Jun 152014

Question by Think!: Is consciousness part of a different dimension entirely?
you know like maybe the 4th dimension? or the 5th? I need to think.. an array of questions just popped into my head (all focusing around consciousness) which I do not have the answers to, it’s giving me quite the head ache.

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Answer by LobarCybertronic v.1.0
It could be. Although no one really even knows what consciousness is or where it comes from! It’s one of the biggest mysteries of our universe!

I was just thinking about consciousness last night, and what makes your consciousness yours and not someone elses, and whether the consciousness you have now is the same consciousness you had a few years ago (I’m talking as if it’s seperate from memories), and whether if you die and are resurrected, if it would still be YOU (your consciousness) or someone else experiencing your brain processes.

Consciousness could be construed as the “soul” in some cases, and souls would be on a different dimension I think.

You should ask this in the Philosophy section too.

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Nov 242013

Question by Sakster: What part of forensics science involves physics?
i know i should take physic classes if i wanted to pursue a career somwhere in the forensic science field, but forensics science is a huge field. which field/specialization would involve physics? or is it applied to that entire science field as a whole?
i want to make the most out of my physics class :] i’ll be taking IB physics for the next two years

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Answer by Caly
The specialization within forensic science that most directly involves physics would be the firearms and toolmarks section. It uses knowledge of trajectories, explosive energy, distance determination, etc. A lot of different areas within forensic science also use microscopes so the knowledge of the physics of light, refraction, reflection and magnification is another directly applicable subject. Knowledge of atomic physics is also useful in understanding how many of the instruments work that are used to identify chemicals and compounds. Basically a firm foundation in physics makes for and easier understanding of its various usages in forensic sciences later down the road.

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Oct 022013

Question by meow: how do other people’s minds exist and work?is the human mind and consciousness part of the evolutionary proces?
how do other people’s minds exist and work?is the human mind and consciousness part of the evolutionary process?is man condemned to be free because he is conscious of himself?

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Answer by Masonic Knight
condemned to be free?

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Jan 312012

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Jan 282012

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Jan 142012

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Jan 112012

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