Feb 252012

Question by Jinx: What are the names of the opening and ending themes of fullmetal alchemist?
its an easy ren points.
just list the song name and the people who sing it.
all the ones there are if you can.


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Answer by Flash Flood
Here is a list off all of them

Opening #1 : Porno Graffiti – Melissa
Opening #2 : L arc-en-Ciel – Ready Steady Go
Opening #3 : Cool Joke – Undo
Opening #4 : Asian Kung Fu Generation – Rewrite

Ending #1 : Porno Graffiti – Melissa
Ending #2 : Nana Kitade – Kesenai Tsumi / The Unerasable Sin
Ending #3 : Yellow Generation – Tobira no Mukou e / To The Other Side of the Door
Ending #4 : Crystal Kay – Motherland
Ending #5 : Sowelu – I Will
New Series
Opening #1 : – Yui – Again
Ending #1 : Sid – Uso

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May 102011

Sragow Gets Reel: Opening night: The seltzer short brought the fizz
The Maryland Film Festival Opening-Night Shorts usually leave you sated. Last night’s program left you feeling, “OK, on with the Show!” Three of the four selections were similar in length (15 minutes), mode (live-action drama) and muted tones (tender, sardonic and ominous).
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Keeping with the Joneses (Robert and Fay) at Ellensburg gallery
A rare joint show of works by Northwest artists Fay and Robert Jones at Gallery One in Ellensburg, May 6-28, 2011.
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Heston Blumenthal cooks up new recipe for afternoon tea: plenty of sherry
On Monday the chef, known for his experimental cuisine, will give a talk and provide tasters of his new delicacies – all ideal to be served with the fortified wine.
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Apr 222011

Question by Fowler: What spell would I refer to in opening my Lovers eyes to his selfishness and one sidedness?
Been in a 4 year relationship. He allows himself certain behaviors that would not be accepted should the roles be reversed. I also have told him that the behavior hurts my feelings, yet he continues thinking it is a minor offense.
What spell can I refer to that would open his eyes to his one sidedness?

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Answer by sk8rfella
Umm how about the spell of “Talking problems out like adults”? This well known enchantment is known to have solved, on average, 2457% more problems than chanting “Please love me. Please love me. Please love me.” whilst throwing handfuls of black pepper, salt and cayenne pepper in his face.

Dunno but to me it seems like you need to try and deal with your personal problems like a sensible human being, rather than attempting to “magic” them away (pun HEAVILY intended).

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Apr 192011

futurequake.com http Educate on some History of Sorcery, Drugs in Spirit Contact (Secular, Biblical Records) Explain Impact of Sorcery Activities in Modern Era Reveal Current Developments in Revival of Interest in Sorcery Propose Hypotheses of How These Activities Can Fulfill Bible Prophecy Suggest Activities Today That May Fulfill Model Recommend Actions to Address Threat
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Dec 282010

from “The Tragedy of Macbeth” (1971 film) directed by Roman Polanski Young Witch: Noelle Rimmington Blind Witch: Maisie MacFarquhar First Witch: Elsie Taylor even more rhyming: In Shakespeare’s day, “heath” rhymed with “Macbeth”, and “again” rhymed with “rain”. from DJ Snider’s “System of Shakespeare’s Dramas” (1877): What is the purpose for which the Poet employs these shapes? The answer must give the most important point for the proper comprehension of the play. It lies in the character of Banquo and Macbeth to see such specters. Hence they are absolutely necessary for the characterization. The Wierd Sisters are beheld by these two persons alone, and it must be considered as the deepest phase of their nature that they behold the unreal phantoms. Both have the same temptations; both are endowed with a strong imagination; both witness the same apparition. In other words, the external influences which impel to evil are the same for both. In their excited minds these influences take the form of the Weird Sisters. Such is the design of the poet; he thus gives us at once an insight into the profoundest trait of their characters. In no other way could he portray so well the tendency to be controlled and victimized by the imagination, which sets up its shapes as actual, and then misleads men into following its fantastic suggestions….
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A gang of female Skate Boarders and their pet rats terrorize all the boy skate boarders in town. 1986. Super 8. This film is available on the dvd Warts & All: The Films of Danny Plotnick which is available on Netflix, Green Cine, from Amazon and from dannyplotnick.com. Includes a commentary track.
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