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Question by Steve A: Can anyone tell me what was William Butler Yeats obsession with the occult was?
And how it influence his poetry?

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Answer by vicky
William Butler Yeats is one of the many famous names to come from the original Golden Dawn. His poetry and writings were a display of his passion for mysticism and the Occult Sciences. These were largely expressed in various publications (e.g. Your Pathway), earning him the Nobel Prize in 1924 for literature. But more important was his desire and striving for knowledge of that which is beyond what we know and that of the unknown.
William Butler Yeats was third-generation Irish, born in Dublin on June 13, 1865. From day one he was up against a wall regarding his religious beliefs, for his grandfather was a deeply Orthodox Rector in the Church of England, while his father was a complete religious skeptic. With this conflict already in place, young William walked the very fine line of between faith and disbelief.
Being faced with this dilema, Yeats was destined to find the balance by whatever means necessary. This first step occurred after reading numerous text on the subjects of Occultism, the Tibetan Mysteries, Buddhism, and other beliefs. All of these subjects ignited his desire to learn and to know. Aside from his readings, what further expanded his desire was his discovery of a society purporting to be Ancient and non-European. This new movement simply called The Theosophical Society, claimed to have the ability to offer a “synthesis” of religion, science, and philosophy. For at that particular time in human development, none of these three disciplines were ready to integrate with the other, but this is what fascinated Yeats. This is what he longed for.
Upon hearing of the Society, Yeats soon met the founder, Madame Helene Blavatsky, and was very intrigued by her. After many metaphysical conversations with her and many hours of long thought on the issue, Yeats took one of his first steps on his path of occult wisdom, and joined the famed Theosophical Society of London. The Society provided Yeats with a kind of outlet that he needed to express his thoughts and feelings that the Victorian society of the time might have considered risque or improper. After attending various Theosophical meetings, Yeats felt at home.
William felt this way at least on an outside level. But deep on the inside, his heart had another desire that the Society could never touch. Being around others who shared similar lines of thinking was a step in the right direction for Yeats, but he realized that there was more to all this learned knowledge than just plain talk. With the thoughts in his mind forming very strongly, Yeats was once again yearning for more than what his universe had revealed.
But soon after this discovery was made, Yeats also discovered that fellow members of the Theosophical society felt the same. It was at this point that Madame Blavatsky was approached by such people, asking for more. She obliged, and formed an additional branch to the Society called, “The Esoteric Section.” This branch of the Society dared to venture into the area of magic and hoped to prove to others that Occult phenomena is possible. This was the answer to Yeats prayers, (to an extent). In addition, the E.S. assured everyone that they would not actually be practicing magic but would be undergoing the necessary magical training before magical power was entrusted to the student.
Such magical training consisted of the learning of magical and esoteric symbols, correspondences, creating interrelationships between the seasons, various parts of the body, the five elements, colors, numbers, etc.
As fulfilling as all of this new knowledge and experience was, Yeats soon lost hope in this new branch, due to the fact that all experiments performed by the E.S. were quite unsuccessful. Several took place; raising the ghost of a flower, evoking a dream by use of a symbol under the dreamer’s pillow, all of which failed. Once again, Yeats felt that something was missing. After witnessing many failures and only minimal success, Yeats lost hope in this new branch, and felt it was time to continue on, rather than stay stagnant. This led to his discovery of another society, which many of his friends in the T.S. were joining. This new organization was beautifully titled,

“The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.”

The Golden Dawn satisfied Yeat’s need to dig into his very core, and unleash what has been buried for so long. As Yeats soon discovered, the Golden Dawn Incorporated traditional European Cabalistic Magic and astrology, as opposed to the wisdom of the East. In addition, the Golden Dawn encouraged exploration and wielding of power (over the material universe, unlike Blavatsky who constantly warned students against the practice of phenomena and oftentimes discouraged it altogether.) This highly pleased Yeats, and allowed him to open his magical aspirations to as high as he would go.
Aside from knowing various friends in the Golden Dawn that were previously attending the T.S., Yeats’ decision to join the Golden Dawn can be credited to one of the Order’s founders: S. L. MacGregor Mathers. His magical powers left a strong and lasting impression upon Yeats, and assured him of the validity of the Golden Dawn’s Work.
Instead of handing him theories on how and why things work, the Golden Dawn showed him the answers, gave him the desired results, and the freedom and the opportunity for constant experimentation and expression. This expression was further reflected in his writings. For example, his poem, Images, makes many references to various Occult meanings.

