Dec 012013

Question by Rita: Do you think there is a starting point to the original creation of consciousness?
Another words God or the universal consciousness has already existed?

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Answer by DIVYASHREE RANIदिव्याश्री रानी

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Oct 272012

Question by Red Baron: Is it possible to watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood without watching the original?
Can a newcomer to the series just skip the first series and just watch Brotherhood or do you need to watch the first series before then?

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Oct 262012

Question by Derek: How did Edward Elric make it through the other side of the gate? Fullmetal Alchemist original series?
If you offer yourself to a human transmutation, doesn’t your mind, body, and soul get trapped within the gate? So thats why im a bit confused about how ed made it through the other side.
Ive watched the entire series and the movie so dont worry.But remember in the second last episode, his replica died when the blimp crashed? So how does that work?

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Answer by ichuruki101
Are you talking about the last few episodes?
If so , I won’t tell you since you probably haven’t seen the last episode. Go to and search “fullmetal alchemist movie” by Funimation. And it’ll explain there.

If your talking about the first few episodes , when it explains the stories and how this all started , Edward never went through. He just stayed infront of it , and then went back to his world , but with missing limbs of course.


If you already saw te movie , and STILL don’t get it. Edward didn’t necessarily keep his body , he just got transported to an exact replica of his body in that dimension. You know , how when he was there , there was another version of … I forgot the name , but his younger brother… But it wasn’t really HIM , just looked like him? Well , Edward got transported to his replica in mind and soul. Who knows what happened to the person who was there first!

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Oct 212012

Question by David: Is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood much better than the original, is it significantly different?
Just curious if it is worth watching?

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Answer by ShiroYasha
I asked a similar question previously and the answer was they were both worth watching
The first anime series follows the manga up until about halfway, before going to a story the anime makers made. Brotherhood is a sequel, and follows the manga pretty closely, from what I remember them saying

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Jul 182012

Question by : i need original and fresh experiments for my physics science fair?
please they should come with an explanation of how they help the world

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Answer by Chinmay P
Research the relationship in fluid mechanics, simple harmonic motion of a fluid in a U-Tube. Try using liquid mercury, and water, and observe how different liquids behave. There is a distinct formula in theory but it doesn’t necessarily work in the real world, so check it out. It can be quite a fun exercise :).

Alternatively you could test different resistances of different materials.

Or you could investigate the photoelectric effect which challenges the concept of light being a wave.

Any of those three are pretty basic, easy to do and quite fun!

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Dec 152011

© 2011 BachScholar Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved Playlist of Hall’s Original Compositions and Arrangements: ABOUT THE ARTIST: The Sacramento Bee wrote: “Cory Hall played two works of towering artistic content and difficulty with a power and a finish that were startling. Hall was all over the keyboard but always conscious of the magic the notes were designed to evoke. It was an impressive performance.” CORY HALL (b. 1963) is a retired concert artist, college professor, and church organist who currently devotes his time to making YouTube videos and composing. He wishes to inspire and offer advice to aspiring pianists and musicians worldwide via videos with his thought-provoking performances and tutorials. An independent scholar as well as performer, Hall holds graduate degrees in piano and historical musicology from The Eastman School of Music and The University of Kansas. BachScholar™ website:

Dec 072011

Question by Jonnyboy: Is Full metal alchemist brotherhood more violent than the original?
I’ve always thought the original was violent (With a guys head exploding and arms getting ripped off), but in brotherhood whenever theres gore it was almost censored and didn’t look scary. So what are your opinions on which is more violent?

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Answer by Bara Bara
Someone said that Brotherhood is more violent than Elfen Lied, they obviously haven’t seen it.

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Nov 012011

Question by davidbrookesuk: At what point does the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime diverge from the Manga?
I’m intreagued by the FMA: Brotherhood series, but can’t be bothered to basically watch remakes of the first twenty episodes or whatever.

At what point does the original series diverge from the Manga, or is it quite different from the start?

Is there a point where I can pick up FMA: Brotherhood (say episode 10?) where I can enjoy the “true” storylines without having to watch stuff that is very similar to what I’ve watched before?


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Answer by <(^__^)>…….. Meh……
Pick it up at episode 14. There as some differances, but nothing major. Episode 14 is where the big differances start.

<> The first half of that episode seems similiar, but when the fight happens at the Devils nest (where we meet Greed) big differances start and todays episode wasn’t even in the original.

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