Dec 292011
becoming new
by wallyg

Question by : What kind of first aid/training should i get before becoming a new parent?
As a parent did you take a standard first aid course? or is there a baby first aid course out there that i should take?

anythoughts are welcome!

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Answer by pdooma
Standard first aid should cover for infants and children as well. Check with your class before taking it to make sure.

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Aug 292011

I seem very calm in this video… I was trying to be quiet because I was at Toby’s house ^^ Sat Wesir, Mery Nut, Mery Hethert-Sekhmet! **I’m not throwing myself into KO completely (which despite it’s name, is not Reconstructionist by the way). It was curiosity at what Hemet would say that pushed me to have it done. It was nice to hear that the ones she said were the ones I already knew about through me doing the ritual by myself in my own way. Because I’ve done this I think I would advise others to do the ritual for themselves rather than have her do it. I’m glad I did, so I could learn this. For me it has reaffirmed my belief in myself, my ability, and my connection to my Gods.** *LINKS:* Kemetic Orthodox Youtubers: — – RPD video — – RPD video
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Jun 022011

Question by MediatorDina: What part of becoming a new parent was hardest on your marriage?
Babies are bundles of joy, but their arrival changes everything completely. When you became a first time parent, what caused the biggest problem in your relationship with your spouse? Could be little, might be big.

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Answer by LC
Lack of sleep made us both a little irritable, and our sex life suffered a little. That was bad, because that is our way to reconnect when we are driving eachother crazy. It was a little hard, but I wouldnt call it marital problems. At the same time, him being the father of my children has only deepened my respect for him. I see a whole new side of him that I can love.

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Mar 272011

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