Jun 092013

Question by Dr Sardonicus: Which psychotropic plant alkaloids best open the doors between planes of consciousness?
One’s consciousness starts to perceive an iridescent aura enveloping the people and objects around them. A bit later, we feel a pressure, the pulsing of energy within and outside of the body, expanding in concentric waves like those created by a stone thrown on the surface of a lake.

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Answer by I HAZ A BANANA

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Jan 102012

Question by Jay: What does it take to open up a paper conversion plant?
I want to start up a small scale industry in my country and I’m reasearching on paper recycling and conversion. What is the criteria and what are the requirements for setting up such enterprise? Also, what are the related fields involved and what is my budget and planning supposed to look like. In terms of marketing, what do I look out for and how do I go about it?

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Answer by Gerald S
Go to http://www.score.org/template_gallery.html and download the Excel template for estimating start up costs.

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Dec 262011

Question by Greek & Coptic Translator: Do some Christians really practice bibliomancy; divination by letting a Bible fall open then reading a verse?
Evidently some do this by asking a question then expecting God’s answer to be in the first verse they see on the open pages.

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Answer by Gyrine77
If you just allow a Bible to freely fall open, what you read there will God’s own Truth.

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Nov 062011

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