Dec 262013

Question by Camisha: What are some choices for majors in college since I aspire to be neurosurgeon?
I aspire to be a neurosurgeon but not all colleges offer neurosurgery or neuroscience as a major. Including these what are some choices I have as a major to be a succesful neurosurgeon.

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Answer by eri
Not all colleges offer neuroscience, but no colleges offer a neurosurgery major. Major in anything and take the premed classes in bio, chem, physics, math, and English. Keep your college GPA well over 3.5 and do very well on the MCATs. Med school is another 4 years after that, followed by 5 years of general surgical residency, followed by 5 years of fellowship in neurosurgery. This will be at 4 different schools/hospitals so you can start at any 4-year college or university.

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Dec 022013

Question by blahblahblah: How do I become a neurosurgeon in Australia?
I’m interested in becoming a neurosurgeon, and I have been looking a particular university courses and info, but I’m not exactly sure which pathway will lead me to becoming one.
For example, do I study a bachelor of science or a bachelor of bio-medicine majoring in neuroscience? Then what would I do after that?

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Answer by scat
You need a Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery. That is you have to become a doctor first, gain general experience and then be ucky enough to get into a surgery programs and then be lucky to be able to specialize in neurosurgery.

In layman terms – a neurosurgeon is like a high school principle. You do not go to university and do a degree in Bachelor of High School Principal. You become a teacher (Bachelor of Medicine), move up the ranks (intern and residency years), do a couple more courses (surgical rotations), get more responsibility (surgical residency program) and then work up to becoming A/Principle (pass surgical exams) and then work as a Principal in a smaller school (neurosurgeon speciality) then you are a Principal in a large school (neurosurgeon)

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Mar 022013

Question by jack: I want to be a neurosurgeon, am a senior in highschool am admitted to BSU, where do I go from here?
So I think its to my understanding that there will be advisors that will help me when I attend my first semester. How will my education play out though. I attend bsu for [four?] years, get a degree in (neuroscience?), then go to some sort of medschool? How does it all work, specifically med school, is it like any other college and I have to choose a certain set of classes, or does each med school specialize in a certain field and the classes are predetermined upon admission?

Just how does it work and what do people normally do?

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Answer by eri
You’re looking at 4 years of college for a bachelors, 4 years of medical school for an MD, 5 years of general surgical residency, and then 5 years of neurosurgical fellowship. 18 years of college and training before you can get a job on your own. For the bachelors, you can major in anything you want (not nursing) as long as you take the 12 required premed classes. To have a shot at med school after college, you need a very high college GPA (shoot for 3.7 or higher), great MCAT scores, and great experience in the field (volunteer, research, internships, etc). You do not specialize in anything until after medical school, and you don’t learn neurosurgery until after your first 5 years of training in basic surgery.

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