Jun 222014

Question by sam: In university requirements, is geography considered a ‘science’, or is it only physics, biology, chemistry?
I know that biology, chemistry and physics are typical sciences, but i was wondering if geography was considered as a science?
In terms of university requirements/applications..? (in the UK)

For example some courses i am looking at, state the requirements of English and a science..and physics was the only science i took at GCSE level, and i dropped it after that.

oh yeah..social studies. i don’t know why i didn’t think of that..cos i actually know it aha :| there was just something in the back of my mind thinking that geography might be classed as a science..like an earth science.

oh well..thanks anyway. [:

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Answer by ☮Androgynous☮
Geography is considered as a social study, I believe.
Also, chemistry, biology, and physics are lab sciences, unlike psychology, sociology, and physical science.

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Feb 182014

Question by Astone: in real life can alchemy only be used 4 turning stone into gold or can it be used like in Full Metal Alchemist
also/or can you tell me how to BECOME an alchemist?

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Answer by bugsie
In real life IF alchemy could be used to turn rock or medal into GOLD, then every one would be an Alchemist.
The truth is that it is a marvelous fable, like Robin Hood, or Atlantis the lost city, or The Holy Grail!
In the 21century, any one can with good grades and the will power go to a private or State University and major in some Chemistry field, this will qualify you to call your self an Alchemist, which is only the mid evil term for Chemist.
I have taken college chemistry courses out of need, I hope if you enjoy chemistry you take them out of want for a better future for you and the people you can potentially help by becoming a chemical engineer or a pharmacist etc.

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Jan 252014

Question by Rick D: What should we do in Mystic, CT if we have only 1 day?
My girlfriend and I are staying near Foxwoods Resort during the first week of August 2010. We plan on spending one day in Mystic, CT. Do you have any ideas on what we should do while we’re in Mystic? What areas/neighborhoods are the best? We’re in our late 20′s and like the idea of walking the historic streets and catching a nice late lunch/early dinner. The aquarium is a possibility, though it’s not a necessity. Looking forward to reading your ideas!


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Answer by John L
The two things to do in Mystic are the aquarium and the seaport. They’re both interesting, but if you only have time for one of them, it depends whether you prefer things that swim in the sea, or things that sail upon it.

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Oct 202013

Question by jump: Can I take only one laboratory science course and still be eligible for UC’s and private colleges?
If I don’t want to major science in private colleges or UC’s, can I take only one laboratory(which is AP Physics) science course and still be eligible?

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Answer by Hello
Technically you need to take 2 laboratory sciences to be eligible for UCs and privates. However, your sophomore-year coordinated science or basic biology course should count as a laboratory science. If you’re really desperate, try self-studying and take an SAT II or AP; that would also meet the requirement without having to take a class.

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Feb 112013

Question by Eric: Hey, are there really only 51 episodes to Fullmetal Alchemist?
Hey guys, so I watched ‘the’ 51 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. And I really loved it. Although I know that for Naruto when it ‘ended’ there was Naruto Shippuden. And when Hunter x Hunter ended, there were about 30 episodes after that, under a different name. Does Fullmetal Alchemist continue by any chance? I bloody love it and even though the ‘ending’ was spectacular would be nice if it continued. Even just fillers haha.

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Answer by Red Blue
no it’s done at episode 51, but there is a movie that sums it up which you can find on youtube.

you should watch brotherhood though, it’s another retelling of the series based on the manga, it is almost the same as the first untill about episode 13, then it changes and the story turns out way different.

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Feb 042013

Question by kerby: how would i increase the horsepower of my car only by changing the air intake?
i have a 98 Muercry Mystic and i know that when i get the air compresser and blow air directly in to the air filter chamber i get more horse power, how do i achieve the same effect with out having to buy a turbo charger. any one know of a simple home made device?

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Answer by jeff s
Opening up the intake allows the engine to breathe better. Try routing the air intake duct to point toward the front of the car where the most air comes into the engine compartment and also remove the intake silencer. Good luck.

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Sep 142012
by grsing

Question by : Do you agree, as the mystics hold, that there’s no “time” as we know it, but only “now”?

Oh, what I meant was there’s no “past and future” but only the eternal moment of “now.”

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Answer by Vanity
Yes…but that was no secret and certainly not magic.

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Jul 232012

Question by : Do you think everything we see is only there when we observe it?
Quantum physics is the study of the interaction of atoms and the microscopic universe.
Quantum Physics gave us TV (the image is formed by electrons being shot at a layer of phosphorous on the inside of the screen.)
Quantum also gave us microwave ovens, lasers, cell phones, nuclear energy, and the atom bomb.

In the early days Quantum researchers did various experiments on electrons, or the tiny particles that seem to fly around the nucleus of an atom and of which everything in our present existence is made.
The results of these experiments caused the world of physics to question many of its laws, and even had Einstein losing it over what it all meant.
Neils Bohr, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, John Bell, and Erwin Schrodinger who made achievements in Quantum physics were all given Nobel Prizes.
Unless Nobel Prizes are given for myths or to idiots, the experiments listed below are definitely worth our contemplation.

a) The most important experiment was known as the Double Slit Experiment.

