrote books on medicine, medication and astrology among other books he wrote a commentry on the astrology of the Book of Creation “Sefer H’Yetzirah” which by Hebrew tradition was written By Abraham the ancient Hebrew forefather

“ I went to explore the wisdom of the Greeks, the Arabs, the Acadian’s and the Indian’s, I did not rest until I was skilled in all nation astrology wisdom, and I compeard them with the Israelies Astrological knowledge and wisdom, and I find them all equal in there knowledge, Itookup on me to transleate all thoes books, and all my conclusion I wrote in my book “Chckmoni”which is the my commentry on “Sefer hyetzira”  See: Shabbethai Donalo,the  introduction in “The book Chokmoni”


Iben Ezra

Abraham Ibn Ezra (1089-1164 C.E. Spain) Ibn Ezra was born in Tudela Sapin. He led Spain in 1140,for the next three decades he wandered through Europe, spending time in Rome, Lucca, Rouen, London, and Béziers, Israel.

Ibn Ezra’s literary legacy consists of short and extremely popular handbooks in a wide variety of fields: grammar and poetics, astrology and arithmetic, astronomy and religious speculations, as well as both short and lengthier biblical commentaries.Ibn Ezra wrote following astrological treatises, the most important are:

Beginning of Wisdom.

The Book of Reasons.

The Book of Nativities.

The Book of Elections.

The Book of Lights.

The Book of the world

The Treatise od the AstrolabeAn itroduction the the Book of Muhammed Ibn Al-matani, translated by Ibn Ezra.

A Translation from Arabic into Hebrew of a book by Masha’ allah on the Eclipes of the sun and the Moon

See : The Book of Reasons . translaed by  Meira Epstein.

Astrology was one of Ibn Ezra’s major interests, and it plays an important role in his thought ,the  central place of astrology in Ibn Ezra’s thought promothed and strnghnd the legitimacy of astrology, in the jewish community, scholars and layman.

There is no difference between Jews and non-Jews with regard to astral governance, in his astrological writings, the Jews are no different from other peoples, in that they too are associated with certain planets and signs; this point was not lost upon his super-commentators. Ibn Ezra’s astrology, like his philosophy overall, is humanist and universal, not Jewish and particularist.

While we are going to assess Ibn Ezra writings, we should bear in mind that Ibn Ezra is not exposing to the reader all his knowledge, on the contrary, the reader is getting the impressing that Ibn Ezra is hiding his knowledge, and revealing bits hear and there, mostly regarding Astrological Astral Magic.



Moshe ben Maimon or Moses Maimonides- The Rambam (March 30, 1135 – December 13, 1204). Maimonides was a Rabbi, Physician, and Philosopher,

he was borne in Spain and died in Israel. Maimonides conducted his work in Spain Moroccoand Egypt and israel.

On face of it, Momonides concept and approach towards, astrology was negative namely, once should not exercises astrology. Maimonides answered an inquiry concerning astrology, addressed to him from Marseille. In this answer to inquiries from scholars of southern France, Maimonides exposes foibles and fallacies of astrology, while touching upon such questions as the sources of knowledge, creation of the world, divine providence and free will, and the Messiah. Inasmuch as this letter was intended for general circulation, with no pretense to esotericism.

Maimonides responded that man should believe only what can be supported either by rational proof, by the evidence of the senses, or by trustworthy authority. He affirms that he had studied astrology, and that it does not deserve to be described as a science. He ridicules the supposition that the fate of a man could be dependent upon the constellations; he argues that such a theory would rob life of purpose, and would make man a slave of destiny.

