Jan 312012

Question by : Dragon age origins grandmaster flame rune not in Awakening?
Is it possible to get a grandmaster flame rune NOT in Awakening, but in the original game? If so, where?

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Answer by nasty1
i don’t remember if there was one when doing the quest for the mages or not.check out this walk through,it should help you out with this and other parts of the game.hope this helps.http://guides.gamepressure.com/

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Jan 252012

Question by JFarr74: How can I ensure that my entire party survives in Dragon Age Origins: Awakening?
I know that some members of my party members may die in Dragon Age Origins: Awakening and was wondering what I should do in the game to make sure every single one of my party members survive in Dragon Age Origins: Awakening?

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Answer by Ashera
Complete all of the upgrades to the keep, seal off the underground tunnel, and have wade craft silverite armor for your soldiers. If you do this everyone except possibly Justice will survive whether you choose to defend the keep or save the city.

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Dec 282011

Question by : What is in the case for dragon age origins awakening?
Do I need the original disk for the game. or is it on the disk on awakening.
I really dont want to spend 0 on something like that.

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Answer by Hale
DA Awakenings is a ‘stand-alone’ game, you do NOT need DA Origins to play Awakenings. But Origins is by far the better game, if you haven’t played Origins already, do so first, or even instead of Awakenings. Origins is NOT in the Awakenings case.

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Dec 202011

Religions Of The World: The Illustrated Guide To Origins, Beliefs, Traditions & Festivals


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Published Date:09/01/2005
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Jun 112011

Question by Vinay: Can you suggest some books on human consciousness and origins ?
The books should touch on any or all of these points :
- How we arrived on planet earth.
- Nature of consciousness.
- Where are we actually.
- Quantum reality.
- Extra-terrestrial beings.
- Rulers of our universe.
- Future of humanity and current earth changes.

It will be helpful if you can name a single book that covers all these points, otherwise it would be no problem to me if you name different books.

Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by nameless
There is no ‘human consciousness” vs ‘bacterial’ consciousness vs ‘vegetal’ consciousness. There is ONE Consciousness (“Consciousness is the ground of all being!” – Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics)
The same Consciousness is peeking from all ‘eyes’!
There are many Perspectives (us) and all are unique (definitionally), but only ‘one’ Consciousness!
Consciousness is ineffable; it has no qualities, no boundaries, no properties, timeless, no origin…
No ‘book’ can support otherwise.
The mystics would call Consciousness ‘god’. There ‘is’ nothing else! The Universe is Mind/Consciousness!

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Dec 142010

Question by messenger: Can science make valid considerations on the origins of consciousness?
As a research associate in the field of Quantum Mechanics and Astro-physics I feel that I am hindered from making any substantial progress in finding the relationship between the physical and nonphysiological realities by the basic premise of scientific methodology which relies on the boundaries set forth by empirical observations being the only valid criteria for consideration. With the COBE satelites validation of the uniform microwave cosmological background radiation which Stephen Hawking described as the single most important discovery of the century we have evidence of the creation account which lines up with the Biblical story in Genesis. What I see as the next frontier for science is the study of the origins of consciousness in light of the discovery of the beginning of our space/time continuum. As I scientist I can observe the actions of intelligent volition and in the law of causality insists upon a possible transcendency beyond the point of singularity. Do I see God here?

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Answer by dmlk2
You realize you are speaking pure nonsense, right?
And buried in all your jargon, you say there is evidence of the creation account that lines up with the Bible? Where is it? And I hope this evidence relies on “empirical observations being the only valid criteria for consideration” as well, because I have never encountered any Creation evidence that stuck to the Scientific Method.

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Sep 172010

Question by heeltap: How would you describe the origins of life & human consciousness in terms of our physical relationships?
Here’s the full Q: How would you describe the origins of life and human consciousness in terms of our physical relationships(ie connections) with the origin and evolution of the physical universe?

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Answer by l3utman
nearly irrelevant in evolution and immature.

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