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MP3 www.4shared.com Guests: Evelyn Paglini, Lauren Weinstein Occult & Predictions: In the first half of Thursday’s show, practitioner and teacher of natural magic, Dr. Evelyn Paglini, returned to share predictions, and talk about the dark side of the occult, as well as candle magic. In the near term, she sees a bleak outlook for the economy, and is especially concerned about senior citizens, whom she said may have to choose between heat or food, this winter and the next. This winter will be especially frigid, with record ice and snowfalls, leading to power outages and airport closures, she predicted. California will see earthquakes in the 5.8 to 6.3 range, and there will also be “rumbling” in the Midwest, and South Carolina, she continued. She believes the Occupy Wall St. movement is going to get bigger and better, with more defined goals and political power, though infiltrators will try to tarnish the organization. “To succeed as a practitioner on the dark side, you must master good and evil,” said Paglini. But, interestingly, as diabolical as those who practice black magic can be, they often don’t see themselves as being on the dark side, and are able to justify their actions, she commented. In working with candle magic, one chooses an ” image candle” in the shape of a person to represent themselves or another person, and then picks a specific color for the candle, such as green for success, money, and prosperity. While the candle is lit, the practitioner focuses

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Question by coloredpage: what has the occult and spirituality taught us about our world?
I realize that through spirituality we are trying to come closer to who we really are, but what has both spirituality and the occult taught us about the energies that we call from?

I’ve read so many articles that I feel are well written, but pointless. They forget the goal of what they’re writing about. I know who I am, but I want to know more about what I don’t know.

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Answer by rockorock
Spirit of the World

Definition: The impelling force that influences human society made up of those who are not servants of Jehovah God, causing such people to say and do things according to a characteristic pattern. Although people act on individual preferences, those who manifest the spirit of the world give evidence of certain basic attitudes, ways of doing things, and aims in life that are common to the present system of things of which Satan is ruler and god.

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STAGE HYPNOTISM – A Text Book of Occult Entertainment

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Three books of occult Philosophy or Magic

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Comparative mythologist, author and teacher John Lash returns to the program to discuss “The Mysteries”, Religion, Gnosticism, Mystery Schools and the alleged connection to the Globalist Elite. Many different researchers in the alternative research community claim that the elite powers are stepped in the “Mystery religions”. They are accused of practicing paganism and occult rituals. Is this true? Is it true paganism? Can this myth be clarified further and can it be defined with more appropriate terminology? Topics Discussed: The Mysteries, The Pagan Mysteries, 415 AD, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Salvationism, The Superman, Gnostics, Deification, Devine Intelligence, Pagan People, Roman Empire, Messiah, Execution of the Gnostics, Etruscans, Human Psychosis, Pathology, The Globalist Game, Serial Killers, Sociopaths, Ted Bundy, Occult Techniques, Subconscious Suggestions, Orchestration of Social Evil, Black Magic, Sophia Myth, the Re-emergence of the Mystery Schools, Theosophist, Organic Light, Counter Magic, Immunity to Resist the Dementia, Shamanism, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Iboga Cult, Voracious, The Expose of the New World Order, Archons, Mind Parasites, Pagans and much more. We continue to talk about the insertion of the idea of the Anti Christ figure into Christianity and what function this might carry on a bigger scale. John poses the question of why the Gnostics or the disciples of the Myth of Sophia, didn’t do anything to protect themselves from the

My videos have been attacked by a particular satanist I therefore had to stop the ratings and comments . I hope you understand why I had to do this. P03TICA Gnostic Luciferianism – What is it ? (FULL) Luciferianism – Religion of Apotheosis – Paul & Phillip Collins Phillip has studied philosophy, political science, journalism, theatre, religion, and classic literature. In 1999, Phillip earned an Associate degree of Arts and Science. In 2006, he earned a bachelor’s degree with a major in communication studies and liberal studies along with a minor in philosophy. He has also written articles for Paranoia Magazine, MKzine, News With Views, BIPED: The Official Website of Darwinian Dissent and Conspiracy Archive. A comprehensive collection of Phillip’s work can be read at: www.conspiracyarchive.com He co-authored the ACL Report concerning the social sciences and psychological warfare (on-line subscription). He recently completed a collection of short stories, poetry, and prose entitled Expansive Thoughts. Readers can learn more here: www.ExpansiveThoughts.com www.thebyteshow.com

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