Apr 062014

Question by never_gone_only_me: what name could i use? and which is he, alchemist or occultist?
it’s a story about a guy who’s an alchemist/occultist. what name could i use for him? I like the name Edward… does that fit? and he’s travelling with his 2 years younger brother, who isn’t ‘magic’ like him… what could i name the brother? and what could Edward’s girlfriend be named? and… last question, really, what is the difference between alchemy and occult?
or something besides ‘occult’, i just found out it’s sorta different. what else is along the lines of alchemy?
might i add that king_of_hyrule is very wrong. is NOT a rip. first off, i picked the name edward cuz i know someone im basing this on. OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO LIKE A GIRL, just about every guy on the planet does. and who else does he travel with, his cousin? i don’t care how they’re related, but they’re related! going by himself would be idiotic, he’d die and no one would know it, and he’d be talking to himself a lot. and who the heck is Winry? all i’m asking is what could the brothers/cousins’ names be, the girlfriend’s name be, and what could the guy and girl be, something relating to magic.
yes… i aspire to be an author… but right now, i’m fourteen. i’m not so worried about that right now.
the ‘magic’ brother is a hot headed guy who hates to think first and is all for the action. the brother is always forever getting him out of trouble. the girl is sweet, and really good at the magic thing, she’s suffering the loss of her little brother.

i think this is in a sort of modernish/mideval time… i don’t really know much. it’s like, not in the USA but more of a time-of-believing-in-magic place.
king_of_hyrule: why am I getting mad at YOU? because u INSULTED me, psycho! and that usually generates anger, btw. if u want to misenterpret my story, fine, be that way, don’t answer then. it DOES NOT already exist, i just phrased it wrong, so u jumped to conclusions. it is about 2 dudes who are brothers, one does magic one doesn’t, who kidnapped a girl who’s also good at the magic, and the magic guy falls in love with her. that is not like fma.

Best answer:

Answer by king_of_hyrule
This sounds like a ripoff of Fullmetal Alchemist. The main character is an alchemist named Edward who travels with his little borther named Alphonse. And there’s a girl he likes named Winry. Alchemy is just ancient chemistry with spiritual elements and the occult is all spiritual rituals and what-not.

*EDIT* Response to ASKER’s EDIT
I don’t know why you are getting mad at me you psycho. You’re the one crafting a story that already exists.

Why don’t we review you b1tch, I didn’t call you a psycho until after you acted all b1tchy when I so graciously revealed to you, based on the information YOU gave, that such a yarn already existed, and it is called FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. WTF is wrong with you?!

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Mar 212014
by JPL

Question by Lena: Show Name for my horse?
I need some options on some show names for my horse.
My horses name is MYSTIC. What’s a good one?

Best answer:

