Feb 112011

The song “Priestess of my dreams” from the symphonic metal band Penumbra, filmed at Den Boschh, Netherlands, the 30th of March 2006
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Penumbra : live video from the french gotic metal band Penumbra, this magnificient and powerful song is Toorent of fears, more info at www.penumbra.fr

Jan 302011

From their second album, The Last Bewitchment. *** I do NOT own any rights over this music and this video isn’t for comercial purpose. All the rights belongs to the band and to their house of records *** Official site: www.penumbra.fr Official Myspace: www.myspace.com/penumbraofficial Band name: Penumbra Genre: gothic metal Country: France (Paris, Île-de-France) Formed in: 1996 Albums: 3 demos + 3 full length: Falling Into My Soul (demo 1997) Emanate (demo 1997) Emanate (full-length 1999) The Last Bewitchment (demo 2001) The Last Bewitchment (full-length 2002) Seclusion (full-length 2003) Current label: unsigned Status: Active Lyrics: Oh, priestess of my dreams, when under the April moon you appeared Stealing my soul and my thoughts, I could have loved to taste your lips Oh, priestess of my dreams Ho, this dark mysterious voice is coming out of the night to me My soul’s trembling from flurry and desire attempting to find happiness I felt this mighty love which from the earth up to the sky Was breaking the chains of the unhappys, through time and space The light on your sweet face, lightened your heavenly eyes That through fine tears attest the purity of my message The light wind in your hair makes it dances in this divine melody Which is singing in my ear to embrace you, to deliver you To embrace you, to deliver you, the wind is dancing in my brain It’s singing in my ear, to embrace you, to deliver you
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Speak The Word Of The Windsis a song from Mactatus their album The Complex Bewitchment . If you like the song then please support the band and buy the song/album. :D
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Jun 042010

Body lies on the floor Very sick complexion Movements drive your lips No more words and no more breath I can feel my tears Ru Body lies on the floor Very sick complexion Movements drive your lips No more words and no more breath I can feel my tears Running on my cheeks I can feel my reason Leaving my body I can feel spirits Turning above me My will is not very powerful And my consciousness is fading out To a world of dreams and grief To the world of no return With my ultimate forces To life I cross the door I wake up in your arms But I can’t move Pallid eyes, stare away Soul jammed, between two worlds A lot of bewitch cries In an infernal circle This light I can touch It’s the way of return This ligth is going out To the world of no return I stand as a wolf Trying to break the spell Your soul’s in time Lastly your gaze at me You in your dreams you are lost And all these silent questions I will not answer Cause they suggest your fall
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Italy’s foremost black metal band and one of the few bands I actually like in this genre.
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