According to Maimonides the Heberw Astrological wisdome was lost and forgotten during the years in the long past,overviewing cearfully Mimodidas writings we cam learn about the Mimonides  duality apparoch , in one aspect the Mimonides sees in Astrology the  top of sciences, and on the other hand his stand is against Astrology,

See Shlomo Sela “ Astrology and Biblical Exegesis in Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Thought”

Iben Tzarza and his friends could not assimilate Mimonides opposition to astrology. Looking in to his work they came to the conclusion that so to speak, the Mimonides take a stand against Astrology,but this was only when he was referring to the crowd, to mass of people, however when the Mimonides was speaking to his peoples or to the Intellectual Jewish elite, his views were entirely different.

See : Dov Schwarrtz “Amulets,Properties and rationalism in Medieval Jewish Thoght”

Trachtenberg is another scholar who is supporting this view namely Maimonides was not opposing astrology, his opinion is that Mimonides was accepting the Astrology discipline regarding the Medical use,  (in those days every Medicine Doctor was skilled in the astrology discipline) which means Maimonides give his blessing to use astrology for Medical proposes.

See: Trachtenberg, J ‘ “Jewish Magic and Superstition”

Thus Maimonides concept towards Astrology was ambivalent and dual. Maimonides had one concept for the esotericism group of scholars, and another concept for the common layman, which means, only the intellectual elite should exercises Astrology, al the others should stay away from it, because thy wont understand the discipline and material, moreover there is a danger that the common layman will believe in determinism, which will led him a way from the Jewish belief, the Jewish belief is saying:” Everything is Foreseen, but the Permit is Given. This is an Anti-thesis to determinism.


Nahmanides – Moshe ben Nahman Gerondi -Ramban (1194-1270) was a Biblical commentator, Kabbalist, Philosopher and Physician.

Nahmanides studied medicine which he practiced as a means of livelihood; he also studied philosophy In his writings Nahmanides reveals a conservative tendency that distinguished his later works — an unbounded respect for the earlier authorities.In the view of Nahmanides, the wisdom of the rabbis of the Mishnah and Talmud, as well as the Geonim (rabbis of the early medieval era) was unquestionable.

Nahmanides was an adversary of Rabbi Abraham Ib Ezra. Nahmanides disagrees with him; especially with regard to Kabballa (Jewish mysticism), which is considered part of the normative Jewish tradition. Notwithstanding, he had tremendous respect for ibn Ezra, as is evidenced in his introduction to his commentary on the Five books of Moses.

Nahmanides formed part of the Spanish school of Cabalists. He was intruded into the Gnostic type of mysticism that had hitherto reigned in Jewish mysticism. This Gnostic mysticism had originated in a rabbinic gnosis of the 1st and 2d centuries A.D.The Neoplatonic trend of Nahmanides’s mysticism centered on the sefirot, or “soul” or “inner life,” of the hidden transcendent God. On this basis Nahmanides formed his mystical theory of history

Nahmanides was a key figur in Kabblistic esoteric persona in Spanish 13th century.Regarding his astrological atettude Nahmanides wrote a stating that while one may not ask an astrologer for a prediction, astrology itself is real. He states rules that one must ultimately trust in God, and not in any lesser force. As such, he concludes that one is forbidden to ask an astrologer for a prediction, but one may act on the words of an astrologer if advice is freely given. Ultimately he holds that while the stars give a person certain inclinations, people have the ability to overcome their own inclinations, and thus maintains free will.

Thus it is adviseble to emphesiss that the persons who were infulensive of Nahmanides concepet were Ibn Ezra and Yhuda Halevy


Monius I.Khoschen -Klein

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Monius I.Kchoschen-Klein -
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Personal Astrology is my specialization, focusing on the human behavior, and relationship, the human characteristics, strength, weakness, and talents.

You can find answers regarding your, love life, vocation and profession, you can find solution to your problems and doubts that you struggle with no answer yet.

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Personal Astrology is my specialization, focusing on the human behavior, and relationship, the human characteristics, strength, weakness, and talents.

You can find answers regarding your, love life, vocation and profession, you can find solution to your problems and doubts that you struggle with no answer yet.

