Mar 142014

Question by I Laugh @ joo!: If you were a state alchemist [FMA] what would your specialty and your nickname be?
Like Ed’s state alchemist’s name is “FullMetal Alchemist”
and Roy’s “Flame Alchemist”
and there’s “silver alchemist”

and so on…

Specialty, like Marco is for medical stuff… and the one who turned into chimera [FMA anime] was specializing in biology or human something. T-T

There aren’t much techy stuffs in FMA since it’s in some era [I forgot]..

I would be research about technology >8D
And give them CELLPHONES! lmao

I don’t know my nickname… O.O
my brain hurts. I don’t normally think hard like this. (._.”)

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Answer by Kana
weeaboo alchemist.

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Jul 062012

Question by : Do you thing the word Mystic is a good or cool nickname for a girl?
Ok so I am a girl and I have been called the word Mystic about eight times in the past to days. So i was wondering if Mystic would be a good or cool nickname.

Best answer:

Answer by Glenn
Mystic can work, maybe you can add to it.

Mystic Mayhem

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