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Question by Swapnil: Is it Hindu the oldest religion and advanced culture on the planet?
Many western culture people, aethist thinks its just a story or such things without reaserching it in detail. but in hindu mythology, the legends like lord Krishna’s Dwarka and lord rama’s Ram setu has been mentioned and they are still exist in India. And also It is belived that Newton invented Gravity theory but in real it was already discovered by mathematician and rishi Bhaskaracharya. Also A full theory about aeroplanes ‘Vimana Shastra’ has already been written 5000 years before Wright brothers invented it. Still more interesting advanced thing written in oldest ancient hindu lituratures known as ‘Vedas’. There are 8 main chapters in ‘Vimana Shastra’

1. The secrets of constructing aeroplanes, which will not break, which cannot be cut, will not catch fire, and cannot be destroyed. 2. The secret of making planes motionless. 3. The secret of making planes invisible. 4. The secret of hearing conversations and other sounds in enemy places. 5. The secret of retrieving photographs of the interior of enemy planes 6. The secret of ascertaining the direction of enemy planes approach. 7. The secret of making persons in enemy planes lose consciousness. 8. The secret of destroying enemy planes

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Answer by John Farnham
Aeroplanes that will not break, catch on fire or be destroyed? Someone from the military should read up on that.

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Dec 132012

Question by Tom: What were the oldest human remains found in the Americas?
And what is your source of information. What method was used to determine the age of the remains? What were the earliest discovered on the North American Continent?

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Answer by Bigcee
Neg_oid skulls were found in the Brazil that date 12,000 years old predate the oldest Mongoloid
skull found dates 9,000 years this predates the Mongoloid by 3000 years
Luzia’s skull was discovered in the early 1970s by a French archeologist in a layer of sediment in Amazonas and was dismissed as insignificant. It was given
away to the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, where it remained until a few years ago when Walter Neves, professor of biological anthropology at the
University of Sao Paolo, heard about it and realised that it might provide vital clues for solving the mystery of America’s anthropological heritage.

The procedure has revealed conclusive evidence of Luzia’s ancestry. Neves is still shocked by his findings. “When we started seeing the results, it was
amazing because we realised the statistics were not showing these people to be Mongoloid; they were showing that they were anything except Mongoloid,” he

Luzia was reconstructed by Richard Neave, a forensic artist from the University of Manchester, for Ancient Voices, a BBC2 documentary to be shown next week.
Neave’s reconstruction backed up Neves’s calculations: “That to me is a negroid face. The proportions of the face do not say anything about it being
Techniques used were Carbon dating, digital face reconstruction, the scientific method of DOE

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Jan 112011

Question by hhhiiiiiiii peoples: What is the oldest religion known to man??
i searched google, but i got different answers..some said hinduism, judaisim, voodooism, i don’t know what the real answer is?

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Answer by lisa425lisa
Greek Gods?

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Dec 162010

NYC – Bronx – Bronx Zoo: Jungle World – Silver Leaf Monkeys
old world

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103-year-old woman is Facebook’s oldest user
LONDON: Briton Lillian Lowe still logs on to Facebook at the grand old age of 103 – making her the oldest person in the world to have an account on the social networking website.
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World record denies Australia swim gold
AUSTRALIA has claimed its first medal on the opening night of the world short course titles in Dubai.
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