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Question by jayakrishnaathmavidya: Physics is coming to Philosophy or what? Quantum Mechanics says even the material objects have conscience?
Probably Niels Bohr was of the opinion that God can play dice also. Experiments show that if ther are two slits ahead, An electron fired from an electron gun can decide thru which slit it should go… can that mean stones have life, cars have life, houses have lives, probably ther is an element of Divinity in everything around..? Physics is coming to Philosophy or what?
Oh! the Physics Master has a phantastic answer.. so simple that any layman can understand these concepts of Science and now the Philosopher in jk tells that the phenominon called probability in its last resort, i mean when goes into the subtle roots, may be nothing but the limited individual conscience and what Quantum Mechanics theory of Modern World says basically under the roots the individual Coscience is part and parsel of a Collective Universal or Cosmic Consciousness … this is just an attempt to further get into the subtle roots of Probability and Q.M. in the limelight of Oriental Thoughts (Eastern Philosophical Concepts) of Jeevathma and Paramathma… any thank you very much for a wonderful answer ….

luv and SAI RAM,

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Answer by geek49203
And religion too….

Scientific understanding always has an impact on religion and philosophy… the more we know, the more questions that fall into the realm of the theologian and the philosopher, and the more that old theologies and philosopies are challenged (or confirmed).

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Dec 072011

Question by Kasia: What kind of geometry is used when objects in water stick out and form an illusion?
Sorry my question might sound a little confusing…
but what i mean is, say you have a reed in a pond. The part of the reed that sticks out above water looks straight, but the part that is underwater looks diagonal. A lot of straight things make this illusion when you put them in water, even a straw in a cup of soda.
What is this illusion called? and does it use any geometry?

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Answer by Ms. Worth
The phenomenon is called “refraction.”

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Aug 132011

Question by Farsight: Can the magnetism in hematite be affected using household objects?
I got a rosary made of the stuff recently and it is weakly magnetic. I would love to either A) strengthen the magnetism so that it will stick to my refrigerator or slightly less preferably B) remove the magnetism so that the beads won’t stick to each other as much.

Is this possible? I’m all for making small electromagnets out of copper wire and nails or something equally time consuming if I have to.

(apologies if this is the wrong section of Y!A. It’s the best I could think of off the top of my head)

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Answer by U.K.Export
Hematite is not magnetic. The only two possibilities are that your rosary is made from the mineral magnetite or cut polished steel which can both look similar to polished hematite. You will not increase the magnetism in the beads but they can be demagnetized. This requires passing them through a coil with an alternating magnetic field. Your local watch maker may be able to help as many repairers have a demagnetizer which is used to fix watches that have been accidentally exposed to a strong magnetic field.
Hope that helps a little.

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