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Aug 072011

Question by joedee: How does Mary Shelley’s Franknestein stem from the science and physics during that time period?

Best answer:

Answer by Ralph
The novel was conceived and written during an early phase of the Industrial Revolution, at a time of dramatic advances in science and technology. That the creation rebels against its creator can be seen as a warning that the application of science can lead to unintended consequences.

Also, Scientists were experimenting with electricity as a muscle stimulant in both animals and human cadavers around this time. This practice came to be know as galvanism which refers to electricity produced by chemical reactions. The term gavlanism was coined by Alexandre Volta after Luigi Galvani, an Italian physicist of the 18th Century who helped lay some of the foundations of bioelectricity (the production of electricity by living organisms via there constituite parts). Galvani advocated the idea of “animal electricity” under the belief ( stemming from his experiments involving the application of electricity to a frog’s legs ) that organisms produced a fluid that generates an electric charge, which might explain how the idea found it’s way into Frankenstein

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Jun 032011

Question by kristinatms: How is Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” representative of its historical period?
I am interested in analyzing “Metamorphosis” along how it is characteristic (or uncharacteristic) of its literary historical time period, Modernism.
Any links to other examples or modernisim may prove helpful as well

Best answer:

Answer by StinkerBell

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May 292011

Question by Brandon: How did the Enlightenment period in the East lead into the French Revolution?
Not homework help just common interest, just wondering what were the main factors the Enlightenment led into the French Revolution and what certain events caused it to happen.

Best answer:

Answer by Violeta
The enlightenment is actually considered a Western movement… There were many philosophic and political ideas developed during this time, like individualism, secularism, separation of powers, and most importantly the rights of ‘man.’

Picture this, France had a monarchy in which the king was considered God’s messenger on earth; the people were upset, they were starving, they were being killed, and the king didn’t care. At the same time europe had a whole bunch of philosophers and influential people talking about how all men have certain rights and liberties just for simple reason of being born human (white male); they also talked about how it is society that gives power to the rulers, not God; they talked about science, human rights, political liberties, etc. So all of these ideas enforced the belief of popular sovereignty and kinda led the french to rebel against their king.

What do you think? Answer below!

Apr 032011

Question by hello: What time period is the book the Alchemist in?
What time period is the book The Alchemist take place in?

Best answer:

Answer by Beach Saint
When you ask a question like this, you also need to put in the name of the author. You’ll need to read your own research. Here’s a link to get you started.

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Mar 142011

Question by YoSafBridge: Articles about 60′s Counterculture, it’s impact and conservatives in the same time period?
I can’t seem to find many articles or information (of the non-wikipedia variety) regarding the 1960′s Counter culture and it’s effects on today’s morality.

Also I can’t find ANY information about the non-hippies of the 60s? Who opposed the Counterculture? Isn’t there any information about the more conservative people in the 1960′s?

Best answer:

Answer by MVD34
If I might impose a bit of info from experience…

Mainly, I think you are going about this the wrong way — imposing the current (mindset) on the past. That’s really not the way it works. The past has its own view on things, sometimes related to the current, sometimes not.

For example. the counter culture WAS the opposition…to both the culture (at large) and the conservative POV. In particular, I think you need to look beyond a general idea and into the specifics. A huge portion of the counterculture was inextricably tied into three rather distinct political movements: the war, the civil rights movement, & the women’s movement.

A simple example of this is the Vietnam War debate on the Dick Cavett with the future Sen John Kerry in 1971.

Notice it is another young man arguing with Sen. Kerry. (a conservative)

Second, you might want to consider that the 60′s Counterculture is a idea, not a literal time period. It was much more loud and mainstream in the 1970′s than in the 1960′s. It dominated the youth culture in music and college by the time I was 16 (1971). To a large degree it is specifically tied to the failure of the Vietnam War & the success of the civil rights movement…degenerating into sex, drugs, & rock and roll by the time of Watergate.

Give your answer to this question below!

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