Oct 182011

Question by jdhobbes: Is there a higher percentage of gays in the Pagan communities due to their open-minded ideas of sexuality?
I was discussing this with friends. They felt that because pagans are more open-minded about their sexuality, that gays would be more drawn to paganism. I’m not so sure. I don’t think that a person’s sexual orientation influences their choice of spiritual belief or expression, other than choosing a religion that tolerates, accepts, or celebrates that part of yourself.

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Answer by God answers all questions

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Sep 162011

Question by John: Where to meet extremely open-minded futuristic liberal hippiesh women?
Other than the peace corps (which is my goal to join in life).

Women that aren’t concerned with superficial crap like fashion, make up, shoes, etc.
Women that are non-judgemental extremely open minded, don’t care about skin color, sexuality, etc.
Intelligent, open minded, caring, feminine, hippie kind of women.


I know this isn’t the correct section but you guys seem cool.

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Answer by Gwennie B
I’m right here waitin’ for ya!

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