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Question by Artisticat: If a NECROMANCER were real, or even asking about them in books and games, what GOOD could they bring?
I’ve only read of the destruction they can bring, and I am unsure if there is any good that could come from necromancy.
Xenon and Romantic… That’s not exactly answering the question. You fail. :( Thanks though.

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Answer by XenonVortex BlackOp Death Eater
Usually they’re portrayed as evil sorcerers who do all kinds of creepy dark magic like raising dead corpses and that sort of stuff. By definition, a necromancer is usually involved in dark magic, so I’m not sure how there could be a “good” necromancer.


Oh really? Well, then excuse me, I’ll try again if that wasn’t good enough. All I’m saying is that it’s described as the “blackest of black arts”, so nothing good would really come out of it. Unless, they summon spirits to give messages to people. And to be fair to Romantic and I, your question is kind of confusing. Not all necromancers are destructive, some of them make a profession out of communicating with summoned spirits and that sort of thing.

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Jul 252011

In my opinion it is pretty beasty, i’m working on it for one versus one(not goin so well) but it’s just like a non members berserker, except a little better XD Thanks for watching, don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe.
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very good and fun class to solo with

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Here is the skill path for pets for the necromancer, basically higher masteries a new passive and ofcourse the question everyone was waiting to be answered.. PERMA SUMMON!!!! Working on getting more talent points for now I have to reset my skills to recieve my talent points back and then work on the other skill tree. I guess I will split it into 3 parts because 1. Actually translating the skills along side trail and error ingame 2. I feel it is better to represent each tree individually (Pets, mage, Dirk) 3. lazy? :x Have fun!
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DnB — dnb — DNB — Dnb — dNb — dnB
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Jul 182011 — Ned takes a look at the Necromancer soul in Rift, part 1! (Sorry about the abrupt ending) Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, click “Like” and Subscribe to our channel to get more! =-=-=-= Become a TGN.TV Director! http ▶ TGN.TV – Get more views! ▶ TGN Times – Get more news! http ▶ TGN Stratics – Discover Stratics! ▶ TGN Twitter – Follow us on Twitter! http ▶ TGN Facebook – Join us on Facebook!

Jun 132011

Sam’s life sucks. He dropped out of college, and works at Wimpy’s. Then he meets Douglas, who tells him he is a necromancer – and he’s after Sam’s “power.” Now his life really sucks… Read Lish McBride’s debut novel Hold Me Closer, Necromancer and see if Sam can figure out the mess he’s in.
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May 232011

Join Big C on facebook! — Curtis Pyke, aka Big C, takes you on a guided tour of the recent Rift Planes of Telara Beta. This is part 1 of this walkthrough. Big C plays as a mage with Necromancer as his first (of three) sub classes.
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Want to see more of our Live gameplay commentary? Check out our JTV channel! Link in the YouTube description. Note this is indeed recorded live. The character is around level 20 and has a few fire spells, such as buffs but mostly all spells are necromancer with some fire combinations. — This clip was recorded Live at come and watch us and follow the channel! Don’t also forget to subscribe. –

Apr 092011

Song: Necromancer Band: Sepultura Album: Morbid Visions (Bonus Track) Year: Released: 1986 / Re-Released 1997 with Bonus Tracks Genre: Death/Thrash Metal Lyrics: The mist is high in this night Can feel the presence of death Way to the mortuary so the deads will invoke Corpses and skulls in my countour See a corpse bloody with the face in cruciform Now being from the wrath Catch the skulls of a children, frozen and dismal Coming with me Creature, kill in name of Hell The black mess is started, life’s will terminate With the wrath of the demons started the genocide Wrath, in my corpus is born Death, lost legions from Hell Slaughter, you’ll see in sacrifice Skulls, are christians with blood Necromancer Dead’s invoker Necromancer Dead’s invoker Wrath, odious, desire In my corpus is born The fates last, terror’s spread For a necros creature of The crypts’

First part of Zach Hill’s solo performance of “Necromancer” at the Korova Club in Liverpool on 8th December 2008. Part of Meshuggy’s Third Birthday Party gig.

Apr 072011

Nice tune…i love it !
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The Necromancers theme from Heroes of might and magic II. Okay, so there’s been a lot of “This is not the necromancers theme!”-bitching, so for the last friggin time, yes It is, If you play the game on the “Stereo with opera” audio setting, it may differ if you use the “Stereo” or “Midi”-settings.
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Jan 312011

Note: This is the Necromancer music in the original release. In later releases 3do chopped out the vocals and swapped it with the Warlock. so in some regions and some releases this is the Warlock music (sans vocals). The Necromancer castle is a haunted city of the dead. Undead in mixed armies have a bad effect on morale for the other units. Undead themselves are unaffected by morale. Necromancer heroes tend to divide their focus between knowledge and spell power.Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars is a turn-based strategy video game developed by New World Computing and published in 1996 by the 3DO Company. The game is the second installment of the Heroes of Might and Magic series and is typically credited as the breakout game for the series. Heroes II was voted the sixth-best PC game of all time by PC Gamer in May 1997. An expansion pack, The Price of Loyalty, was released in 1997. Later, 3DO bundled Heroes II and its expansion pack in one box, released as Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold. Music by Paul Anthony Romero. Download the demo! Click the above link to watch Roleplayin’ Episode 4! Video Quick Tips #1 with Bryan the Necromancer (Editing Tutorial) a Quick tip in video editing on how to create a scene with 2 or more actors interacting with each other, without having 2 or more actors available to film. Utilizes the crop and linear wipe effect. Check out Episodes of the Roleplayin’ series here at: and subscribe to Outer Rim Productions here at: FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: Age of Conan Funcom Eidos Interactive UPC 00788687100670 PC roleplaying game rpg massively multiplayer role playing game Necromancer video editing quick tips tip tutorial video game crop linear wipe effect effects fx vfx cropping episodes series roleplayin roleplayin’ roleplaying rollplaying rollplayin role playing roll playin yt:quality=high
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