Dec 162013

Question by robbie: What are the some practices and beliefs dealing with Hellenic Paganism?
Im new to the fact that some people still exclusively follow the Hellenistic pantheons and Im quite curious about it because I know soooooo much more about the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses but nothing about the modern practice. So if you have any experiences sources or beliefs you don’t mind sharing thanks very much!
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(Also if this question offended or came off as a negative sort of thing I apologize)

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Answer by Linda_Doxiegal
Sorry – I know of them but am not a “practicing anything” … :)

Here’s one of the better sites with many links….

The Stele is the homepage for Greco-Roman polytheists

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Nov 252013

Question by : Does anyone know a website for norse paganism that has a forum for discussions?

I went to that website astaru lore and to be honest it’s made up of a a bunch of geeks. All they care about is the vikings. The vikings weren’t the only ones. None of them have ever even heard of the tale East O the Sun, West O the Moon!

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Answer by Narx Pancake

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