This experiment was simply done; if you take a gun and shoot black sand, through 2 slits on a metal plate with a white wall behind it you will get an image that looks like this on the white wall:


If you point a flashlight through the 2 slits you will get an image on the wall that looks like this:


This is called an interference pattern and you may notice how the lines in the middle are stronger than the ones on the edges as is common in all experiments done with light waves – water ripples are similar to light waves.
Everything in our present existence is made of either matter (solid particles) or light.

This experiment is a basic yet very effective method of differentiating between waves and what is composed of particles — or matter – on the atomic level.

Back to electrons: when scientists shot electrons through the plate with the double slit the result was that of a wave


This drove the scientific community nuts as they thought that electrons were particles made of matter.
After much controversy, theories as to why, and repeated experiments scientists decided to watch exactly what the electrons were doing as they passed through the 2 slits. The result that followed turned the world of physics around.
When the electrons were observed the result was:


When the observation device was switched off the result was again:

a wave

Electrons would switch from waves into matter particles instantly and only when scientists were observing them.
Did the electrons seem to know somehow when they were being watched and would snap into being particles of matter and “behave” only when they were being observed?
For anything on the planet to be switching back and forth from waves into matter is impossible. – It does not compute.
This phenomenon is now called in Quantum “The Collapse of a Wave.”

The Collapse of a Wave has been one of the most startling discoveries of Quantum Physics.
Physicists have a stream of theories, but this simple yet unexplainable experiment declared to humanity that everything we are looking at– as completely irrational as it may seem – on the quantum level – turns into reality or solid form – only when it is observed.
No one really knows what is going on down there; there is no real explanation possible.
Without the observer – nothing is solid.

Einstein grew increasingly troubled by the “Collapse of a Wave” and toward the end of his life at one point during a heart-to-heart talk with physicist Abraham Pais asked “Do you really believe the moon exists only when I look at it?”
Does everything only exist when it is being observed?
This would mean consciousness is creating what we see with our eyes. Many theories have been given in regards to the Collapse of a Wave; the most popular being co-dimensions existing at the same time and electrons are switching back and forth between them.

Another is the existence of a sort of “fabric” that connects everything in the universe. When consciousness “observes” the fabric then the solid image forms …

Presently all quantum physics equations now have the “observer” factor added.
Stephen Hawkings recently said that whoever can decipher Quantum has deciphered the language of the universe.

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Answer by David Rea
I didn’t read that, just answering your first question.

No. But I can never prove it.

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Jul 232012

Question by kp10: ok, i have phyco dreams am i the only one?
once i dreamt that my causin called me and asked me to watch the kids (he has 2) so i walked down to his house and when i got there my enitre family was there and my cousin and my parents informed me that they were going to disney world and i was to watch every cousin under hte age of 12. there were like 20 kids. then all the grown ups got on this huge bus and left me alone with all these kids.

i also dreamt the devil was eating scrambled eggs in my closet.

last week i dreamt that i was watching the tv show house and they solved this mystery about an 11 year old boy who was secretly a transvestite, and they knew this cause his blood turned pink. then it showed house and his doctors in a jar of mud or soup doing a happy dance with these long poles, they looked like they were in some kind of tribe. then the one lead chick, came and as soon as she got to the jar they all diapeared. then it went to her office and she was talking to herself about them disappearing, and when
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24 minutes ago

and when it showed the seat were this person she was talking to was, no body was there, then she said something else and it turned back to the seat and this guy was there, he looked like a blonde abe lincoln, he had a top hat and everything.

then last night i dreamt that i was smoking cigarsin my sisters bed.

does anybody else have dreams like this?

and what do they mean?
19 minutes ago

they probably don’t mean anything, but there just so ridiculas.

oh once i dreamt i was being chased by a midget with a skin disorder on my sisters wedding day.
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Answer by Fallen Angel
nope…mine are insane. I always wake up freaked out and want to tell people bout my dreams…but its so hard to explain dreams cause they’re so weird and broken and no one ever gets it lol

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Apr 042012

Question by : I am bad at physics, computer science,chemistry, but good at only maths so does it mean that I have no chance?
I am usually good at solving word problems in math, but when it comes to physics and chemistry as well as computer science, I am completely horrible at them(I tried my best but just suck at it). Also, is computer science easier or harder than science/engineering. I am also bad at writing essays. Does this mean I have no chance in higher education
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Answer by PracticaL Mentor
Although most college degrees require some science, you can probably choose something like biology that does not require the same type of thinking as physic and chemistry. If like math there are careers in teaching, cytology, statistics, business, etc. that do not require a science or engineering application.
You can get a tutor to help you though any required science courses you are required to take in college. Writing and communications are basic skills are a big plus in any career. Perhaps you could put a little more effort into learning to write more effectively. It takes time and effort to become a good writer. Try to keep your writing simple and stick to a basic point. Another is to write as if you were talking to someone. Computer science is different than computer programing and more oriented to the role and future use of computers. It is much different than electronics engineering which designs computer hardware. Best of luck The PracticaL Mentor

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