Answer by Hope :)
Pure and Simple
A Perfect Stranger
A Black Tie Affair
Frequent Flyer
Coffee Break
Time To Tango
National Rhythm
Going Solo
Mardi Gras
Midnight Eclipse
Midnight Concerto
Lucky Lad
Code Blue
Celtic Mist
Over to You
Code of Honour
Love Song
DonatelloA Formal Affair
A Friend Like You
A Million Miles
A Perfect Stranger
A Touch of Class
A Touch of Jazz
About Time
Above and Beyond
Above the Clouds
Above the Sky
After Dark
After Midnight
Afternoon Delight
All Decked Out
All My Heart
All That Jazz
Alley Oop
Angel In Disguise
Angelic Arrival
Another Chance
Answered Prayers
Anything But Ordinary
Anything Goes
As You Wish
Aurora Borealis
Banter and Canter
Be My Guest
Bend(ing) the Rules
Beneath My Wings
Black Tie Affair
Born Lucky
Born To Do It
Breaking Free
Breaking Point
Breaking Through
California Dreaming
Call Me Classy
Captain Jack
Capture the Moment
Carpe Diem
Casper’s Dream
Catch a Falling Star
Catch Me If You Can
Catch the Wind
Center Stage
Cherish the Moment
Chocolate Éclair
Chocolate Kisses
Classic Diamond
Classic Melody
Cloud Jake
Cloud Nine
Clowning About
Come and Play
Dance Around/About Town
Dance Till Dawn
Dancing After Dark
Dancing at Midnight
Dancing Dream
Dancing in the Rain
Dancing on Air
Dancing Through Life
Dare to Dream
Dark Pretender
Defying Gravity
Déjà vu
Del Mar
Divine Intervention
Double or Nothing
Double Take
Dream Catcher
Dreaming for Nataya
Dreaming Up a Storm
Dressed for Success
Easy Does It
Enchanted City
Eternal Gift
Eternity in a Moment
Evening Secrets
Eventful Tradition
Ever So Clever
Fallen Star
Fancy That
Fatal Attraction
Finishing Touch
Fire on Ice
First Class
First Class Delivery
First Class Diamond
First Class Hero
First Knight
Float Away
Floating Angel
Floating on Clouds
Fly Into My Dreams
Fly Me to the Moon
Flying Casper
Flying Changes
Flying Dutchman
Flying High
Follow Your Heart
For Nataya
Front-Page News
Full Throttle
Gingerbread Man
Gone with the Wind
Hard Knock Life
Have No Fear
He’s a Charmer
He’s All That
Head Over Heels
Heart breaker
Heaven on Earth
Heaven Sent
Heaven’s Door
Her Dog Skip
High Class
High Intentions
Highway to Heaven
Hope Floats
I Can’t Believe Its Not Human
I Will Survive
I’m On Top
I’ve Got Pizzazz
Imagine That
In It to Win it
In the Spotlight
Inspired By Dreams
It Takes Two
It’s Like This
It’s My Day
Jazz It Up
Jumping the Moon
Jumping to Conclusions
Just a Bit of Fun
Just an Illusion
Just Bring It
Just Do It
Just Imagine
Just in Time
Just Like Heaven
Just My Luck
Just My Style
Keeping It Real
King’s Ransom
Kodak Moment
La Bella Vita
Lady’s Man
Last Laugh
Lasting Impression
Leap of Faith
Let’s Have Fun
Limited Edition
Living It Up
Living La Vida Loca
Living the Good Life
Living the Life
Made You Look
Magic Man
Make Me Smile
Make Up Your Mind
Making Headlines
Man About Town
Message in a Bottle
Midnight Concerto
Midnight Dancer
Midnight Spark
Midnight Thunder
Mission Impossible
Moonlight Sonata
Moonlight Wish
Morning News
Music Man
Nataya’s Dream
Never Look Back
New Found Glory
New Kid on the Block
Northern Lights
Nothing But Naughty
On My Way
On the Spot
On The Wild Side
On Top
On Your Mark
Once in a Lifetime
One in a Million
One of a Kind
One Wish
Only One
Only the Best
Out of the Blue
Over Easy
Over the Moon
Over the Rain Beau
Partner in Crime
Picture Perfect
Poetry in Motion
Point of No Return
Pretty Boy
Prince Charming
Prince of Thieves
Professor Dumbledore
Puppy Love
Puss in Boots
Quel le Reve
Ragtime Man
Rain Beau
Raise the Bar
Rare Rapture
Reach for the Stars
Remember Me
Risk and Reward
Rock and Trot
Rock It Away
Rose Colored Glasses
Royal Affair
Royal Renegade
Running Free
Rustic Romance
Say It Again
Say It Isn’t So
Say Something
Second Chance
Second Helpings
Secret Affair
Secret Sensation
Secret Thought
Seraph Serenade
Serene Scene
Shall We Dance
Shooting for the Moon
Shooting for the Stars
Shooting Star
Show Me No Mercy
Show Me the Way
Show and Tell
Silent Night
Silver Lining
Simply Hot
Sing Along
Sky Jumper
Sky’s the Limit
Slytherin Sensation
Some Kind of Wonderful
Some Like It Hot
Something to Remember

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Feb 242014

Question by Jazmine: What is a good mystic name for a character?
I’m writing a new story and I could use some good mystic type names. Boy or girl.

