Apr 052013

Question by navy2kzzz: Where can I listen to this book online?
I am trying to find “The Venus Throw: A mystery of ancient Rome” by Steven Saylor. I am having trouble finding it myself, so any help would be much appreciated!

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Answer by hello!
Hi I don’t know if you have a library card with your nearest library, but if you do, try their website or ask at the library because nowadays many libraries are putting online ebooks and audio books that you can download to your computer and you can put a lot of them on your ipod (if you have one)

so try that route. it’s free and there are soooo many options

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Dec 102012

Question by applecracker.mist: Where can I download Fullmetal Alchemist episodes online for free?
No matter how hard I look, I can’t seem to find a website where I can download episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist fore free.

Does anybody where I can download them? o:

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Answer by nhilden20


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Dec 062012

Question by captain K: were can i watch full metal alchemist brotherhood online in English dub?
this part 2 of full metal alchemist/full metal alchemist brotherhood im tryin to find it in english dub not sub DUB i dont wanna read every word running on the bottom.

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Answer by Co
You can watch the first English dubbed episode at justdubs.net for starters.

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Aug 312012

Question by The Salesman: Where can I go to learn basic science, chemistry and physics online for free?
I have very little money and I am desperate to learn these subjects. Please help.

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Answer by Nuclear Sauce
here are some good online resources:





and don’t forget about wikipedia…it has tons of information; and surprisingly, youtube has a few decent learning resources if you can search past all the bs….

hope this helps

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Jan 292012

Question by hayabusa1989: What would I classify an online short film/ awareness video as on my acting resume?
I just finished a video that will be broadcasted across youtube and different websites that is a short film and an awareness video. What would I classify this under (film, commercial, etc) Thanks

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Answer by ActorGuru.com
You can classify it as a “short film” or you can also call it an “industrial video.” IMDB.com has many registered short films. You can also try to get your project up on there for more exposure.

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Jan 192012

Question by nopers: Can you get an online weather prediction for 2 and half weeks away?
When picking a date for and outdoor public event can you get an online weather prediction for 2 and half weeks away?

This is Greenville, TX, May 20, 2006.
I need to know if it is going to rain.

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Answer by babygirl_2001_691
ok it may not be right but it will maybe be 81 for the high and 61 for the low

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Jan 062012

Question by kingdomsower: Can anyone suggest a serious online forum dealing with religion & spirituality?
So many, if not most, of the questions and answers the the Religion & Spirituality section of Yahoo! Answers are entertaining & absurd. Other than being entertained, is anyone really benefited? If anyone can knows of a forum of serious discussions, it would be good to know.

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Answer by mokshere

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Jan 042012

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Jan 032012

Question by : Where can I watch Merlin online in the uk?
I’d really like to watch the first, second and third series of Merlin again. Obviously they’re not on bbc iplayer any more, but I can’t find anywhere to watch them. A lot of websites are US only, and the ones I’ve found on youtube are very fuzzy.
I’d really like a link to a safe website, or someone on youtube who has them up in good-ish quality.

Thanks in advance x

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Answer by Natnoo
Try www.watch-series.eu it’s not strictly a UK website but I live in England and I’ve been able to watch a lot of British series on it. Hope this helps :)

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Dec 222011

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