Apr 192014

Question by Great Dane: If I am interested in Medicine, and Neuroscience as well, which following options should I go for:?
1) Medicine, then go for Neurology (Neurology is not the same as neuroscience right? Neuroscience is more towards research?)
2) Take Neuroscience as a first degree, then enter Medicine graduate programme
3) Medicine / Neuroscience alone is enough, two degrees won’t do any good

Best answer:

Answer by eri
Major in neuroscience and take the premed classes. Then you’ll have the option of going to medical school to possibly go into neurology, or to graduate school to become a neuroscientist instead.

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Dec 172011

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Nov 162011

Question by Sean M: What are my job options after college with a degree in psychology and a minor in neuroscience?
Is there any money in research? Would I even be able to get a good job? Is grad school my best option? Just wondering whats out there.

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Answer by tropicalfancy
Go be a mental health counselor.

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Jul 042011

Question by Alexandra: What are the options if you pass the chemistry class but failed the chemistry regents?
What are the options if you pass the chemistry class but failed the chemistry regents?
What are the options if you pass the chemistry class but failed the NY regents?
I failed the chemistry regents and I heard from a senior that if you pass the class, you don’t have to take the regents. Is that true? What diploma would you get? Is it better for me to take the regents over again? Are there any other ways to gain back a advanced regents diploma since I failed the chemistry regents?
Only serious answers please.

Best answer:

Answer by ayazthefewl
That’s not true at all. Seniors don’t have to take the regents. However if you failed, you need to take it in august.

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Mar 072011

Question by amiedotorg: what are the neuroscience options in the military?
Im interested in the Air Force and Navy, I was wondering if they offered careers in neuroscience-studying sleep patterns, etc?

Best answer:

Answer by HDH
Are you in med school??

At least get a Bachelors of Science in something. Maybe you can serve in the Reserves and study full-time while you are at it, then go to Med School with the military’s medical tuition and stipend program.

Go talk to Navy and Air Force Reserve recruiters.

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Jul 152010

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Jun 192010

Question by akis: What job options are available in the field of neuroscience and how much do you make on average?
I am planning to go into the major Neuroscience in college and am wondering if it is the right major to go into. I am not sure what job options I have after I graduate and how much I will make.

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Answer by Antonia C
If you posess a degree – or any extra qualification – then you’ll already be in front of of the masses when it comes to looking for jobs. My friend has a degree and he wasn’t sure what direction to go with it, but he uncovered some great tips and tricks on the resource in the resource box below which guided him to decide that he wanted to be a lab assistant. There is a lot of assistance on the resource regarding extra jobs.

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Jun 142010

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