Best answer:

Answer by Sei’triona
my name?
i get people coming up to me at school all the time calling me stuff like “elf” and “you fighting any dragons”
just coz my parents were into fantasy XD

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Nov 142013

Question by ZoeyisAwsome: What is the name of the wiccan moon goddess and the sun god?
do they have names or are they just “the moon goddess and the sun god” ?

Best answer:

Answer by U Shoulda bought a Fern instead
I’m not sure every wiccan across the board agrees on a specific name for each.

I know Luna is very popular for the moon, but I’m not quite sure on the sun god part.

ADD/EDIT ~ I’m personally fond of Brighid myself. The celtic goddess of fire and poetry. Speaks to my genetic heritage I suppose.

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Oct 252013

Question by Bluey: Name of short story about an unconventional teacher?
She appears as a substitute one day. Teaches kids weird things such as 2+2 isn’t necessarily 4, the pyramids have mystic powers, and that women can enchant men but not the other way around. And one day she is gone because she is fired. The protagonist is a student that is intrigued with her and wonders where she went. The other students were like “she’s nuts.”

I thought the name of the story was “The Griffin” or something, but I couldn’t find it under that.

Best answer:

Answer by charming
“Gryphon” by Charles Baxter. The substitute teacher is Miss Ferenczi.

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Sep 252013

Question by Zane: Name of song from Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos?
In the beginning of the movie Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, there is this festival going on and Ed is sleeping getting ready to be woken by Al. What is the name of the song being played in that scene?
I appreciate the response but its not “Kenzan” that im referring to. The song im talking about is the more festive song that is playing during the festival.
Yeah I already searched that OST playlist before I posted the question and its not in the playlist. I am also leaning towards this music not being on the official soundtrack. Thats probably why its so hard to find.

Parts of the song “At the End of an Pathless Trail” from the OST sounds similar to the song im trying to find but its not it.

Best answer:

Answer by KUROnoKENSHI
In the beginning of the movie OST: Kenzan! ~Introduction~

All Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos OST


Oh its not?? then maybe “Paean of Sunlight”

if its still not, you can find in All Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos OST playlist which i already have give on above. Those are official OST, so if you don’t find in there….probably, the song that you looking at is Unreleased OST.

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Aug 232013

Question by Mary Richards: Dose anyone know the name of the song during the dance in tonight’s Vampire Diaries April 22?
Anyone know the name of the song that plays when Damon and Elena dance during the Miss Mystic Falls thing? I thought it said something like ‘your embrace,’ but I didn’t really hear it. Anyone know?

Best answer:

Answer by XxGirl with questions?xX
The one where Elene and Damon are dancing too is called All I Need by Within Temptations

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Aug 042013

Question by yo yo itz alex :) : Is there an actual name for the plastic circle thing that goes around six packs of soda ?
my little brother is using this in his story about earth day and doesnt know what to call it . if you dont what the plastic thing im talking about is … itz the thing love lace got stuck around his neck by the “mystic beings” in happy feet . please help !

Best answer:

Answer by Friendly Neighborhood Atheist
The holder? I know what you’re talking about but i’ve never really thought about it.

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Apr 152013

Question by Barrett: What should i name my store similar to pac sun?
It will have like Fox Racing, Famous stars and Straps, volcom all that kind. i have a few names like: Mystic Edge, The Breakaway Diminsion.

Just tell me what you think

Best answer:

Answer by Jill
Most people have to pay for the advice you’re asking!

If you use a name that someone here gives you, they own the name, not you! You’d have to buy it from the person who gave you the name.

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Mar 222013

Question by Alkaid: What would be a good shop name using these words?
Here are words that I’m mainly interested in
Vanilla / Vanille
Innocent / Innocence

And any other related words.

I plan on selling some bracelets, maybe some canvas paintings, and probably old things I don’t use or want anymore (which is currently some manga drawing books, and manga books)

Please don’t make it too long (:

Best answer:

Answer by tony5

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